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Sr Developer & Analyst

United States
March 10, 2011

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SRAVANTHI 361-***-****


About 5+ years of experience in Software development: Gathering requirements, performing analysis and design in the form of standards and conceptual workflow procedures, transforming into business systems.

• Exposure to Software Development Life Cycle, Object Oriented Analysis and Design.

• 4 years of extensive experience in VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, .NET Framework 2.0/3.5. Ability to perform both unit and integration testing along with efficient debugging skills.

• In-depth experience in web technologies such as HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XSL/XSD and JavaScript.

• Expertise in working on Relational Databases like SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, Oracle 9i and MS Access 2000/7.0.

• Extensive experience and clear knowledge in backend programming using Transact-SQL and PL/SQL that includes stored procedure, triggers, DTS and SSIS.

• Commercial experience with editors and utilities such as Visual Studio .NET, Visual SourceSafe.

• Have Experience in migrating and upgrading into ASP.NET technologies from Classic ASP and Visual Basic Programming

• Process-oriented thinker with aptitude for analyzing potential issues and implementing solutions. Skilled at handling complex projects, customer expectations, and rapidly evolving requirements.

• Exceptional ability to master new concepts and capable of working as a Team, as well as independently. Goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities and deep understanding of the application development life cycle and software development methodologies.


Platforms Windows NT/2000/XP, MS-DOS, UNIX, Linux

Languages VB.NET,C#, C, C++, VBA, SQL

Web Technologies ASP.NET 2.0, HTML, DHTML, CSS , XML, XSL, Java-script

Tools Visual Studio .NET 2005,2008,2010, Visual Studio 6.0, MS Visio, SQL Server Management Studio

Databases SQL Server 2005/2000, Oracle 9i, MS Access

Reporting Tools Crystal Reports 9.0

Version Control MS Visual SourceSafe


• Masters Degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering from Texas a and m, Kingsville.

• Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication from Princeton College of Engineering and Technology, India.

• Brain Bench Certified Programmer in C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET.



Environment: C#.Net, Classic ASP, Visual studio 2008,MS SQL Server 2008, Java Script, VB Script and Win 2000/XP.

Garden Ridge is a retail business company that has 60 different stores all over the U.S. All the stores contain crafting and home decorating retail items. Worked on several intranet applications and documented existing applications.


• Completed Vendor-Compliance existing application and documented.

• Designed and developed a Template generator application that auto generates a user template using Crystal Reports.

• Migrated Maintenance application from asp to .NET

• Migrated and built Loss Prevention application from classic asp to C# and documented.

• Involved in designing tables and writing complex stored procedures in SQL.

• Worked in the maintenance and support team of the applications.


Environment: Classic ASP, VB Script, ADO, MS SQL SERVER 2008, JavaScript & Win 2000/XP.

City of Houston (COH) Human Resources Dept handles the recruitment and payrolls of all the employees for City of Houston. Temporary Employment Services Program (TESP) handles the requests for a position of the various departments of COH and sends requirements to their vendors and reviews the resumes and forwards the approved resumes to the concerned departments. TESP also handles the employee Contract Extensions, Terminations and Reassignments.


• Adding additional functionalities to existing application and migrated to version TESP 4.0.

• Moved the development and production applications to different servers.

• Gathered requirements organized results to generate Access reports using ODBC Connectivity to SQL 2008.

• Involved in the fiscal-year transition 2011 utility by updating SQL tables.

• Identified existing problems, identify their source, determine possible solutions, test and put into production.

• Documented the existing application technically and user-point of view.


Environment: VB.NET, Visual Studio .NET 2005, ADO.NET, MS SQL SERVER 2005, Visual Source Safe 6.0, MS Visio, VBScript & Win 2000/XP.

ValvTechnologies is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of flow control devices. VTI_ItemMaster pupose was to generate load sheets for each valvetype that converts engineering data to a VB.NET application. Every valve has an e-chart engineering data that describes about the valve types. VTI-IM converts this e-charts to VB.NET application where the end-user can customize the valve-types accordingly.


Involved in designing and developing application VTI_ItemMaster to a Business process oriented system to serve multiple clients with minimum maintenance cost.

Deployed successfully in the production servers and fixed issues.

Designed a PDF CREATOR that converts an Auto-CAD drawing to a pdf format

Migrated a classic asp application to

Interacted with clients for requirements gathering and developing use cases.

Worked in the maintenance and triage support team of the application


Environment: VB.NET, Visual Studio .NET 2005, ADO.NET, MS SQL SERVER 2005, Visual Source Safe 6.0, MS Visio, VBScript & Win 2000/XP.

