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Customer Service Manager

Louisville, KY
August 06, 2012

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Taeyoung Kang .

**** ********* **, **********, ** 40245

Cell: 502-***-**** :


I have held many long term positions and with maintaining these positions I have learned much about responsibility, people skills, and leadership. To briefly describe my experiences, from January 2004, I have worked as a Manager at a men’s apparel shop. At an early age I was privileged and giving a position where I was responsible for ordering and maintain sufficient inventory, handling a large portion of the financial aspects, and most importantly, keeping customers happy. Early on, I came to the realization that customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects in making a company grow. On a daily basis I was in constant contact with customers and always maintained a relationship level with each of our customers which made sure that the customer knew they were valued. With the skills I learned from working as a Manager, I started my own online market using eBay. By successfully keeping my customers satisfied, I was able to solely maintain and operated a successful market with 95% positive feedback with over 300 transactions over a 12 month period. During that time, I came across many unpredictable obstacles dealing with customers where I was able to resolve quickly and efficiently. During this time I confirmed my ability to successfully communicate with my customers to make sure they were completely satisfied with my services and products before, during, and after a transaction was complete.

With the success of my online market, I expanded to a local Flea market where I again was able to practice the skill I learned dealing with flea market guests and dealing with a wide variety of customers and their requests. While solely operating a retail storefront, I took every opportunity to greet and get to know customer who attended the flea market. By maintaining a relationship with customers, I was able to establish a group of repeat customers and was eventually expand to 3 booths equaling 30’x12’ in area space.

In April of 2012, I was asked by a family friend to help with a new business that they were planning to open. With the skill I learned dealing with communicating and customer service, I worked as a server at Mikato Japanese Restaurant which employed over 20 people. While working at Mikato, I was also was responsible for assisting with duties which involved setting up reservations and coordinating dinner events for local companies such as Enterprise car rental and Papa John’s pizza. But listening to and meeting the request of the event hosts, I was able to establish a relationship which lead to numerous repeats where these company employees had dinner meeting at the restaurant. As the restaurant was a family business, my role at the restaurant ranged to many different duties such as training new employees, maintaining sufficient inventory, resolving customer complaints and requests, planning work schedules to employees, and basically filling positions which needed to be filled. There were times where I was the host and times where I was the bartender making small talk with guest who were waiting to be seated. Working at Mikato, I came in contact with many customers and tended to the unique differences each customer had.

Finally, from May 2011 I went abroad to Seoul, Korea to perfect my Korean language skills and branch out to experience the Korean culture first hand. While in Korea, took part and completed a regular 18months Korean Language Program in the 6 months I was in Korea. Yonsei University is regarded as one of the top three Universities in the nation. While in Korea, I was able to find a job teaching English to middle school students at K12 International Academy.

I can say with confidence that I have a extremely strong work ethic and by having many versatile work experiences, I can deal with all kinds of people and form a common ground with anybody to make them feel at ease and comfortable. I have the confidence and the keen eye to know when and when not to approach someone to introduce myself and start a conversation. I can say with confidence that I can improve the overall satisfaction of guests, especially when dealing with Asian guests.

Taeyoung Kang .

4705 Middlesex Dr, Louisville, KY 40245

Cell: 502-***-**** :

Career Focus

To take the many skills I have gained working in various work industries and apply them in the most effective manner in which will maximize benefits.

Work Experience

Through the vide variety of work positions I have held, I have gain numerous work skills which has led me to be successful in each of the different positions I have been given.

• Men of 4th Ave Louisville, KY ( Jan,2004 -Current)


• eBay market Online ( May, 2007- Current)

-Sole operator

• Shelby County Flea Market Louisville, KY ( Jun, 2008- Aug, 2010 )

-Sole operator

• Mikato Japanese Restaurant Louisville, KY ( April, 2010- Current)


• K12 International Academy Seoul, Korea ( July, 2011- Dec, 2011)


Core Qualifications

• Ability to build strong relationships with customers using effective communicative skills to interact with customers to maximizing company goals.

• Coordinate specific requests set forth by guests to maintain a comfort level which will allow each guest to want to return.

• Excellent communication skills.

• Able to quickly pick up on how a specific community operates and able to use surrounding resources to better the company.

• Ability to calmly handle difficult and complex matters to benefit both parties involved.

• Fully Bilingual in Korean and English.

• Understands the Korean culture and able to assimilate to other cultures and understandings.

• Always thriving to identify ways to increase efficiencies or improve product or services.


Yonsei University 2011 Seoul, Korea

Korean Language Program

University of Louisville 2012 Louisville, KY

BA in Communication


• Listening skills

• Telecommunication skills

• Conflict resolution

• Staff development/training

• Client development

• Persuasive communication expertise

• Training development

• Markdown/promotional procedures

• Cash management

• Store maintenance

• Customer service

• Strategic sales

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