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Senior Project Manager/Program Manager

Kansas City, MO, 64131
September 13, 2008

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Terry is a seasoned project/program manager who brings a level of experience that incorporates past programming and analysis design with current management responsibilities. He has over twenty-five years of experience in Information Technology. Terry is known for his approach to managing projects that involves empowering and envisioning teams to act as one unit working toward a common goal. He tailors his project management style to meet the needs of the team from development to executive level. His management skills include resource planning, vendor management, needs analysis, platform integration, and system implementation planning. Terry’s knowledge of application business functions in a wide variety of industries compliments his technical background, making Terry a skilled asset for any project.


• Project Management

• Program Management

• Business Analysis

• Requirement Analysis

• Process Analysis and Design

• Process Definition

• Client Liaison

• Vendor Management

• Training

• MS Project

• Visio

• Formal SDLC Methodology


Modis - Client:Multi Service Aviation – US Bank

Project Manager – File Transfer Migration

January 2008 – Present

As a Project Manager/Vendor Manager, Terry was brought on to coordinate and manage Multi Service Aviation’s credit card file transfers migration from Overland Park, KS to Energy Park, MN. For each of the 20 outside clients it involved communicating timelines and requirements and the coordination of testing and implementations to coincide with the US Bank application migrations. It also involved issues resolution and managing work across multiple departments to meet the timeline. Terry was also called upon to go back to files that didn’t make prior migrations, determine the issues stopping those migrations, resolve them, and manage their implementation. Main project is on track for migration at the end of August 2008.

Independent Consultant

January 2007 – January 2008

Developing various processes using MS Project, Visio, and MS Access to manage controlled substance medications and to track and bill customer repairs.

TriCom Technical Services - Client: Sprint ITS PMO

Project Manager - Consultant

April 2005 – January 2007

As an ITPM in the Sprint ITS Project Management Office, Terry was brought on to specific projects for his unique ability to manage and drive “impossible” projects to the finish line. Responsible to work across application and support groups to deliver projects on time and on budget, identify and resolve Risks and Issues, ensure Requirements were managed and met, and communicate to necessary levels of management the project status and ramifications of possible courses of action. Terry was called upon to mentor other Project Managers within the PMO team and was a sounding board during the creation of the Billing System PMO.

Project: UBP Release 3 - Web Experience – 35K hours, 7 months, 25 code impact applications. Terry took over in discover phase. Project was handled with a unique functional area waterfall approach to meet compressed timeline. This project is currently on track for code drop and deployment.

Project: Street Level Coverage Tool – 1K hours, 3 months, 6 code impact applications. This project reduced Early Lifecycle Churn by an estimated 25%, saving Sprint $1.6 Billion dollars over 5 years. Terry envisioned team to design, develop and deploy entirely new application in 3 months. New Hardware purchase and build-out SLA of 65 days was reduced to 37 days. Terry employed iterative design/develop approach to quickly go from concept to production; while managing the requirements to deliver a useful product within the timeframe allowed. The application was written up in the Indianapolis Star as #5 in their top 7 websites for the week of Oct 15, 2006.

Project: UBP Release 1 - Web and Presentment – 50K hours, 6 months, 11 code impact applications. This project had an extremely compressed timeline but Terry came up to speed quickly, implementing new processes that focused on the heart of the project. Project delivered on time and on budget.

Project: Gifting & TAF – 30K hours, 12 months, 6 code impact applications. Terry took over this project at the end of development. He worked with groups thru testing and deployment. Used daily touchpoint calls to keep development, testing, and user groups on track during defect resolution. Successfully managed requirements changes to deliver a successful product. Project implemented on schedule

Project: Mainframe DB2 Upgrade to Version 8 – Working with the DB2 Subject Matter Expert (SME), managed impacts to over 170 applications for the 13,000 hour project and coordinated with eight (8) other projects. Terry worked with Release Management to implement this non-standard project across four (4) releases.

Project: NFYUP Instant Rebates – Starting in Discover Phase, took the project over and quickly moved it through Design and Develop to Deployment, coordinating three (3) application groups and a new BT to an outside vendor, helping to set up support and testing structures. Project implemented as scheduled and on budget. Terry received a Sprint Excellence Award for his work.

