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Sr Developer & Analyst

Plano, Texas, 75025, United States
October 31, 2011

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*+ years of experience in the field of Information Technology

• Played an active part in the design, development, testing and implementation of various client - server and web applications.

• Possess good knowledge in MVC (Model View Controller) architecture using Struts framework

• Over the years, have acquired good development skills in Java, JSP, Servlets and Struts.

• Have acquired skills in developing a Code Generator which generates POJO, DAO, Hibernate Mapping files using Hibernate Reverse Engineering.

• A very good team player with good communication and interpersonal skills, I always have an interest towards challenging assignments and learning new and emerging technologies.

• Have good experience in developing tools and system applications using Java, Struts and JSP.

• Familiar with UML(Unified Modeling Language), OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis and Design), XML (Extensible Markup Language) .

• Familiar with Internet technologies HTML, XML, Java Script

• Also have considerable exposure to Test Director.


• Masters in Computer Applications, India.

• Bachelor’s in Computer Technology, India.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems MAC,MS-DOS, Windows NT, 95, 98 and XP

Languages Java, C, C++, VB 6.0

Adv Java Technologies Struts, JSP, Servlets, Hibernate

RDBMS SQL Server 2000, Oracle 9i, MS-Access

Enterprise Applications J2EE

Case Tools Visual Source Safe 6.0

Web Technologies XML, JSP, ASP, HTML, VB Script, Java Script, Freemarker Template

Tools & Utilities Test Director, PVCS, Edit Plus, Rational rose(OOAD & UML), CVS

Domain Knowledge Payday, Automotives, Retail, Quality

Professional Experience

Infor Global Solutions, USA

Project: Fortress Framework [ Mar 09 – May 2010]

Description: Fortress Framework is the server-side framework used by all the Infor products

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Responsibilities: I have been working on the server side framework that is used by the Infor’s products.

Responsibilities include

• Participate in the Scrum meeting and understand the requirement for that Sprint.

• Evaluate each requirement for that Sprint as a team.

• Design, Develop as per the requirement for that Sprint.

• Develop JUNIT test as per the requirement.

• Participate in Regression Testing at the end of the Sprint.

• Participate in the Release and post regression testing after the release.

• Participate in the Retrospective Meeting at the end of each Sprint.

Environment: Java, Hibernate, Spring, Maven, SQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle, DB2 Apache Tomcat v5.5.

Dish Network/Echostar USA

Project: CSA/DP(Dish Promo) [ Oct 08 – Feb 09]

Description : The business of Dish Network is driven by the website that it provides to its customers where they can access all the facilities(order service, cancel service, future downgrade etc..) provided by Dish Network. The project CSA/DP is based on this primary need. This project helps the customers of Dish Network to access all the services provided by them.

Role: Senior Java Developer

Responsibilities: As a Sr.Java Developer at Dish Network, I have been working on the CSA/DP project which aims at enhancing the Dish Network website which hosts all the latest products and promotions that Dish Network offers to its customers.

Responsibilities include

• The analysis of the specified system requirements and providing the time estimations the necessary modifications.

• Designing and development of, the presentation, business and data layers using STRUTS framework.

• Perform peer reviews, conduct unit testing and make sure that the deliverable is of the highest quality.

Environment: Struts, Java, JSP, XML, Oracle 9i backend, Web Logic, PVCS, Eclipse.

Infor Global Solutions, USA

Project: Pricing [Jan 08 – Sep 08]

Description: Infor Pricing is a new Evolve SOA solution that provides pricing, trade funds management, and deductions management for sales, procurement and internal transfers.

Role: Software Engineer

Responsibilities: I have been working on the persistence team of the pricing project.

Responsibilities include

• Discuss with the Business Analyst about the requirements for each Sprint.

• Generate the Persistence Artifacts like DDL, Metadata.xml, Metadata Report.

• Analyze the database changes, generate the DAO, POJO, Hibernate mappings, JUNIT etc using the Code Generator

• Design, Develop, Enhance the Code Generator that is run via Ant tasks

• Develop the new Validation Architecture for the Code Generator

• Develop code for the Validation, Pojo, Domain objects etc

• Develop JUNIT test for the Validation, POJO, Domain object

• Enhance the Generator to generate the JUNIT for the DAO’s

Environment: Java, Hibernate, Spring, Freemarker Template, Eclipse, SQL Server, Apache Tomcat v5.5.

Advance America, USA

Project: eAdvantage [ Nov06 – Dec-07]

Description: The eAdvantage, system serves as the core for Advance America’s business model. eAdvantage is a media which every Advance America center uses to perform various transactions on Advance America products like (Pay Day Loans, Line of Credit, Prepaid Cards etc)

Role: Java Developer

Responsibilities: As a Java Developer I have been working on various enhancements to the eAdvantage system, focusing primarily on the development activities for new products that Advance America has brought to their business.

