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New York, New York, 10019, United States
April 06, 2012

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Peter Qin___________________________________________________________________



Excellent IT professional, experience with more than ten years, current experience as a senior Unix administrator with a few years prior experience as a computer network programmer. Responsibilities included: projects designed, delivered, production and development Solaris Linux system provisioning and troubleshooting, system kernel reconfigured, BCP designed, deployed and failover testing for Linux systems associated with storage systems and applications. Expertise included, Linux, Solaris, Firewall ( FW CCSE, CCSA ), HA+, Veritas Cluster Server, Volume Manager, Sun Disk Suite, LVM, VMware, NFS, ZFS, TCP/IP;LDAP, DNS, Sendmail, Apache web servers, Tomcat, weblogic servers with load balances; DCE, Market data and applications; C, Perl, shell programs, database, Legato Networker. Netapp filers and vfilers, EMC DMX, Clariion, VMAX, Fiber network switch storage, AutoSys, Cisco, McData switches series;


Goldman Sachs, ( 1998 – 2012)

Sr. Unix System Administrator,

Projects planned and implemented; supported production and development linux, Solaris Operating System with provisioning and troubleshooting for database and application severs. The major responsibilities included:

• Deployed, configured Linux OS on HP DL and BL hardware systems.

• Implemented and configured Solaris 10 on Sun Hardware systems.

• Configured and supported NFS, UFS, ZFS, global and local zones on Solaris 10 systems.

• Performed post Linux Solaris server OS and application installations and configurations for GSinet, DMZ, Colos locations.

• Supported users, deployed and supported Samba, ftp, sftp etc list of services.

• Re-configured system kernel for application and database server to improve system performance.

• Coordinated SAN, NAS storage devices allocation on Linux Solaris severs,

• Configured and provisioned storage devices on Linux Solaris servers,

• Provisioned new file system through Logical Volume Manager on Linux Solaris servers.

• Managed and supported Apache, Tomcat, Qquid, Oracle web services and deploying SSL certificate.

• Initialized SAN and NAS storage requests increased and expanded file system on Linux Solaris database and application severs.

• Provisioned new file system through Logical Volume Manager on Linux Solaris servers.

• Upgraded and reconfigured Unix OS for database and application severs.

• Planned and performed Linux Solaris server OS and software upgraded.

• Planned and conducted Linux Solaris server firmware, hardware upgraded including CPU and Memory, I/O expansions.

• Deployed, supported VCS on Sun Solaris 10 servers for database and application servers.

• Troubleshooting NFS, CIFS protocol and multi-protocol performance and file system sharing issue between Unix and Windows severs.

• Troubleshooting Linux Solaris server performance issue related to system resource management issue, low latency issues.

• Troubleshooting Solaris Linux server performance issue related to I/O and network bandwidth issues.

• Troubleshooting Linux Solaris server file system accessing issues, such as zoning, HBA or Switch port failure; issues with HBA driver, firmware, persistent-binding, sd.conf, lpfc.conf on Linux Solaris servers.

• Troubleshooting various performance issues related from Linux servers to storage systems, such as Solaris, Linux servers to DMX, Clarion, Vmax, network switches, Netapp filers and vfilers, even the issues root caused by AD domains.

• Completed Solaris to Linux OS migration projects, migrated Solaris to Linux for application, database and NFS servers.

• Implemented web server, virtual web server, SSL certificate on Solaris, Linux servers.

• implemented HTTPS Web server encryption, kerberos authentication for Linux web servers,

• Configured Web server, weblogic, tomcat Cluster server and APPS server load-balances on Solaris, Linux OS environments.

• Optimizing and troubleshooting web server, cluster server, application server, Sybase, Oracle and UDB servers on Linux Solaris OS environments.

• Performed Solaris Linux servers adjoining with storage Silo migration projects due to data centers relocation from NY to NJ, which new project initialed, end-to-end designed, deployed, tested and supported Linux servers hosting either DMX SRDF, Clariion, Vmax devices or Netapp vfiler network file system.

