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System Administrator

Newark, CA, 94560
September 09, 2008

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Newark, CA *****

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A System Administrator with over 10 years professional experience in Information Technology. I have strong IT technical knowledge; consistent, high-quality performance. I am a positive, proactive team player; dedicated, goal-driven and have “can do” attitude.


Operating System: SUN Solaris 10, 8, 7, 6; HPUX 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, Windows 2003 Server, Windows , Professional, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 9X, MVS/ESA, XA, SP, OS/VS1, DC/OSX, OSX, VM, MS-DOS.

Software: UNIX Shells as; BASH, CSH, KSH, ZFS; APACHE, TOMCAT, TCP/IP, FTP, NIS, NFS, Telnet, HTTP; IBM Tivoli Workload Job Scheduler, Business Object IX, Apache, Openview, Sendmail, Microsoft Windows, Active Directory, and Microsoft Outlook. Legato, Omniback, BMC Service Desk Express, Phoenix (PeopleSoft), SMT (Storage Management Task), Netview, JCL, VSIFAX, ME10, CA7, CA11, CICS, TSO/ISPF, SDSF, Maestro, Oracle, Sybase.

Hardware: HP Proliant DL360 G1,G2 & G5 Servers, Desktop Computers VL420s, Compaq 7100, 7160, and 7600 IBM Laptops X22/X41, T22/T23,T40,T42,T43, Printers, LAN, Ultra5, Ultra80-450, Sun E 3000-6500, HP 9000 series; K360, K400, K460, T500 series G, H, and I series, HP 3000, Pyramid Technology MIServers; M860, M960, IBM mainframes; 3090, 3380, 3390 and IBM 3350 DASD units, HP E370, IBM Controller units series; 3174, 3274.


RCM/TEKSystems, San Francisco, CA 2007/07-2008/05

Production Support – Windows / UNIX System Administrator

• SUN Solaris servers; O/S software, firmware version and upgrade if not latest and recommended patches. Install UNIX and Window servers such as Windows 2003 Servers and UNIX SunOS then are configured in a clustered environment with constant monitoring on the network connectivity. Critical watch during daily trades for SF, London or Frankfurt.

• RCM utilizes a batch scheduler from Tivoli Workload Scheduler, a TWS version 8.2; responsible for any changes in the daily schedules made through the regular Change Management process via the submission of a Production Implementation Request (PIR). Responsible for monitoring daily job schedules that runs in 24x7. The Data Center runs 103 daily jobs and 17 on a scheduled basis.

• Responsible for BOXI (BusinessObjects Enterprise XI) which runs in either Sun Solaris or Windows. The application comes with CMC (Central Management Console), Infoview to access Crystal Reports, Desktop Intelligences documents. Integrate report component repository. Manage all user access to Crystal Enterprise, group name, add reports; manage user folders, import and export new reports or existing reports using Desktop Intelligence. Set up scheduling objects to run, Calendars control the BO recurring instances and controlling selected output destination to a specific layout. Troubleshoot crystal reports on all job servers or when a report is unable to open, locate the source of the problem.

• Responsible for all service request modifications performed within Maestro’s “composer” application to specific job name scheduler modifications or deletions. Access to implement modifications to production schedules is restricted to the Production Control Analyst and Operations Supervisor.

• Update the Data Center operations personnel; refer to the application support run books for escalation instructions in cases of non-completion or abended status for scheduled jobs.

Chevron Corporation/TEKSystems, San Ramon, CA 2005/07-2007/06

Desktop Support Analyst / Desktop Administrator

• Responsible for using the Build/Image to install O/S and applications to Desktop and Laptops, and maintenance of desktop computers, laptops, printers, local area network, hardware and software peripherals throughout Chevron facilities. Gained excellent experience in system operations and various types of hardware and software. Verifications network drive mapping upon login such as user’s network automatic login, executable, and printer drive mapping. Installed SMS manually when failed.

• Assisted in troubleshooting and resolving, repairing system issues or driver issues, system performance, computer crashes, Microsoft patches end-user incompatibility application problems.