Responsibilities include

• Analyze the specified system requirement and make the necessary modifications.

• Design and develop the presentation, business and data layers using STRUTS framework.

• Presented Proof of Concepts for reading new Check Formats(scanned through MICR).

• Perform peer reviews and conduct unit testing.

• Participate in Production Support activities on a rotation basis.

Environment: Struts, Java, JSP, XML, Oracle 9i backend, Web Logic, CVS, DBVisualizer, Netbeans, SQL Maps, EJB

Satyam Computer Services Limited, India

Project: F@st release 3

for (FORD MOTOR COMPANY – USA (Dearborn)) [Jul05 – Dec05]

Description: F@ST, a long-term solution to improve and integrate financial information, analysis, and accounting systems. The latest F@ST implementation had significant additional enhancements, opportunities to insure the robustness of financial tracking and reporting that Ford needed for future. In order to support these new requirements, as well as to support the future growth in the analytical tools and global rollout of FORD, a release 3 version of F@st was designed and developed in J2EE.

Role: Software Engineer

Responsibilities: As a team member, was responsible for Coding JSPs, Fast Actions, Forms, DAO’s, DTO’s and XML as per the Fast Framework. Also took up supporting the process integrating MCA module. Prepared and maintained Quality standard documents did both unit testing & integration testing. Also contributed to the project by performing, code reviews on artifacts prepared by peers.

Environment: Struts 1.1, Java, JSP, XML, Oracle 9i backend, WSAD 5.0, Test Director and PVCS

Satyam Computer Services Limited, India

Project: SDARS – Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service

for Ford Motor Company - USA [Dec04 – Jun05]

Description : The Objective of SDARS (Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service) was to deploy a system that would support newly defined business processes that allow “Electrical” to, 1) Determine revenue shares from the sale and subscriptions to SIRIUS satellite Radio Company and 2) Enable automated activation and deactivation. The new business process thereby allowed Electrical PD finance and Electrical organization to support management of the revenue share business opportunity for initial roll out and for future vehicle programs. Data was transferred between SDARS and SIRIUS via e-Hub. SDARS interacted with other internal corporate systems namely CVMS (Company Vehicle Management System), GOLDD (Global online Dealership data) and SAVE (NAVIS and TRACE)

Role: Software Engineer

Responsibilities: In this project key responsibilities were around coding the screens and reports using Struts, Reviewing and logging the defects and issues concerned with the technical module specification documents, reviewing the code artifacts of peers, the Oracle queries used in various screens. Also prepared unit test cases and tested the functionality of each screen.

Environment: Struts 1.1, Java, JSP, XML, Java Script, Oracle 9i, WSAD 5.0, Test Director, PVCS, Rational Rose

Satyam Computer Services Limited, India

Project: F@st (FORD MOTOR COMPANY – USA (Dearborn)) [March04-Nov04]

Description: F@ST was a long-term solution to improve and integrate financial information, analysis, and accounting systems of FORD. Ford had initiated a reengineering exercise of the currently existing F@ST application. The new F@st Program was a Web based application that was built on J2EE and integrated with the legacy system. This contained different modules like Vehicle Product Offering (VPO), Volume, Mix and Rates (VMR), Parts Structure and Costing (PSC), Account for Production Material (APM), Analyze Simulated Vehicle (ASV), Control Production Management (CPM), and Account for Vehicles (AAV), Transaction Utility (UTL), Front End(FE), Finished Vehicles (FV) and Synchronization Alignment and Assessment of Vehicles (SAAVE).

Role: Software Engineer

Responsibilities: Coding JSPs, Fast Actions, Forms, DAO’s, DTO’s and XML as per the Fast Framework, Supporting the process integrating FE-4 modules, Preparing and maintaining Quality standard documents, Testing - unit testing & integration testing and Code review.

Environment: Struts 1.1, Java, JSP, XML, Java Script, Oracle 9i, WSAD 5.0, Test Director, PVCS, Rational Rose

Satyam Computer Services Limited, India

Project: Cairo for Barnes & Noble [Nov03 – Feb04]

Description: Barnes and had a contract with Satyam Computer Services, Ltd., to jointly develop a new Marketplace website. This was the basis for future evolution of all web sites provided by Barnes and Noble. The websites themselves were built using Microsoft Technologies while the back end systems were around SAP and Oracle. Workflow and data synchronization in the project were implemented via an EAI tool.

Role: Software Engineer

Responsibilities: Did low level component designs, created and Modified Stored procedure, tables and constraints based on the requested changes. Was the database administrator of the Development Server (SQL Server 2000). Created and Updated of COM components using VB 6.0, did unit testing of the components and did some ASP coding and design using Rational Rose.

Environment: VB (COM), ASP, SQL Server 2000, Rational Rose

Personal Details

Name Deepa Mani

Email Id

Address and Phone 9600 Coit Road Apt # 2813

Plano TX - 75025

Mobile: 864-***-****

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