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Web Sql Server

Tanuku, Andhra Pradesh, 534216, India
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June 11, 2012

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• Two years of experience in IT field, working with various software technologies and different versions providing support as infrastructure administrator, application support engineer and Web Sphere administrator.

• Implemented clustering in Web Sphere using horizontal and vertical clustering to provide scalable and highly available Web Sphere environment with fail over.

• Experience in applying Fix packs/Refresh packs /cumulative packs for WAS using Update Installer.

• Installed and configured Apache HTTP Server, IBM HTTP Server, Sun One Web Server, IIS and also involved in configuration of Virtual Hosts for Apache HTTP Server, IBM HTTP Server.

• Well-versed in Integrating IBM HTTP Server (1.3.x/2.0.x/6.1), Apache (1.3.x/2.0.x), LDAP, DB2/UDB (7.2.x/8.1.x), and Oracle (8i, 9i) with IBM Web Sphere Application Server using plug-in on AIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows platforms and troubleshooting integration issues.

• Proficient in developing Scripts using Jython, JACL, and ANT to automate WAS administration and deployment tasks such as JVM configuration, J2EE application deployment, ear/war installation, and backups.

• Experienced in Secured Socket Layer (SSL) configuration, creating self-signed certificates, generating certificate requests, Import/Export certificates and creating key databases.

• Expert in supporting Enterprise Applications in a distributed environment, over a wide range of operating environments for high volume, secure transactions and Web services.

• Experienced in Configuring of JDBC Providers, JDBC data sources, connection pool, Virtual Hosting, JNDI, Global Security, SSL, SSO, and Open SSH, Open SSL, LDAP.

• Familiarity with network protocols and applications involving TCP/IP, NFS, DFS, SNMP, SMTP, POP, Telnet, Rlogin, SSH, FTP, HTTP, DNS.

• Expertise in working with logs, trace and messages using tools such as Log Analyzer, Resource Analyzer and Admin Console.

• Experience in BEA Web logic 8.x/9.x/10g/11g as an administrator on various operating systems such as Solaris, Linux, AIX and Windows.

• Well versed in creating resources, modifying properties, view runtime attributes, commit modifications and securing administrative server using Authentication, Authorization, Certificates, Credentials, Permissions, Web Sphere Resources (Servlets, JSP files, HTML files).

• Worked closely with IBM on problem determination, and resolution and also performed administration of servers, resources, security of Web Sphere application server from admin console

• Experience with various procedures and policies required for escalation and outage resolution with Strong documentation skills.

• Excellent analytical, interpersonal and communication skills & desire to excel, hardworking and versatile team player and provided 24/7 support in troubleshooting Application problems to help system stability and integrity.

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems Solaris8/9/10, RHEL 4/5, SUSE Linux,Z-Linux, AIX, UNIX, Windows

Application Servers Web Sphere 3.x/4.x/5.x/6.x/7.x, Web Logic, JBoss, Tomcat

Web servers Apache 1.3.x/2.2.x, IHS, IIS, Sun one6.0,7.0

Database Oracle9i/10g, SQL server, MS Access, My SQL,DB2

Networking TCP/IP, SMTP, SNMP, DNS, ssh, telnet, ftp

Languages C, C++, Java, HTML, XML, Jython

Query Languages SQL, PL/SQL, TSQL

Directory Services LDAP, Active Directory, NIS

Packages Microsoft Office Suite, open office, IBM 8.5 Lotus Notes, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio

Monitoring Tools Nagios, Tivoli Performance viewer,Willy Introscope,PMTS.

Remote desktop software Team Viewer, Log me in, Vnc

Tools Putty, Filezilla, beyond compare, exam diff, fiddler, 7zip extractor, Snagit, Ccleaner, Ant Hill Pro 3.8

Virtual servers VMware,Oracle Virtual Box 4.0.4

Ticketing tools Remedy, Clarify


Masters of Science In Electrical & Computer Engg, University of South Alabama, Mobile, USA in 2009

Bachelor of Engineering, Andhra University, India in 2006


Vonage Holdings Corporation, Holmdel, NJ, USA April 2011-April 2012

Middleware Administrator.


• Performed installation, configuration and maintenance of Web Sphere Application Server ND 6.1 in UNIX, AIX and Linux environments.

• Up gradation of Web Sphere from to by installing fix packs and cumulative packs.

• Migrated Web Sphere Application server from V6.1 to V7.0.

• Implemented clustering architecture both horizontal and vertical clustering to provide high availability, failover, load balancing of the incoming traffic in production server environment.

• Deploying application (WAR/EAR/Exploded Deployment) on Clustered Web logic Servers using N1SPS, Ant Hill Pro 3.8 tools & troubleshooting issues related it.

• Administering Web logic security through admin console. Manage access and roles to console. Integrating Active Directory with Web logic.

• Involved in configuration, deployment, troubleshooting various applications in clustering environment through admin console and also using Jython scripting and monitored the performance before moving on to production environment.

• Installed and configured Apache, IBM HTTP server and Sun One web servers with required modules.

• Installed Web Sphere client plug-in on apache, IBM Http server and integrated with Web Sphere. Generated plug-in and propagated to Apache and IBM Http web servers.

