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Adam Valdez Resume

AUSTIN, TX, 78753
September 24, 2008

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asa a contractor for acs i was working for the leander school district,we demo all the old cable and reinstallednew cat 6 cable,we terminated all the drops on the floor and in the closet,i terminated 25 pair tie cable to connect the two closets



As a contractor for ktm i worked at applied matariels,at applied i worked on running and terminating cat6 cable, i also terminated 50 pair, and also also was responsible for switch all the phones to the cisco router, we did all the cross connects and patching for all the apllied materiels in austin.


Logistics, Oracle, Austin, Texas

As a contractor for Oracle, I was resposible networking cabinets, connecting the servers to switches, when a server or switch went down i had to replace and repatch the cable. I also trained when new guys would come in i would them show how everything was done, dressing in the patch cables so that the cabinet would look good, how to change out switches and servers when they would go down, decommision racks when the equipment would expire.

March/2007 – September/2007

Cable Technician, Electra Link Inc., Austin, Texas

Industry: Construction/Installation

As a temp for Electra Link Incorporated, I worked 84 hours a week pulling networking (CAT-6) cable, terminating patch panels, building server racks, testing copper and fiber optic cables, labeling each individual cable per rack, and dressing CAT-6 bundles. My primary responsibilities were terminating patch panels and testing each port on the panels to ensure proper termination was conducted. Within 3 months on the job site, I had learned to properly dress and terminate CAT-6 bundles proficiently.

June/2006 – March/2007

Infolab, Inc.


Responsible for receiving medical equipment for hospitals and doctors offices. Also had inventory control responsibility.

October/2004 – June/2006

Wal Mart

Manager/Customer Service

Responsible for ordering products, keeping track of inventory, making schedules and helping out in customer service.

1999 - 2003


Ran data and voice cables through commercial buildings, terminated data and voice jacks, also terminated on patch panels and phone panels. Dressed down cables in the IDF and throughout the building.

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