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Software Engineer Project

Arlington, TX, 76013
70 to 80 k per year
August 15, 2012

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Seeking for a Full time position to get acquainted with innovative techniques in a challenging environment that also offers opportunity to learn more and make the optimum use of my skills to aid in the growth of organization.


Microprocessor/ DSP Microcontroller: Intel 8085, Intel 8086, Microchip dsPIC33FJ series.

Languages: C, C++, Java, HTML, MATLAB.

Operating systems: Windows95/98/2000/vista/7

Software Packages: MS Office, Visual Studio(C and C++)

Simulation Software: MPLAB, PSpice, Agilent ADS, Eclipse, Smith V3.10


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, GPA: 3.75/4.0 December 2012

University of Texas at Arlington.

Relevant Courses:

Microprocessor systems, Advanced Embedded Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Processing,, Digital Image Processing, Wireless Communications Semiconductor Device Theory, Semiconductor Device modeling and Characterization, Linear Systems

Academic Projects:

SDRAM Controller Design

The goal of this project is to design a SDRAM controller that allows SDRAM memory to be interfaced

with a 80386DX microprocessor having only asynchronous memory support. Hardware was not built however a complete written report containing schematics and theory of operation was prepared. The requirement is to provide a support for a single MT48LC4M16A2 .

Design of autonomous robot using pic33F family of microcontrollers.

An autonomous robot is designed which has the ability to avoid obstacles and calculate distances travelled and pick up metallic objects in real time with peripherals interfaced with the PIC microcontroller. The robots position and status are monitored using CCD cameras and SONAR. Ethernet communication between cameras and Robots and sensors are also used.

Design of Preemptive Real Time Operating System.

The goal of this project is to write a C code for the 33FJ128MC802 controller that implements a selectable

Cooperative or Pre-emptive RTOS with support for Semaphores, Yielding, and System timers.

Control Area Network (CAN) bus communication system using DSP microcontrollers.

The goal of this project is to build CAN -based bidirectional communications and control system. The

System will be capable of supporting over 100 nodes, but the requirement is to build only 2 nodes, one of

which will support an RS-232 interface for accepting commands from a PC for configuring the system.

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, GPA: 3.0/4.0 July 2008

SSN College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India

B.E. Project:

Error Detection and Correction using LDPC codes (MATLAB Implementation, C code and 4bit data communication using PIC 18F4550).


Graduate Research Assistant, Advanced Sensor Technology lab, UTA June 2011-Feb 2012

Worked on Printed Circuit board design using EAGLE.

Knowledge in Design of RF Energy Harvester.

Software Engineer, Patni Computer Systems, Gujarat, India Dec 2008- July2010

Worked on Test scenarios identification and Test cases creation based on

Functional requirements provided for Health insurance related Web applications.

Test Execution and Defects logging in Mercury Quality center 10.0

Query resolution by Co ordination with client by teleconference.

Knowledge sharing through presentations and seminars.


Member of the “Golden Key International Honour Society” for outstanding academic performance.

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