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Business Director

são paulo-brazil, 05082
U$ 200.000,00
August 18, 2012

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“Curriculum Vitae”


Birth Day:

Marital Staus:



Cel Phone:


Jose Roberto Santiago

Sept 07, 1952


Rua,: Dos Aliados,60 – Alto da Lapa

São Paulo – SP / Brazil

55-11 9610.7474 /

Professional Experience

Out/1.981 – Actual Actual Company: INGEPAL

Position: Business Director ( Mkt –Sales-Logistics )

Reports direct: Stockholders

Main responsabilits:

Business Administration Dept. - Annual Budget, Sales, Representatives; Costumers Suporte; Planner Monthly Sales,

Inventory Control of Finished Pieces.; Control Indicators Sales department Coordinate staff & Administrative Procedures

Controlling Budgets; Develop Control Quotes, Orders and pricing; Keep Interface Engineering, FMEA / APQP, prepare and

discuss trade agreements;

control, maintain, deploy new business operations coordinator of officials and representatives of the South Branch Logistics

(1,200 km distant). Represents 40% of Annual Budget. Design own start operating in /Mar 01,1.999)

Prospect new business, interact with Board and Board :treasure & Industrial,

Keep up-date administrative team and their relationship with what System Quality Management (ISO / TS 16.949v2002 and

Environmental Management System ISO 14001

Develop, monitor, encourage, maintain business relationships with customers abroad (USA / Argentina / Mexico / China /

Germany / India / Australia); preparing export documents, trade & logistics processes Incoterms

Mar/1968 – Set/1981 Previous Company: Estamparia Santiago Keller Ltda

Position: Supervisor & Gerente de Vendas

Reports direct: Stockholders

Main responsibility:

Sales Aftermarket

Develop new markets and customers

Manage small team of representatives

Participate in the preparation of annual budget of the company


Degress:Business Bachelor – Universidade Campos Salles – conclude year 1.982

Graduate: Marketing – Faculdade Comunicação Social Anhembi – conclude year 1.984

Extension: Social Policy – Universidade de Brasília – conclude year1,983

“Curriculum Vitae”


1st Language: Portuguese

Language2: English - Intermediate

Language 3: Italian & Spanish - Intermediate


Remuneration actual:

Annual Salary : R$ 192.000,00 ( U$ 112,950.00 )

Annual Bônus : R$ 180.000,00 ( U$ 105,880,00 ( variável )

Benefits: ( Medical, dental, parking costs w / meal, business travel, vehicle fuel. Etc..)

Employment status: Provider Services

Pay desidered :

Monthly Salary: to Combine

Annual Bonus: Same

Benefits: Medical, Dental

Employment status: Service Provider or CLT or Contract

Trip => With regularity business traveling to Mexico, EUA and Europe

Knowledge of 80% West European Country’s with emphasis for Italian and Germany

Have valid European passport Issued from Italian Govern

Hobby & Personal Skills

Basketball / Football e swinpool

Golf – start knowledge in 1999 .

Residence in, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Brazilian & European citizen.

High energy level, a “self-starter”.

•Ability to work independently in the framework of a world wide team.

•Readiness to travel inside the country.

Readiness and capability to travel internationally to and nearby countries.

Ability to manage abroad independently.

Excellent communicational skills.

•Some understanding of technology, Automotive Segment and agricultural sector.

Proven experience in sales of at least 30 years.

•Skills at building, motivating, energizing sales force.

Highly inclined to customer service.

Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office and Windows OS..

“Curriculum Vitae”

Mobility to other cities, states or countries

The Evaluate.


Reference 1 :

Nome: David Grossman

Cargo: Diretor-Presidente

Empresa: Casey Products / Ilinois / USA

Telefone: 1-630-***-****

Reference 3 :

Nome: Ing. Joao Carlos Corradi

Cargo: Director

Empresa: ASTERIX

Telefone: 55-11-960*-****

Reference 2 :

Nome: Donald E. Johnson

Cargo: Vice Presidente

Empresa: The Ferry Cap & set Screws / Cleveland, OH

Telefone: 1-317-***-**** ( Indianapolis )

Reference 4 :

Nome: Dr.Jeferson Santiago

Cargo: Neurological Clinic

Empresa: HOSPITAL Sírio Libanês

Telefone: 55-11-762*-****

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