Solutions NOW - Client: Sprint Service Assurance Management Center (SAMC)

Project Manager - Consultant

October 2004 – March 2005

Part of the Sprint Service Assurance Management Center (SAMC) OVis Blitz Team, which implemented centralized monitoring of 233 mission and business critical applications using the HP OpenView Suite. Terry was the process design leader for script development and went on to be the OVis Blitz Workshop Project Manager, responsible for scheduling and tracking the applications through the workshop environment where the application SMEs received training and developed OVis and LoadRunner scripts. Terry led a team of six (6) technical contractors in the workshop. In five (5) months, approximately 200 scripts were created, tested and sent to production.

Project Manager - Independent Contractor

March 2002 – September 2004

As an independent contractor in the home improvement industry, was involved in all aspects of project management – needs analysis, cost and resource estimating, proposal presentation and sales, material and resource planning, scheduling and tracking, problem resolution, solution presentation, and project post mortem. In addition, was responsible for identifying and managing sub-contracting opportunities and managing company labor resources.

Midwest Consulting Group - Client: Sprint PCS

Production Support Manager/Project Manager

May 2000 – February 2002

Project: IT Application Delivery RMS MFS; MFS Production Support Manager (10/01 – 2/02)

Quickly came up to speed on Mobile Financial Services (MFS) project and gained an understanding at a technical level of the current status and whether the project team would meet the target date. Gathered and created detailed documentation and assembled what would become the IT/AD RMS-MFS Production Support Manual. Working as Project Manager for MFS impacts to, identified MFS requirements and impacts to, then communicated and managed the requirements being fulfilled. Worked with external vendors to lock down requirements and deliverables. Weekly reviewed IAs for impact to MFS and responded with impact estimates and assumptions. MFS interfaces with SpeedPay,, IVR, Premiere, and Wireless web/eCare.

Project: SPCS Premiere 11.2 Premiere Business Services for P2K; Project Manager (5/01 – 10/01)

Worked the Design Phase, and a portion of Build Phase. Assembled a BA, SA, and Developer as a team, worked with Customer Care, Premiere testing group, Product test group, and Release management. Responsible for authoring ITPF technical documents (System Requirements Document and Infrastructure requirements document). To facilitate communication, he ensured regular IT and customer meetings were held. The short duration was because the project was put on hold when NMS implementation was delayed.

Project: Sprint PCS IT Application Delivery; Project Manager / Vendor Management (5/00 – 4/01)

Was assigned as Vendor Manager for the following systems and quickly became the IT Subject Matter Expert (SME) for each:

• Lightbridge Customer Acquisition System (CAS) - Handles all credit checks for purchases or activations in Sprint PCS.

• GTE/TSI RoamerXchange - Holds/maintains roaming agreements between wireless companies – server-based.

• GTE/TSI Accessibility Ad Hoc - Reports roaming CDRs for billing - server-based.

• GTE/TSI Crossroads - Web access to Accessibility and RoamerXchange.

He was responsible for all technical and Vendor compliance issues Developed detailed documentation including data flow diagrams and interface specifications. Established testing environments for use by SPCS systems. Established vendor reporting procedures for monthly “Scorecard” meetings that report on performance, forecasts, and volumes. Developed procedures to help Marketing, IT Capacity Planning, and Corporate Credit develop explainable credit applications volume forecasts. Terry was frequently called upon to explain system functionality and interactions and review Impact Assessments (IA).

While supporting SPCS IT/AD, Terry was involved on a variety of projects, including:

• Sprint Mobility Bundling – Project Management (PM) role to send customer pre-approval information to LB from Sprint LTD when LTD sells PCS phones to their good customers. One of the first projects in the “One Sprint” initiative.

• ASL2 Trial - PM Role to add six (6) credit classes to P2K, Premiere, and systems. Vendor Management (VM) role coordinating Lightbridge code and testing efforts. Kept detailed agenda and logging in MS Project.

• Web Activations – VM role in developing a new MQ interface between LB and SPCS/ODL and Web Activations.

• Restore NT to UNIX migration - VM role to use above interface for ‘Shop’ migrating from NT to UNIX.

• Lightbridge Contract Negotiation - reviewed proposed contract and helped with Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Disaster Recovery requirements.

• New GTE/TSI Accessibility Server - VM to bring in new server.