Centrifuge Solutions is one of the IT consulting firms located in German Town, Maryland. Kress Employment Screening is one of the clients to Centrifuge Solutions. BG Check was already existing software used to perform various checking’s like criminal, social security etc. BG Check was redesigned to allow various clients of Kress Employment to inhibit the software without waiting for the Kress Employment Response


Involved in designing and developing existing application BG Check to a Business process oriented system to serve multiple clients with minimum maintenance cost.

Developed numerous complex stored procedures and triggers.

Responsible for improving application performance, deployed in client’s IIS (Web-Server).

Interacted with clients for requirements gathering and developing use cases.

Worked in the maintenance and triage support team of the application


Environment : C#.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Studio .NET 2005, ADO.NET, MS SQL SERVER 2005, JavaScript & Win 2000/XP.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is the 3rd largest Sheriff’s office in the United States and is located in Houston, Texas. Expunction is software developed as a web based distributed n-tier application for managing and tracking expunction orders sent from different courts. This system was mainly developed to allow clerks, system analysts, majors and internal users to easily manage the court orders sent from courts.

Responsibilities :

• Designed and developed ASP.NET Web forms, User Controls, Custom Controls and Business objects.

• Involved in migrating the entire application from .NET 2003 to .NET 2008.

• Developed numerous complex stored procedures and triggers.

• Worked in developing various reports using Crystal Reports.

• Responsible for improving application performance, fixing various production issues and delivering Hot Fixes.

• Interacted with clients and Business analysts for requirements gathering and developing use cases.

• Worked in the maintenance and triage support team of the application.

Pursued Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Texas a and m University from Jan’07-May’08.

ispace, Hyderabad, India. Feb’06 – Dec’06.

Software Programmer.

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio.Net, C#.NET, ASP.NET, Oracle 9i.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) monitors the financial activity of political committees that are receiving or expending funds for the purpose of influencing Federal elections. Political committees are required to file reports with the FEC that provide detailed financial information, including the receipts and disbursements of the committee. Reports Analysis Division (RAD) reviews the financial disclosure reports filed by political committees. It examines reports, notifies committees when required, initiates enforcement action that does not file timely reports and updates disclosure database.


• Monitor requirements, design and code construction with documentation.

• Developed business, database and security objects using C#.NET and ADO.NET.

• Used C# in developing web pages.

• Creating stored procedures, functions and views in Oracle.

• Responsible in preparing the deployment environment with documentation.

ispace, Hyderabad, India. Oct’04 – Jan’06.

Software Programmer

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio.Net, C#.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000

PublicStorage.Com is a migration project from Java/Web logic platform to Microsoft/.Net. The primary objective of this migration is to accomplish a tighter integration between the website and Web Champ that will enable Public Storage to develop the website into a full-service front-end that can extend the functionality of Web Champ to end-users.


• Design and code construction with documentation.

• Used Asp.Net and C# in developing web-pages.

• Involved in Developing Business Logic Code Components using C#.Net

• Involved in developing the web service to expose certain functionality of the web champ.

• Involved in taking Backups, Restoring, Import / Export data using DTS

ispace, Hyderabad, India Mar ’04 – Sep ‘04 .

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio. Net, C#.NET, SQL Server 2000.

A leader in international medical staffing, Globe med searches the world for highly qualified, highly motivated professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. They provide healthcare facilities with the highest quality nursing and medical services professionals. Nurse Tracking System enables Globe med achieve their dreams and fulfill their commitments to the hospitals in US. It follows n-Tier architecture with browser, web server, business rules and database as different layers. NTS is a web-accessible, multi-tier enterprise. Also used GMP validations.


• Extensively used ASP to develop the front end screens

• C#.NET is used in ASP pages to take the advantage of object oriented .Net Framework

class library.

• Involved in developing Components using C#.Net

• Involved in writing stored procedures, User defined Functions and views in MS SQL

Server 2000.

ispace, Hyderabad, India Aug ’03 – Feb ’04.

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio. Net, C#.NET, Oracle 9i.

ARAMARK provides employee clothing and apparel that support various functions within the business and industry environment. Garment Tracking System helps ARAMARK

in maintaining the Uniforms, apparels used in hospital and its merchandise. GTS maintains Customer, Wearer, Wearer Items, Garments and Scan Log information. A Market Center can

have many number of customers and it uses a stand alone GTS, with its own Oracle database to process the information.


• Designing the Graphical User Interface and identifying business logic rules.

• Involved in Coding for Presentation, Business and Data Base Layers.

• Developed Components to communicate with the data layer.

• Development of Stored Procedures, Functions and triggers for maintaining integrity


• Development of Test Cases Preparation & Testing.

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