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Project Manager Process Improvement

Machesney Park, IL, 61115
August 13, 2012

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**** ********** ****, ********* ****, Illinois, 61115 Home: 815-***-**** Cell: 815-***-****


Experienced Protein Expression Scientist with desire to harnesses strengths in cell culture, molecular biology, fermentation, protein expression, and process improvement seeks new challenges and opportunities as a Bioprocess Scientist.


MBA in process, Benedictine University

Master of Science in Biological Sciences, August 2000, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, GPA: 3.8/4.0

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, August 1995, Minor-Chemistry, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, GPA: 3.5/4.0

Associate of Science, August 1993, Joliet Junior College, Joliet IL, GPA: 3.8/4.0

Type-09 Certification, August 2004, Benedictine University, Alternative Teacher Certification Program, Lisle, Illinois

Type-25 Certification, August 2003, Benedictine University, Alternative Teacher Certification Program, Lisle, Illinois


ThermoFisher Scientific, Senior Production Scientist, Custom Antibodies Group (October, 2011 – Present)

• Collaborated with sales and marketing teams to develop strategies for addressing the custom antibody and related services markets.

• Integrated a custom antibody service company into our site including ERP integration, systems integration, and ISO9001 compatibility.

• Managed day to day custom antibody lab activities including DNA cloning, antibody purification, ELISA, IPs, conjugations, cell culture, and protein expression.

• Determined technical feasibility for custom research projects related to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s custom service offerings including: Matched-pair analysis, custom conjugations, custom labeling, custom protein expression in bacterial and mammalian systems (E.coli, CHO, HEK293, Hela, Hybridoma).

• ISO 9001 certified auditor

• 5S and lean core team member including 5S facilitator and site coordinator as well as Practical Process Improvement (PPI) facilitator. (PPI is ThermoFisher Scientific’s version of Lean Manufacturing which incorporates aspects of Six Sigma, Lean, 5S, Kaizan, Value stream mapping, and other process improvement tools).

ThermoFisher Scientific, Senior Production Scientist, Immunoassay Group (January, 2010 – October 2011)

• Transferred in vitro translation product line to production group

• Conducted Design of Experiments (DOE) on processes involving the production of lysates used for in vitro translation product line.

• Responsible for producing GTPase pull down kits for commercialization.

• Cell culture and scale-up expert for the production department up to 100L production scale of suspension HeLa cells.

• Championed practical process improvement project aimed at improving yield of HeLa cell culture through Fed-batch bioprocess.

• Manufactured and tested matched pair ELISA kits

• Troubleshooting expert for failed manufacture processes.

• Wrote and conducted experiments to resolve corrective and preventative action plans.

• Developed and wrote Batch record sheets (BRSs), departmental operating procedures (SOPs).

• Performed cost and profit analysis on new products prior to commercialization.

ThermoFisher Scientific, Research Scientist, Research and Development (July, 2005 – January, 2010)

• Developed and commercialized cloning vectors for in vitro translation system including the pT7CFE product line

• Developed mammalian lysate production process for in vitro translation and scaled for manufacturing

• Conducted bioinformatics on various recombinant target proteins, created expression and purification protocols, and optimized those protocols for higher yields

• Generated over 25 recombinant proteins for the production of antibodies and validated antibody functionality via western blot analysis and Biacore analysis.

• Project Manager for new process development of Protein L, a major recombinant protein product used in antibody purification.

• Integral team member involved with new product commercialization

• Performed Molecular Biological and Biochemical Technology to develop biological tools for researchers in academia and industrial science fields

• Planned and developed critical experiment plans and implemented the plans as part of new product commercialization projects.

• Technical Lead for 20K Slide-A-Lyzer – Identified and developed a membrane to be used in SALs that corresponded to a 20KDa cutoff membrane.

Chromatin, Inc., Chicago, Illinois, Senior Research Associate (December 2004 – July, 2004) Contract Position

• Planned and started the development of specific antibodies to 6 distinct fluorescent gene products found on a single mini-chromosome to be used as a confirmation tool for gene expression.

• Simultaneously worked on 4 projects related to Chromatin’s proprietary Mini-chromosome technology.

• Presented data to senior scientists and management on a weekly to monthly basis.

• In charge of inventory and ordering of molecular biology kits and other commercial products.

MannKind Corporation, Valencia, California, Research Associate II, Biotherapeutics Group (March 2001- April 2002)

• Cloned and expressed therapeutic proteins in both mammalian and yeast systems.

• Performed experimental scale fermentation in test tube and shaker flasks. Scaled these processes to 3L, 10L, and 100L fermentors.

• Analyzed proteolytic degradation of proteins expressed in Pichia and helped optimize methods for improving expression while decreasing degradation.

• Analyzed fermentation results using total protein, ELISA, SDS-PAGE, and Western blotting.

• Performed and aided in the development of cell-based assays such as cell-adhesion assay, chemotaxis, and cell-based ELISA to analyze the function of chemokine activity.

MannKind Corporation, Valencia, California, Research Associate II, Formulations Group (February 2000- March 2001)

• Optimized fluorescamine, BCA, and dye binding protein assays for detection of proteins in aqueous buffers.

• Developed bee venom extraction technique.

• Developed and optimized SDS-PAGE and western blotting protocols as a means of product analysis.

• Helped with the development and optimization of PLA-2 and Hyaluronidase enzymatic assays (two key bee venom enzymes).

• Manufactured bee venom and pollen vaccines under cGMP conditions and performed Q.C. analysis on vaccines.

• Developed extraction procedures and formulation selection for pollen vaccine.

