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High School Power

Orlando, Florida, 32822, United States
February 21, 2012

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Kayla R. Roe

**** ******* *******

Orlando,Fl ***22




I have been in Telecommunications doing installs, as of now 8 years.

I have done many and many of different install projects through out

the years, shown below….

I have lots of experience in cabling, Cat 3,5,6, and terminating on

both ends, Fiber and tipping, coax and terminating as well. Install

Voice. Data, and telephone systems, Blueprint and MOP reading,

P-Touch, install programs, NEC quality wire wrapper. Installed,

upgraded, and updated IBM equipment as well as Cisco Routers and

switches, SAP, ect… Have done these installs for AT&T, T-Mobile,

Verizon, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depots. Also have done complete

installs from the ground up for COSTCO and Wal-Mart Dist. Center.

Also have updated Wal-Marts Cisco switches which involved taking out

old switches and installing new ones, also installed for Wal-Marts

are their RFID Inventory systems, upgraded their AP units, install

Fire Arms Kisok, installed HDTV units, Replacing IBM Blade Servers,

ect…. Done a project with Chase Banks (JP Morgan) that involved

upgrading their Telephone equip. I also have experience working in

Co’s (Central Offices) & Cell Sites installing new equipment or

update old which involves, my experience in DC Power from small to

750 cable, lugging, installing Racks and Bays, install flex tubing,

powering up equipment, BDFB exp. & install breakers Lacing or sewing

all power cables, Steel working such as building the cable rack above

equipment bay . Also have exp in installing battery straps from

ground up, Hot Slides in Cell Sites. I am BNC Certified and have also

worked on OC 12‘s, 48‘s, & 3’s, Telelabs, Titan 5500’s, Installed the

Fiber Raceways, VOIP, WLAN, Linux, unix, LAN, WAN, wireless networks.

I have used a variety of testers. Some other projects I’ve done is

replaced Film movie projectors to the new Digital Movie Projectors

which involved Cat 5 cabling , AC power, Install New Sound Systems,


I am Certified in Systimax Solutions install & maintenance, Building

Infrastructure, ect… Also Certified in Commscope install & maintenance…..

My work also requires me to travel, and I have no problem with that I

love my job and I am very commited.


West Carter High School

365 West Carter Drive

Olive Hill, KY 41164

Graduated 2002

Tracy L. Roe

8225 Charlin Pkwy

Orlando,FL 32822



M.O.P & Blueprint Reading, Nortel, DMS 100,250,& 500. Access Nodes,

Nortel Cellular Equipment, Tel Labs, Titan 5500, OC 3’s,12’s & 48’s. NEC

quality wire wrapper, Experience in Power through William’s, AT&T,

T-Mobile, Verizon, Ect… Cabling experience with Cat 3, Cat 5 &5E, Cat 6,

Fiber & Coax test & terminate. All types of power AC & DC, low voltage,

and high voltage, lugging power. WLAN, Voice Data and Telephone Systems,

Wireless Networks, Blade Server, Cisco Routers, Battery Straps, 750 power

cable. Install all Power in AT&T Cell Sites, BNC Certified, Mounting and

Powering fuse panels, running main ground & lugging to ground bar,

grounding individual bays to main ground with H- Taps & C- Taps. Krone

blocks, toning cables, Lightspan 2000. 5000, Installed Digital

Projectors, DSL, Install Digital Electronics, UNIX, LINUX, LAN, WAN,



West Carter High School Graduated 1996

365 West Carter Drive

Olive Hill, KY 41164

Spencer Technology -Telecommunications School

Carol Malone Blvd.

Grayson, KY 41164

Relevant Experience:

Installed RFID, AXP Inventory and Security Systems for Wal-Mart & Super

centers. Also installed Blade Servers, Cisco Routers, and HDTV (wal-mart

networks). Run Entire networking from ground up in Costco, Wal- Mart

Super Centers, Wal-Mart DC and Movie Theaters. Switch Retro which is

taking out old switches and routers & installing new. Install new cash

registers and self check outs in Lowes & Home Depot. Also for Chase Banks

across the U.S installed and ran all new cables for their new telephone

systems. Surveys for Wal-Mart DC- due to new TC cabinets to be installed.

Also installed Back Up Generators for Wal-Mart DC. Also installed Kisok

in Sporting Goods of Wal-Marts.


Certified in Systimax SCS Installation & Maintance

Certified in Commscope BNC Certified

Quality Wire wrapping Certified

References Available Upon Request

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