• Also responsible for DNS, DHCP, Network printer issues, end-user local administration privileges, migration, upgrades, diskkeeper, wireless configuration.

• Responsible for all users SmartBadges; lost or stolen PIN#, certificate renewal, digital signature and encryptions. Recreating User’s NT Profile, system hangs, Print Servers, Dual monitor setups. Responsible for installing and uninstalling Blackberry.

• Remote Access responsibility configuration; Remote Desktop Connection, Citrix ICA Client, Remote Desktop Access Utility, AT&T Global Dialer, Netmeeting and Meeting place.

• Outlook responsibility; Outlook Webmail (OWA), MS Outlook PST backups

• Responsible for active directories such as adding certain user request to certain Hierarchical directory folders.

DBasco IT Solutions, Newark, CA 2002/11-2005/06

Windows Administrator / Desktop Support Analyst

• Contractor for several small offices such as dental clinics, assisted in training and supervising staff in all operations, Philippine Airlines, and real estate offices.

• Responsible for upgrading Windows NT & XP installation, third party application and upgrading desktop PC and/or a Server installation. Installed and configured wireless routers.

• Installed Servers and client desktop workstations periodically; performed desktops, laptops and servers maintenance, upgrades and patches.

S3/SonicBlue, Santa Clara, CA 2000/02-2002/09

Sr. UNIX System Administrator

• Installed servers and workstations, monthly and/or quarterly; performed desktops, laptops and servers maintenance, upgrades and patches.

• Responsible for configuring the Solaris Environment to Support RAID Manager and installed patches that may be required for your Solaris environment.

• Responsible for system installation and upgrade from Solaris 2.5 to 2.7 operating system in platforms from Ultra 5 - 80s, 450, Sun Enterprise 3000 – 6500.

• Responsible for all server hardware upgrade or repairs such as memory boards, motherboards, power unit and firmware update.

• Responsible for RedHat Linux 5.2 version and Installed RedHat Linux OS manually and using Kickstart.

• Managed and responsible for all network services such DNS, NIS & NFS. Monitored and controlled all machines for potential problems in other areas such as failing hardware or software.

• Monitored the OS and Applications. Performed system backups and restored using legato application, etc.

Quantum Corporation, Milpitas, CA 1995/01-2000/01

Sr. UNIX System Administrator

• Performed HP-UX O/S upgrade from 9.0x to 10.x in HP 9000 series; k360, k400, k460, t500, G, H, and I series.

• Performed administrative task projects such as configured and installed Omni back application with successful practice of backup and restored instances. Planned new and modified backup schedules.

• Successfully completed projects Y2K server installation and oracle 10.7 upgrades. Maintained and provided technical support to a production systems, system performance, troubleshooting and escalation to provide reliable and stable operational environment. Member of the Disaster Recovery Drill team.

• Project Team System Administrator; Responsible completing all projects assigned.

Pyramid Technology, San Jose, CA 1991/06 -1994/12

UNIX System Administrator

• Responsible for and managed 16 Pyramid servers, series: MIServers, S ES UNIX and HP3000.

• Responsible installation of Pyramid O/S version of DC/OSX, OSX, upgrade, applications, patches.

• Customize boot-up variables. Responsible for system reboots, trouble shoots system and networks and other system-related problems.

• Responsible for incoming tickets assigned, project assigned completing on time, emails, troubleshooting servers, workstations and/or applications.

• Responsible for UNIX hardware configuration and Tape Management System. Responsible for offsite and onsite tape backups.

• Supported Helpdesk needed to assign to appropriate group or dept.


Computer Learning Center, San Francisco, CA. Certificate in Computer Operations

Solaris 8 System Administration II - Certificate

HP-UX 10.0 - Certificate

HP-UX System Performance - Certificate

HP-UX System Security - Certificate

HP-UX MC/Service guard - Certificate

Omniback - Certificate

Windows NT 4.0 – Certificate

Pyramid Technology UNIX System Administration - Certificate

Pyramid Technology TCP/IP Network – Certificate

Skyline College – general courses

Mission College – C programming

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