• Qualified serum to FDA standards for use in ELISA and Western blot procedures.

• Aided in qualifying assays for testing product potency and identity.

Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, Research Associate (August 1995- December 2000)

• Research was aimed at understanding the function of DRG's (Developmentally Regulated GTP-binding proteins) using molecular biology tools and genetic models.

• Proficiency was acquired in several skills including: DNA extractions, DNA cloning, southern blotting, PCR, in vitro transcription/translation, RNA extraction, northern blotting, protein extraction, SDS-PAGE, IEF, 2-D electrophoresis, western blotting, antibody generation in rabbits, animal handling, affinity purification, fusion protein production, site-directed mutagenisis, and plant genetic engineering.

• Responsibilities included literature research, experimental planning, developing and trouble-shooting assays, training other lab members, documenting results, and presenting results at lab meetings.

Indoor Air Quality Consultant for Chelsea Group, Itasca, Illinois (May 1995- May 1996)

• Contracted to develop a database of information on potential biological air contaminants consisting of classification, mode of infection, severity of contaminant, and safety procedures concerning the contaminants.


Summer Intern Mentor, ThermoFisher Scientific, Rockford, Illinois (Summer 2007 & Summer 2008)

• Mentored one on one competitive student internship for college and high school students

Biological Sciences Instructor, Joliet Junior College, Joliet, Illinois (January 2005- August 2005)

• Instructed lecture and laboratory for General Biology

Science Instructor, East Aurora High School, Aurora, Illinois, (August 2003- December 2004)

• Instructed upper level honors courses in Microbiology, Comparative Anatomy, and General Biology

• Developed new lab exercises as part of a hands-on science curriculum

• Acquired new state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for biology courses

• Researched and acquired new textbooks for microbiology and anatomy courses

• Appointed as the head Freshman coach for Wrestling and Baseball

Biological Sciences Instructor, Kishwaukee College, Malta, Illinois (June- August 2000)

• Instructed two sections of General Biology for summer session.

Biological Sciences Instructor, Kishwaukee College, Malta, Illinois (July 2000)

• Taught a biology course for Kid's College.

• Designed a one week long Microbiology course for children providing hands-on experience in collecting samples, growing cultures, and making scientific observations (2 classes – Grades 3,4&5 and Grades 6,7&8).

Biological Science Instructor, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois (August 1999- December 1999)

• Instructed one semester of general biology.

• Developed lectures, community involvement projects, and exams.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois (August 1995- May 2000)

• Assisted with laboratory sections for a variety of courses including Organismal Diversity, General Biology, General Botany, Plant Anatomy, and Plant Physiology.

Kayak and Rock Climbing Field Instructor, Office of Campus Recreation, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois (January 1997- December 1999)

• Instructed outing participants in proper safety and usage techniques.

• Developed Itineraries for Extended Trips.


St. Mary's Science Fair Judge, DeKalb, Illinois (February of 1996, 1997, 1999, and 2000)

• Volunteered as a science fair judge for St. Mary's Elementary School. Graded 5th-8th grade students' science projects and interacted with students.

Prairie Restoration Volunteer, The Old Plank Road Trail, Mokena, Illinois (January 1994- January 1997)

• Assisted in removal of non-native and opportunistic species of plants in order to create a more pristine habitat.

• Transplanted native species grown in greenhouse conditions into prairie habitat.

Oak Savanna Restoration Volunteer, Joliet Junior College, Joliet, Illinois (January 1993- May 1993)

• Helped in a group effort to create an oak savanna habitat by eradicating non-native woody and opportunistic plant species.


• Devitt, M., Maas, K., and Stafstrom, J. 1999. Characterization of DRGs, developmentally regulated GTP-binding proteins, from pea and arabidopsis. Plant Molecular Biology 39: 75-82

• Maas, K., Devitt, M., and Stafstrom, J. 1998. Membrane attachment and localization of DRG in Pisum sativum root pices. Slide show presentation at the Midwest Conference Annual Meeting of Plant Physiologists.


• Phi Sigma Biological Honors Society served as Pubic Relations Director from August 1997- August 1999.

• American Society of Plant Physiologists July 1997- July 1999

• Sigma Xi Research Society April 1997- 1999

• NIU Graduate Council represented the graduate student community on issues concerning student fees, fund allocation, resource management, scholarship appointment, and recognition of outstanding achievements. August 1997- August 1998

• NIU Graduate Colloquium Committee discussed potential candidates for graduate colloquiums and funding for such events. August 1997- August 1998

• Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Fraternity Feb 1991- Feb 1993


• Thermo Fisher Scientific Employee Recognition Award 2007 for implementation of Protein L production process into our manufacturing site leading to a cost savings of $60,000/year

• Thermo Fisher Scientific Employee Recognition Award 2010 for efforts in the implementation of a human based in vitro translation system leading to a product line responsible for over $1 million/year

• ThermoFisher Scientific Employee Recognition Award for monitoring growth of a bioreactor during a production process for a 24 hour period when a system error resulted in the loss of the monitoring system. This resulted in the prevention of a $200,000 scrap result

• NIU Plant Molecular Biology Center Research Fellowship 1999-2000

• First Recipient of the August Gorenz Scholarship 1999-2000

• NIU Department of Biological Sciences Research Grant 1999

• NIU Department of Biological Sciences Teaching Assistantship 1998-1999

• NIU Plant Molecular Biology Center Research Fellowship 1997-1998

• NIU Department of Biological Sciences Research Grant 1997

• NIU Department of Biological Sciences Teaching Assistantship 1996-1997

• NIU Department of Biological Sciences Teaching Assistantship 1995-1996

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