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Software Engineer

Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80920, United States
March 28, 2011

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JAMES B. “JB” SCOTT **** Dartmoor Ct Colorado Springs, CO 80920



* Seeking employment as a Software Engineer in a challenging environment which utilizes my experience and allows me to

enhance my skill set and continue to grow professionally

* In-depth experience in all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle, from requirements development through end-of-life

support with the majority in coding, test and integration. Extensive experience with real-time optical sensor software

and database systems implemented on OpenVMS and UNIX platforms

* Proven ability to integrate previous experience to new applications

* Team player with many years of hands-on problem solving experience

* Strong analytic abilities with exceptional verbal and written communication skills

* Current DoD Top Secret/SSBI Clearance



* Real-time radar and optical sensor

* Air Traffic Control software development and maintenance

* Real estate database creation and maintenance

* Radar simulation GUI command and control


Kwajalein Range Services, LLC - US Army Kwajalein Atoll 07/2003 – 10/2010

Software Engineer III / Systems Engineer III

* Designed and implemented mission specific tracking regimen for multiple optical sensors to effect optimal simultaneous

data collection on reentering objects and space resident objects

* Enhanced and adapted the optical sensor real-time software and DCL command procedures to accommodate evolving missions;

compiled, built and installed the real-time application on DEC Alpha and SGI O2 computers

* Generated and distributed the Alpha real-time scripting programs to support missions; these scripts were responsible for

coordinating the data collection activities among multiple camera and recording systems

* Created specific procedures for each reentry and space track mission to ensure optimal data collection. Calculated

fixed camera look angles and optical tracking sensor horizon break angles for each mission to prevent unwanted mount

slewing during reentry vehicle acquisition; generated mission decks and distributed to the Alpha computers to provide a

reliable backup tracking contingency

* Performed mission data analysis to ensure compliance with requirements. Discovered, documented and reported Telemetry

TBSP data anomalies resulting in more accurate directing data to the optical sensors

* Wrote and updated documentation associated with the real-time optical software systems

* Performed System Admin tasks as required for both the OpenVMS and UNIX operating systems; developed disc cloning, backup

and cleansing procedures to ensure the security and integrity of both the applications and data

* Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) for Admin Closed Area. Involved heavily in Photo Lab and outer island security.

Participated in the DIACAP process and generated several DIACAP software artifacts

* Dec Alpha 2100 Server using OpenVMS 6.2, SGI O2 using IRIX 6.5 Unix, Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Red Hat Linux, Fortran 77, C,

DCL, csch, tcsch, CVS Configuration Control, Visual C++, MATLAB, Excel, PowerPoint, MS-DOS

* DoD Top Secret/SSBI

Visual Numerics, Inc. – Boulder, CO 12/2000 – 11/2001

Software Engineer

* Developed and maintained the TS-WAVE time series graphical data display and analysis application using the PV-WAVE and

C languages

* Tested on computer platforms with various operating systems for new releases of the product to the customer

* DEC Alpha Server using OpenVMS 7.2, SPARC using Solaris 2.7, HP S700 using HPUX 11.0, PV-Wave, C, Windows 98

T-NETIX, Inc – Englewood, CO 04/2000 - 10/2000

Senior Application Engineer

* Developed and maintained the Lock&Track Online jail management system

* Created and maintained data input screens for both the GUI and TUI versions of the system

* Consolidated over 100 reports into one DCL command file. Modified DCL command files to compile and link desktop

application programs. Built text libraries containing data input screens and validation lists.

* DEC Alpha Server using OpenVMS 7.2, DCL, VAX Pascal, Oracle DB7 for VMS, SQL, Windows NT

Metrolist, Inc. – Denver, CO 10/1994 – 03/2000

Programmer/Analyst II

* Developed, coded, debugged and maintained all dictionaries and programs associated with the multi-indexed, RMS databases

used in support of the Multiple Listing Service; provided public data (county Assessor, Treasurer and Recorder) to both

the Realtor and retail communities of the Denver metro area

* Attended off-site classes to develop command procedures and software programs to CASS certify all addresses in these


* Routinely dealt with county Assessor and Treasurer‘s offices to troubleshoot data problems

* Participated in efforts to ensure Y2K compliance of software and databases

* Alpha DS/20 mini-computers using OpenVMS 7.2, DEC BASIC, DCL, DEC RMS, Windows NT

Civil Aviation Presidency, Airways Engineering - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 09/1992 – 06/1994

Software Engineer

* Developed and maintained the real-time Air Traffic Control software for King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh

* System Manager for the Philips P800 software development system and backup for the VAX 11-750 software development system

in Jeddah

* Provided support to the Riyadh sector personnel

* Designed and developed software for AFTN message processing to ICAO specifications

* Participated in design and requirements reviews with the customer

* VAX 11-750 using OpenVMS, Philips P786-400, P854, P858 and P859 mini-computers using MAS and STOS, DCL, RTL/2

Dyncorp Kwajalein Support Project, US Army Kwajalein Atoll 06/1987 – 06/1991

Scientific Software Engineer

* Developed, maintained and documented the real-time software for the radar, optical tracking and telemetry systems

* Created both disc- and tape-bootable operating systems to enable these systems to perform missions in classified mode

* DoD Secret and Customer SBI Clearances as required for mission support

* Perkin-Elmer 3241, 3210, 8/32 using OS/32 8.1.2, CDC 6600, and CYBER 810 and 172 using NOS, MODCOMP IV using MAX IV,

Fortran 77, Perkin-Elmer Assembly, MS-DOS

Martin Marietta Aerospace – Denver, CO 03/1981 – 06/1987

Senior Software Engineer

* Designed, coded and documented several software routines on a classified COMINT/SIGINT program associated with the

Advanced Programs Group.

* While with the Electronic Warfare Group, was an integral member of the team that developed and built real-time software

radar simulators for the Swedish and Israeli governments. Designed, coded, tested, debugged, integrated and documented

more than 50,000 lines of software for the menu-driven Man-Machine Interface and all of the graphics implemented on the

programs. Wrote real-time software to control the digital and RF subsystems for the simulators. Participated in design

and requirements reviews with the customer.

* Developed and maintained the Automated Staff Message Processing System used to support US Army field exercises in Germany;

traveled to the customer site and provided 24 hour field support which included hardware and software maintenance to keep

the systems operational during exercises. Developed and implemented software necessary to perform message processing using

JANAP-128 message format.

* DoD Top Secret / EBI with lifestyle polygraph

* HP 1000 using RTE-A, VAX-11-750 and 11-780 using VMS, DCL, PDP 11-44/11-70 using RSX-11M/11M Plus, Tectronix 4014/4114

graphics terminals, Fortran 77, VAX Assembly, dBASE III Plus, C



Bachelor of Arts; Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences – 5/1975

High Honors: GPA 3.6/4.0


Information Systems Programming Advanced Training Certificate – 2/2000

President’s List: GPA 4.0/4.0

Education in COBOL, C++, HTML, Java, PL/SQL, Visual Basic 6.0, Perl

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