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Warehouse Associate

Cincinnati, Ohio, 45218, United States
November 22, 2018

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Shane Buell

** ******** **.

Cincinnati, OH *****



My career objectives are to eventually finish an education in the Physical Health field and to secure a long term career as a physician in either Naturopathy, Dermatology, or Chiropractic. In the meantime however, I wish to find work in areas for which I am already trained and can perform well. These include Production and Manufacturing, Warehouse, Retail, and Health.


Warehouse experience:

I have experience in all areas of general warehouse operation including:

~ 6 years of forklift operation experience (various types)

~ 12 years total of Picking and Shipping experience

~ 6-8 years total of stocking experience

Production/ Manufacturing experience:

I have about 2 years total of production/ manufacturing experience that includes operating various machines:

- Tube winder

- Core cutter

- Knife cutter

- Drum cutter

- Circular saw

- Band saw

- Wax fryer

- Plastic injection mold press

Retail experience:

I have had a few years experience in retail sales and department managing and buying. I worked for over 1 year as the Vitamin and Supplement department Manager/Buyer at a Co-Op, where I would contact vendors, buy and stock merchandise, and also advise customers in the selection of vitamins and supplements. I also worked for over a year at the Health Food Shoppe where I was Cashier and Stocking mostly, but I also helped customers in their Supplement department.


Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne

From 8/96 to 5/04, which includes:

2 years each of Fine Arts, Chemistry, and Biology.

I plan to finish Bio/Chem Major/Minor and then perhaps study either Chiropractic, Dermatology, or Naturopathy for career choices.

Employment History:

Restaurant - Dishwasher at Halls Restaurant, Canterbury location, from June 1992 to Sept. 1992

Warehouse - Receive, Stock, Pick, Pack, Ship at United Art and Education from June 1996 to August 1998

Warehouse - Picking and Shipping at Ingram Book Company from Sept. 1998 to June 2001

Retail - Vitamin and Supplement Department Manager at 3 Rivers Co-Op from Aug. 2001 to Oct. 2002

Retail - Cashier, Stocking, and Supplements at Health Food Shoppe from Oct. 2002 to Nov. 2004

Production/Manufacturing - Injection mold press operator at Fort Wayne Plastics from Dec. 2004 to Mar. 2005

Warehouse - Receive, Stock, Pick, Pack, Ship at J+B Importers from Apr. 2005 to Nov. 2005

Production/Manufacturing - Tube winder, Wax fryer, at Phenix Tube Corp. from Jan 2006 to Apr. 2007

Restaurant - Dishwasher, Closer at Uno's Chicago Pizza from June 2007 to Sept. 2007

Landscaping, Production/Manufacturing, Equipment Salvage/Resale, and Warehouse for various temporary and staffing agencies, from Fall 2007 to Feb 2012.

Window Cleaning - Your Window Cleaning Company, from February 2012 to March 2012

Production/Manufacturing - Packaging Corporation of America, from March 2012 to November 2012

Warehouse - South Central Pools, from March 2013 to June 2016

Podcaster - Seeds of Liberty and Freedom Feens, from June 2016 to present.

Warehouse - Amazon CVG5, from November 2016 to November 2017

Warehouse - Dawson Logistics, from November 2017 to March 2018

Warehouse - Averitt Express, from March 2018 to November 2018

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