Midwest Consulting Group - Client: Sprint Long Distance assignments

May 1997 – May 2000

Project: Sales Gateway effort

Terry supported the Sales Gateway effort, an OO replacement for Vendor Batch Processing in AMOS. As an overall Project Manager, was responsible for 30 application groups and an LOE of 50,000 hours. An effort of this magnitude required actively working with all levels of management and technical groups. Tracked status/issue information for the customer, interapplication group and application groups, as well as supply the summary status reports .up to the director level. Designed and delivered presentation to other managers on his method of utilizing MS Project to effectively manage and document projects.

Project: WSG Macro Rewrite

Terry supported the WSG Macro Rewrite as a Project Manager / Business Analyst. Supporting the SQA (Software Quality Assurance) effort, this included project management, documenting, planning, meeting facilitation, and communication to keep the project on track. He led status meetings, driving out project tasks and defining project dependencies. Past experience with MS Project and MS Access was further honed with extensive use of work breakdown structures (WBS). His abilities to effectively use these tools garnered interest from a client director and taught this method to other managers. Terry received a Sprint Service Value Excellence award for his contributions to the team.

Project: BITS/SMS KC Y2K Renovation/Certification

Terry led the BITS/SMS KC Y2K Renovation/Certification. The nature of the project required total self-management as he took Sprint’s Y2K certification documentation and devised how SMS would follow and fulfill the requirements. This process definition included documentation guidelines, code revision, and acceptance testing. As the team lead for the development of the Y2K certification process and documentation tools, worked across platform boundaries as he designed tools to document applications written in COBOL on the mainframe, RPG on the AS400, and OO C++ on UNIX servers. He documented the processes and trained the different application teams, then monitored and directed the team leads to successful completion with no unscheduled outages.

Terry also managed the AMOS Y2K certification (1.5 million lines of code) as team lead. The team included over 40 members, including developers, testers, client personnel and management. He developed and refined a way to document a project in MSProject, and then transfer the information to MSAccess for reporting and meeting agenda generation and project status reports. Terry and the team earned a Sprint Service Value Excellence award for their contributions.

Project: Sprint LDD’s Order Entry system for Local Resale

Original role consisted of team lead for the CHA Vendor Management team. Responsibilities included completing DRS (Detail Requirement Statement) documents, writing TRS/DS (Technical Requirement Statement / Design Statement) documents, writing and executing test plans, and vendor management to correct problems. Terry worked with both the user group and the Local Resale development group. To perform this assignment, he learned the CHA Order Entry software and the fundamentals of UNIX.

Lenexa Products

Systems Supervisor

1992 – 1997

Responsible for providing overall information systems support and direction for the IS department. Because of position, duties spanned several areas and experience grew from DEC intensive to client/server application development. Worked with external vendors and coordinated hardware and software implementations.

His management of software development and support includes manufacturing and financial applications, using PRAXA manufacturing software, COBOL, and OpenVMS. Other experience includes support and development of EDI using SupplyTech EDI software; capacity planning; disaster recovery; help desk administration; contract negotiations; and budget and staff administration.

Network experience includes design and support of the PC network utilizing Pathworks PC network, DECnet, Ethernet hubs, repeaters and cards. Experience with the company’s email and phone systems include AT&T Easylink X.400, MSMail; AT&T Audix Voice Power voice mail system, and AT&T System 75 phone switch.


1991 - 1992

Terry provided system designs, programming support and trouble shooting for DEC platform customers. He completed user requirement analysis; hardware configuration assistance, and user training in financial, order processing and data management software.

Office of Thrift Supervision (formerly Federal Home Loan Bank)

VAX System Manager

1989 – 1991

Terry was responsible for generating, installing, maintaining and monitoring all systems software and over 20 software products. Provided training, prepared capacity planning studies, detailed hardware recommendations.

Hy-Line International

Data Processing Manager

1983 - 1989

Terry was responsible for the management and operation of VAX 8250 running financial and research applications. Work included COBOL systems, software/hardware upgrades, training and purchasing.

Specialty Computer Services

Senior Systems Analyst

1982 - 1983

Terry provided analysis, design, implementation and troubleshooting of financial and distribution software systems on DEC hardware. The environment was VAX 11/730, using DIBOL and COBOL.

Pioneer Data Systems

Programmer / Analyst

1980 - 1982

Terry provided leadership in requirement studies, general and detailed systems design, programming and implementation, technical presentations, and systems education seminars. Participated in application software projects written in DIBOL for scientific, research oriented systems based on DEC PDP-11 hardware.


Iowa State University, Bachelors of Science in Computer Science – 1980

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