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Years Experience Objective

New York, NY, 11220
August 10, 2012

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Xu Qin, Ph.D.

Brooklyn, NY, ***** / Tel: 917-***-**** (cell) /


Seeking R&D Scientist position in Polymer/Chemical/Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Industry


• 6+ years experience on POLYMER CHEMISTRY, including

Synthesis of acrylic graft polymers by free radical polymerization.

Condensation polymerization to produce polyamides and polyesters.

Emulsion polymerization formulation studies.

Monomers and macromers synthesis and modification.

• 5+ years experience on ORGANIC SYNTHESIS/COLLOID CHEMISTRY, especially on bioconjugation to establish library of 10+ bio-surfactants.

• Effective working knowledge of structure-property relationships and polymer characterizations.

• Strong familiarity with analytical instruments & techniques including NMR, HPLC, LC-MS, MALDI-TOF, GPC, DSC, TGA, DLS, FTIR, UV, CD, AFM, SEM, TEM, GC-MS, Rheology, Tensiometer, Viscometer, Sol-gel, Electrophoresis, Karl Fischer, Automated Titration Systems, etc.

• Strong knowledge in Design of Experiments (DOE) and statistic data analysis.

• Proven skills for identifying, executing and presenting research projects with self motivation and a positive attitude. Strong communication, technical presentation skills.

• Proficient on software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Origin, ChemBioDraw.


Ph.D., Materials Chemistry, New York University, NY, 2007-2012 (GPA 3.9/4)

B.S., Materials Chemistry, Beijing Institute of Technology, China 2003-2007 (GPA 3.8/4)


Internship at SyntheZyme LLC., Brooklyn, NY (2011-2012)

Successfully scaled-up polypeptide synthesis to supply Evonik and Sherwin-Williams.

Co-operated with BASF to developed lipo-peptide based bio-surfactants.


Synthesis of peptide hybrid polymer via solution and emulsion polymerization (2010-now)

• Created 10 polymerizable molecules from our unique peptides from enzymatic biocatalysis.

• Synthesized acrylic graft polymer with 5 different peptides as brushes by free radical co-polymerization of peptide macromers with acrylamide, ethyl acrylate, and N-isopropylacrylamide.

• Conducted emulsion polymerization formulation studies with 3 novel reactive ionic surfactants from peptides, including styrene and methyl methacrylate (MMA) latex synthesis.

• Extensive experience on latex polymer properties and structure characterizations, such as particle size measurement, polymerization kinetic study, reaction yield calculation, particle number calculation, coagulation ratio test, latex chemical structure analysis, latex stability test, zeta-potential test, etc.

Bioconjugation to establish a library of 10+ lipo-peptides as novel bio-surfactants (2010-now)

• Synthesized 10+ lipo-peptide based bio-surfactants with oligolysine or oligoglutamic acid as heads, and different fatty acids as tails.

• Conducted surfactant studies including CMC measurement and micelle size/distribution study.

Simplified Chemo-Enzymatic route to develop “smart” hydrogel via self-assembly of alternating polypeptide (2008-2010)

• Synthesis of short peptides through Solid Phase and Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS and LPPS).

• Enzyme triggered in-situ hydrogelation by oligomerization of dipeptide ester.

• Studied rheological properties and stability of peptide hydrogel, and investigated self-assembly of β-sheet alternating polypeptides using AFM and SEM.

Breakthrough “green” method to produce polypeptide via enzyme catalysis (2007-2009)

• Synthesized, purified and characterized 8 homo-polypeptides as building blocks of novel materials.

• Designed and synthesized Lys/Leu, Arg/Leu and Arg/Trp co-polypeptides as antimicrobial agents.

• Covalent enzyme immobilization on acrylate polymer resins such as “Amberzyme” and “Eupergit”.


Gross, R.; Viswanathan, K. and Qin, X., Metal binding and antimicrobial properties of protease catalyzed co-oligopeptides in aqueous media, Patent Application Number: 13406751.


1. Qin, X.; et al., Protease-catalyzed oligomerization of L-Lysine ethyl ester in aqueous solution, ACS Catal. 2011, 1, 1022-1034.

2. Qin, X.; et al., Simplifying alternating peptide synthesis by protease catalyzed dipeptide oligomerization, manuscript submitted to J. Am. Chem. Soc.

3. Qin, X.; et al., Synthesis of hybrid acrylate polymer with brushes of oligopeptides, manuscript under preparation.

4. Qin, X.; et al., Enzymatic triggered hydrogelation via self-sssembly of alternating peptides, manuscript under preparation.

5. Qin, X.; et al., Chemo-enzymatic routes to lipopeptides and their colloidal properties, manuscript under preparation.

6. Xie, W.; Qin, X.; et al., Cooperative effect in ion pairing of oligolysine with heptafluorobutyric acid in reversed-phase chromatography, J. Chromatogr. A. 2011, 1218, 7765-7770.


Turner Alfrey Prize (graduate student with best paper published), New York University, 2012

Herman F. Mark Fellowship, Polytechnic Institute, New York University, 2007-2012

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