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Security Officer

Santa Clarita, California, 91351, United States
May 30, 2010

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I have:

• Safety Course

Through Saudi Arabian Airlines

(Under The management of TWA)

• Ground equipment training

Through Saudi Arabian Airlines

(Under The management of TWA)

• Aircraft Cleaning training

Through Saudi Arabian Airlines

(Under The management of TWA)

• Leadership Course

Through Saudi Arabian Airlines

(Under The management of TWA)

• Supervisory Concepts

Through Saudi Arabian Airlines

(Under The management of TWA)

• California State Security License

• California State Diver’s License


I have completed High School and two years of college.


Principles of commerce

The rest normal cores


Economics and commercials geography

Commerce, Accounting, Banking

*Saudi Arabian Airlines:

(1976-1986) I started my career with Saudi Arabian Airlines. I got training in July 1976, under the management of TWA, Airlines. After completing training at Jeddah Airport Station in Saudi Arabia. They assigned me for Dhahran Airport as Customer Service Agent. During the ten and a half years of service I have worked in different departments Passenger Handling, Ramp Svcs, Dng/Cmy/Fleet- Svcs.1977, I got ground equipments training for PAX STEPS, HI-LOADERS, CONV. BELT BAG TRACTOR CLERK, FORK LIFT, LAV.TRUCK, WATER.TRUCK, and VAN & CARS. On May 1979, I got promotion as a Supervisor-Customer-Svcs at Dhahran Airport. My service took over for Saudi’s convenience.

*My customer service is costumer satisfaction. I treat the customer the way I would like to be treated. During performing job, I provide four C's of excellent customer care:

1- Concern

I sincerely care about customers' complete satisfaction, and convey that caring in all interactions with customers. Not only is this doing the right thing, it's also doing the smart thing: it’s definitely impact my job security.

2- Consideration

I provide customer service with courtesy and genuine kindness. Even when I’m tired or stressed, act as though you were feeling energetic and cheerful. The customers will appreciate my efforts.

3- Conscientiousness

I always do honestly what I promised in a timely manner. I earn customer trust and Trust is the key to good business.

4- Cooperation

During job performance if any of my co-worker needs some help on job I am always ready to assist even if he or she gets all the credit for an excellent job. My goal always is company image and reputation that is my top priority.

*Self Employed:

(1987-1988) Car Business in Miami Florida U.S.A In partnership did not long last.

*Iraqi Airways:

(1989-1990). I was hired as Customer Service Representative for Karachi Airport Pakistan. Also I was handling “PTA” section in town office to help customers to get ticket issued from Ticket office.

*Continental Airlines: In Miami Florida

(1992) I was hired as Customer Service- Ramp Agent at Miami Airport USA. After Short times the management observe my job performance I was promoted as Lead Agent during this time At Miami Airport I have Managed Store, and take care of Cabin supplies for (R.O.N) Remain over Night flights, Pillows, cover, Blankets Head rest cover, Seat cover, and Aircraft cleaning chemicals supplies inventories as per Aircraft requirements keep up date. I was conducting (OJT) on job training and also I have created Aircraft Cleaning Bill of Work as per Aircraft Requirements, also I have created one form Pre-departure check list and getting signature and comments from in-flight supervisor.

My Supervisor Manager and the Director Mr. Tom Harris saw my work they appreciated and time to time I was getting appreciation letters

Unfortunately due to Hurricane I left Airlines. It was the second biggest Hurricane in US history, which was Hurricane Andrew. I lost my brand new house in Homestead Florida, I lived in my house for about 53 days every thing was brand new. I was on street and lived in shelter with my family.

*Self Employed: In Homestead Florida

In 1993, I started my own business and took over a store from “Circle K” created my own chain under the name of ABC Food Spot (America’s Best Carry Food Spot) like a mini supermarket in Homestead Florida.

I was a member of “AG” associated grosser and I was also a member of Sam’s Club for my business. I was receiving grocery twice a month from AG associated grosser and Sam’s Club and different venders.

I have trained my staff with good customer service using the following rules:

*Treat customers with Greetings

* Don’t make promises unless you WILL keep them.

* Listen to your customers.

* Deal with complaints.

* Be helpful - even if there’s no immediate profit in it.

* If co-worker has a lack of Customer services train him or her up to standard.

* Take the extra step.

*And make an Upper Sale (promotion products)

I coordinate with my staff and manage all store inventories and accounts update with venders.

I operated this business as a professional way and I was getting good profit every year.

Unfortunately In 1995, I closed my business, due to my son died in accident.

*Kent Security Services, Inc. In Miami Florida

After a few months in 1995, I started my job as a Security Officer and got promotion as a patrol Supervisor I was assigned from Miami to West Palm Beach areas and during shift I was driving more than hundred miles every night.

I left Miami to California for better future.

*Food Town: In Sacramento CA

In March, 2000 I was hired as a Store Manager and worked up to Feb 2001.

When I took over the store, it was in critical position especially back up grocery. Meat and produce departments were also running in loss of profit due to mismanagement. In a few weeks everything was coming back to normal and it was getting a good income return. The owner appreciated my work time to time.

Unfortunately the owner Pirzada Ahmed filed bankruptcy due to his domestic problem.

*Duties and Responsibilities:

My priority was customer satisfaction always. My daily briefing with staff was reminding them for customer greetings and ask them you have everything what you need or anything else I can help you with and after completing transaction at the customer counter Have a nice day.

My job’s priority was Safety First. In store all Merchandise will carry in and out with certified equipment operation and safety procedure.

My duties were to manage, monitor and organize operational work. I assisted and coordinated with the assistant manager in these departments: Meat, produce, grocery, dairy, frozen food, deli, and liquor.

I also managed weekly promotion flyers with the help of merchandise suppliers.

Time to time I was monitoring daily staff schedule for operational requirements.

*Maxwell Security Services: In Santa Clarita CA

2001- I was hired as a Security Officer, and worked on site at government city post like City Hall in Santa Clarita California and different places in same area. After few months I was assigned as Patrol Officer. We also do Parking Enforcement in residential and commercial areas. During shift I’ve to drive more then hundred miles everyday.

*Securitas Security Services USA Inc.

Now I am working with this company Since Jan, 2010. As Security Patrol Officer I also worked with this company as second job from March, 17, 2005 till 2007.

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