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Denver, CO
August 23, 2012

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Ajani Shalik

*** ***** **.

Denver, CO *****


Objective Actively seeking an Laboratory Technician position in a positive environment with a high probability of exposure to advanced techniques in the clinical science.




San Francisco State University

Major: Clinical Labortory Sciences

Photovoltaic Installation Program. This course is an introduction to the planning, installation, and maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems. It includes hands-on installation of PV systems and associated safety issues. Eligible for NABCEP.

Laboratory Experience: Solid Phase Extraction: Immunological assays: ELIZA, Western blots. Chromatography: Ion Exchange, Hydrophobic Interaction, Immunoaffinity Column HPLC. Electrophoresis: Agarose, SDS-PAGE .

Electrical Experience: Commerical experience, Maintence, and Installation of new fixtures, sensors, and retrofits. Scissor Lift, bucket lift.

Registered Electrical Apprentice

California State Phlebotomist Certification

Merchant Marine Document



Industrial Laboratories Company, Inc. Employment dates: 4/1/12 – current

4046 Youngfield Street

Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033

Analytical Chemical Technician

• Solid Phase Extraction

• CGMPs,SOPs,Aeseptic Technique

• Making buffers, reagents, solutions


• Nutritional Labeling

• HPLC/MS training

• GC/MS training

Grants Electric Employment dates: 1/1/09 – current

Denver, CO 80203

Electrical Apprentice

• Installing Panels

• Rewiring and reconfiguring the circuitry of commercial buildings

• Extensive branch circuitry with junction boxes

• Pulling Wire, bending conduit, building additions

Stanford Medical Center Employment dates: 9/14/07 – 12/21/08

287 Campus Drive

Palo Alto, CA 94301

Diagnostic Laboratory, RAF

Laboratory Technician

• Perform all Laboratory duties in an aseptic environment.

• Interact with professionals on all levels, Doctor’s, Administrator’s, Physicians, about the integrity of test results.

• Test’s include Chem Panels, CBC’s, Anerobic/Aerobic Cultures.

Laurel Fertility Care Employment dates: 08/01/05 – 9/01/07

1700 California Street, Suite 570

San Francisco, CA 94109

Network Administrator /Laboratory Manager

Andrology Lab/Endocrine Lab/Phlebotomy Lab

Andrology Laboratory duties

• Calibration and operating the Ceros Sperm Analyzer.

• Simple and advanced wash for Intrauterine Insemination.

• Cryopreservation, thawing a cryopreserved specimen.

• Locating and retrieval of a cryopreserved sample.

• Receiving and Storing a cryogenic specimen.

• Shipping a cryopreserved specimen.

• Filling the Cryogenic Tanks.

• Receiving and Changing of Nitrogen Tanks.

Endocrine Laboratory Duties

• Temperature assessment for the Vidas Blood Machine.

• Registering a test Kit the Vidas Blood Machine with an MLE card.

• Calibrating the Vidas Blood Machine.

• Quality Controls for the Vidas Blood Machine.

• Storage of reagents for the Vidas Blood Machine.

• Operating the Vidas Blood Machine.

• Preventative Maintenance for the Vidas Blood Machine.

Phlebotomy Laboratory Duties:

• Venipuncture Specimen Collection Procedures.

• Shipping a Blood Specimen (Blood tests from outsourced laboratories (i.e. Quest, LabCorp).

• Storage of Blood

Vaxgen. Inc Employment dates: 6/01/04 – 7/15/05

400 Oyster Point Blvd.

South San Francisco, CA 94107

Biotech Laboratory Technician

• Operated the COP bath.

• Autoclaved laboratory equipment and supplies.

• Performed day to day tasks, such as stocking of all necessary materials for a functional Biotech Laboratory, as well as kept an inventory of supplies.

• Compiled spread sheets for inventory.

References available on Request

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