• Integrating Web logic Environments with iPlanet/Apache web server for reverse proxy. Static content deployment and troubleshooting through web server.

• Virtual host configuration in Apache and administration of multiple sites on a single apache instance.

• Created self-signed certificates, generated private key and certificate service requests. Installed certificates on to the web server to implement https protocol. Imported and exported certificates.

• Installed and configured Oracle, SQL Server databases on UNIX and Windows servers.

• Web sphere Message Broker creation and testing of message flows that interact with AIX oracle tables and also uses Web sphere Message Broker to write and extract data to and from Queues, allowing flows to and from FTP Landing zones to AIX Oracle Tables

• Configured data provider using JDBC drivers. Configured Oracle, DB2, SQL Server data sources.

• Configured MDB listeners and ports for specific applications using message listener service

• Configured resources such as Queue Definitions, Queue Connections Factories, and Listeners in order to provide connectivity to Enterprise MQ infrastructure.

• Ensuring consistent communication between Web Sphere Clients, Edge Components, Web Server, Application Server(s), and Database by troubleshooting any integration and outage issues.

• Monitoring Web Sphere Application Server performance through Tivoli Performance Viewer and tuning the system caching, queuing, JVM parameters, DB Connection Pooling.

• Configured Nodes, Data Sources, Virtual Hosts, Servlet Engines, Session Managers including installation and configuration of Web Sphere Application Server Trace Service.

• Tested end-to-end connectivity in QA environment and solved issues relating to response time, outages and integrity of the infrastructure.

• Administration of servers, resources, security of Web Sphere application server from admin console.

• Configured user authentication for admin console using Tivoli Directory Services. Provided user authorization services by creating user roles and groups to assign access to specific resources.

• Configured Session management mechanism, session tracking, and session persistence. Also worked on session management tuning, session security and session performance.

• Supported Production, Pre-production and QA environments as an integral part of daily responsibilities.

• Developed Shell/Perl scripts to automate various processes on Web Sphere. Worked on developing Jython scripts using wsadmin objects (AdminConfig, AdminApp, AdminControl and AdminTask).

• Worked on performance tuning of application server using Tivoli Performance Viewer by setting optimal values for timeouts, connection pools, JVM heap size and tuning garbage collector.

• Documented all installation processes and troubleshooting procedures.

Environment: Solaris , Red Hat Enterprise Linux , SUSE Linux, Windows 2008 server, AIX, Perl, Jython, Web Sphere Application server 6.1 Network Deployment, Apache, IBM Http Server, SUN ONE, Oracle 10g, Java, SQL * loader, Exceed, HTML, PHP, ColdFusion, XML, VNC.

AKT LLC, Parlin, New Jersey Feb 2010-Mar2011

Middleware Administrator


• Installed, configured, upgraded WAS 5.0/5.1 and provided extensive support in troubleshooting in Dev, Test, and Production environment.

• Experienced in Adding Fix packs and Cumulative Fix packs and migrate the versions of Web Sphere application server 5.0 to 5.1.

• Performed packaging, building, integrating and deploying enterprise J2EE applications on Web Sphere 5.0 that involves EAR, JAR, WAR files using Application Assembly Tool (AAT).

• Involved in configuring the Web Sphere load balancing utilizing Web Sphere Workload Management (WLM) including horizontal scaling and vertical scaling.

• Created and federated Profiles to the Deployment Manager using both Profile Management tool and also automated the process using manage profiles and add node script.

• Installed, Configured and Administered IBM HTTP Web Servers 1.3, Apache 2.0 web servers.

• Migrated applications from Web Sphere Application Server 4.0 to Web Sphere Application Server 5.x Network Deployment in development and test environments.

• Created user roles and groups using Local OS registry and secured Web Sphere resources.

• Configured Web Sphere resources including JDBC providers, JDBC data sources and connection pooling and MQ JMS provider, Queues, topics, Message driven beans.

• Configured and handled Tivoli Performance Viewer and Resource Analyzer for performance and Log Analyzer for troubleshooting.

• Troubleshooting on issues such as out of memory, memory leaks, hung sessions and session replication, federation of nodes and synchronization of nodes.

• Automate application install, uninstall and enhancements through Shell scripts and JACL scripts. Involvement in using scripts to handle everyday System Administration tasks such as backup procedure, system cleanup.

• Extensively worked on Performance testing and tuning the application performance emphasizing on JVM heap size, CPU utilization, JDBC connection pools, Garbage Collector, Web container threads, Servlets performance, response time alerts and thresholds.

• Handled Dev, Testing and Production environments 24x7, as part of the application deployment.

• Resolved the service center Tickets assigned to our group using Remedy change management tool.

Environment: Window 95/NT/98/2000, AIX 5.0, Red Hat Linux, Oracle 9i, Web Sphere Application Server ND 5.1.x/5.0.x/4.x,IBM HTTP Server 2.0.x/1.3.x,Visual Age, SQL, Apache, Cold Fusion, Java, SQL Server, MySQl, Web Logic, Microsoft Office, VMware.

References: Available Upon Request.

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