• Coordinated Silo migration project, migrated multi function Solaris Linux servers from EMC SCSI to Fiber Channel migration projects.

• Completed NFS server migration project, migrated EMC data mover NFS servers to Solaris Linux servers connecting with DMX, Clariion devices and Netapp vfilers for across division systems.

• Designed and implemented DR solution for Linux servers, coordinated with BCP failover testing for Solaris Linux database and application servers.

• Coordinated with storage team planned and performed Linux Solaris server data migration and storage device personality swapped.

• Designed and implemented various scripts to perform Linux Solaris server capacity report and health checks.

• Designed and implemented automation scripts/tools for Netapp vfiler faster failover, and traditional vfiler failover for Linux severs – the NFS clients.

• Provided user storage solutions included Linux Solaris host, Array, filer, vfilers and Datacenter relocation data migrations related to DMX, Clarrion, netapp filers, vfilers.

• Troubleshooting issue on Linux Solaris servers associated with Array, hosts, zoning. Meta, hyper devices with symcli ,Navicli and naviphere while storage team performed storage commissions, increases and decommissions.

• Reviewed Linux Solaris system run-books for firm’s global support teams to standardize system provisioning, decommissioning supported and troubleshooting procedures.

• Overviewed Linux Solaris system run-books to standardize procedures for global teams to install and configure system, application and fiber channel, iSCSI Luns, install and configure EMC powerpath for Linux systems.

• Deployed CF engine, Powerbroker to standardize configuration and enhance security.

MERRILL LYNCH ( July 1996- 1998)

Sr Unix System and application Architect,

Performed projects designed, implemented and end-user supported for operating system with respective applications.

• Completed implementing Firewall Console and multiple Firewall Inspection modules configuring and maintaining. Defined policy (Rule Base), configured, testing and down load, which included: Authentication: user authentication, client authentication and session authentication. Encryption: FWZ encryption, Manual IP Sec Encryption and Skip Encryption Schemes, Content Security and Network Address Translation.

• Deployed and supported EDEN projects for EQ trading systems, supported and maintained Coast Application, RQS, Tsrs, Fidessa etc.

• Configured and supported Market Data system Triach 2000 and System monitoring Agents.

• Completed SunOS to Solaris migration projects for DB, application servers and infrastructure servers, such as NFS, NIS. Supported Solaris 2.4 and 2.5.1 systems.

• Completed migrating file systems from Servers running on Boxhill Array to Storage Array systems, in which configured and maintained ODS, Verata’s Volume Managers.

• Completed deploying High availability project. Installed, configured and tested HA system for NFS, application cluster servers fail over.

• Deployed and maintained Netscape enterprise Servers and Hydra Web servers for load balances.

• Configured DNS BIND sub-domain name servers, deployed DNS primary, secondary and clients. Administered mail server and configured

• Coding AutoSys JIL to automate batch and automation tasks.

• Designed system backup infrastructure, configured and maintained Legato Networker backup servers and clients, maintained DLT drives.

• Configured and maintained CISCO 2500 serial Servers.

• Tangled system performances and tunings.

DONALDSON, LUFKIN & JENRETTE (July 1995- July 1996)

Unix System Administrator.

Supported fixed income trading production Sun OS, Solaris application and database environments. Responsibility included: supporting users, systems upgrading, maintaining and troubleshooting in a multi-domain, heterogeneous environment which supported database servers, trading application servers as well as NFS, NIS, DNS BIND name servers, sendmail servers.


Network Programmer

Projects designed and deployed, writing source code, technical support of a heterogeneous environment for Multi-media data communication projects for Sun OS in X, Olwm, Mwm. IBM RS6000 AIX, Mac and MS windows heterogeneous environment. In additional to support users, responsible for application installation, configuration, upgrade, troubleshooting.


• MS. in E.E. CCNY, 1992. Ph.D. program in Computer Networking.

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