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Artist-Conceptual, Digital, Graphics, Production

Riverdale, Georgia, United States
15,000 - 250,000
December 13, 2010

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David Johnson

**** *********** *****

Riverdale, Georgia 30274

(404) ***-****

(770) ***-****



Currently, I’m looking to start doing art full time. Up until now, I’ve been doing commission & freelance work for private customers. I’ve also been selling original work online, on various items, for various websites.

Long Term

I’d like to start making a living as an artist. All of my jobs till now were to subsidize my progression & self study as an artist. And while commissions, freelance, and original sales are nice, it’d be better to have a consistent income via art.



The most basic of my tool set. Before I learned to use anything, this was my most consistent tool. No matter what else I used, pencil, pen, or marker, I always used paper primarily.


Not counting finger coloring/painting, this has been my secondary tool. Up until about the end of 2009, I almost exclusively used plain pencils to for illustration. Pure pencil illustration was the medium most of my commissions were done in. Today, when I use pencils, I mainly use mechanical pencils.


My secondary tool. I started using pens in 1995, around the 7th grade. I started out inking my illustrations, but moved on to doing full ink illustrations. However, they took longer, because I didn’t have anything to trace over. Whenever I use pens now, I use Rolling Ball Points, or Sharpie pens.


This was the next progression from the pen. I started using markers for coloring around 1999, as a Junior in High School. Later, in 2009, I started illustrating with markers, in the same way I did with pens. The most frequently used markers were Sharpies, and fat tip markers.

I found, a freeware program similar to Photoshop. The coloring came easily, but it took about six months to get the hang of the other tools provided by the software. The only continuous problem, was trying to draw freehand with a mouse & keyboard, a problem I sidestepped completely.

Wacom Cintiq 20SX

This was the hardware I purchased in January 2009 to sidestep the freehand illustration problem. At first, I couldn’t actually draw on the tablet, and used it for coloring & image editing primarily. Around the end of 2009, after a lot of practice, I’ve been able to go 100% pure digital, cutting out all physical tools all together.

Sketchbook Pro 2010

I actually received Corel Painter with the Cintiq, but haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. But, at around May of 2009, I purchased Sketchbook Pro. I took to it immediately, and has become my primary freehand illustration tool beyond pencils, pens, and markers. Combined with, these programs are what I use now to make all my art.

Photoshop Elements 5.0.

This software came with the Wacom tablet, same as Corel Painter. For a while, I couldn’t get the hang of it either. But, recently, I’ve become more adept at using it, almost to the point of not needing anymore.

Online Presence

I created the Google Profile to be a one stop location for friends, customers, and employers alike. Here, anyone can access my various sites directly, instead of having to look all over the net for me. The name, Jikoba, by the way, is just sort of a pen name. I found that David Johnson is to common a name, and thus people might get tired of sorting through all of them looking for me. But, more on that below.


My portfolios are simply available to display all the current work I’ve finished. But, each one has a different, more specific purpose. 2008, I started blogging, simply to display the process of the art pieces, from concept to finished product. Everything goes up here, whether its original art, being sold by my merchants, or fan art I do, just because. gallery is sort of a blend of everything. Its primary purpose is to display my work to customers & employers. But, I’ve found that I get visitors from all kinds here, so it also serves the purpose of social networking. deal as the Art Bistro gallery, except it also serves as an online store. is where all my artwork, good, bad, and ugly, ends up. When I upload pieces of art on my blog, it goes here. On the downside, it’s not organized like the other portfolios.


When I first started trying to get consistent work doing art, the subject of applicable skill, as it pertains to image editing software, would always come into question. I’d say I was able to use the available programs, but, without a degree in visual art, most didn’t believe me. So, earlier this year, I opened accounts on various sites to show I could, indeed, use the software. Unfortunately, I’m unable to add anymore videos until I get an upgraded computer, preferably a Mac. Below is a list of the accounts where my video was uploaded.


I wanted a way to sell my original work, so, in mid 2009, I opened various accounts with these merchants below. Each one takes my artwork, and places it on any number of items, from canvases, flip cams, and coffee mugs, and sells them wherever their happens to be a paying customer. UK merchant. They sell a variety of items, like the ones discussed above. fine art site I’ve been selling work on since around 2009. Although they sell a variety of items, most of what gets sold there is canvas art. most popular store on the web. I don’t know why that is, because the variety isn’t as large as some of the other stores, but, there it is.

Social Networks

Accounts I have set up to display & discuss my work & influences with other artists. All with the exception of Facebook, as its another avenue to sell my original work. a FaceBook account at the request of some co-workers, but found it useful selling original art. added a widget that let’s customers by directly from my FaceBook. used for advertising & quick messaging.

Search Results

Online, I’ve taken steps to make it easier for customers & employers to find me. To do this, I’ve gone though and bookmarked the words “Euvari” & “Jikoba” into Google’s search engine. As a result, my name and work can be found without even knowing my web addresses & links.


Citizens’ High School

188 College Drive

Orange Park, Florida 32065

Date of Graduation: July 3, 2002

North Clayton High School

1525 Norman Drive

Atlanta, Georgia 30349

Employment History

Pitney Bowes Government Solutions

Atlanta STC, 6255

Fulton Industrial Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30336

Phone - (404) ***-****

Employee Service - 1 (800) ***-****

Material Handler - Warehousing, sorted mail.

Salary - $15.01/hr.

Dates of Employment: 05/22/08 - 08/21/10

Duties - Induct mail on conveyor belt, maintain conveyor belt system, processed mail manually, expedite cargo trucks.


618 English Court,

S Plainfield, NJ 07080

Phone - (908) ***-****

Fax - (908) ***-****

Pitney Bowes - Warehousing, sorted mail.

Salary - $15.01/hr.

Reason For Leaving - N/A

Dates of Employment: 10/04/07 - 05/21/08

Reference - Philip Chin

Duties - (Temp for Pitney Bowes) Sorted mail manually, inducted mail on conveyor belt, processed mail manually, maintain conveyor belt system.

Pitney Bowes Government Solutions

Atlanta STC, 6255

Fulton Industrial Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30336

Phone - (404) ***-****

Material Handler - Warehousing, sorted mail.

Salary - $15.01/hr.

Reason For Leaving - Lay off

Dates of Employment: 04/20/07 - 09/30/07

Reference - Connie Harris

Duties - Sort mail manually, inducted mail on conveyor belt.

Horizon Staffing

650 Mount Zion Road,

Suite D, Jonesboro, Georgia 30236

Phone - (770) ***-****

Kmart Distribution Center - Warehousing, Loaded and unloaded merchandise for distribution.

Salary - $8.50/hr.

Reason For Leaving - Resign

Dates of Employment: 05/05/00 - 06/21/02

Randstad Staffing Services

7147 Jonesboro Road

Suite H, Morrow, Georgia 30260

Phone - (770) ***-****

Solo Cup Warehouse - Loaded Trucks for Delivery

Airborne Express Freight - Loaded and Unloaded Cargo.

Salary - $7.15

Reason For Leaving - Lay off

Dates of Employment: 06/13/99 - 07/17/99

Reference - Yvette N. Frierson


8059 Tara Boulevard

Riverdale, Georgia 30274

Phone - (770) ***-****

Courtesy Clerk - Bagged groceries, customer service, janitorial duties, clear parking lot of shopping carts.

Salary - $5.15

Reason For Leaving - Resign

Dates of Employment: 06/23/98 - 04/04/99


Author J. Brown

Tour 3 Floor Supervisor

Pitney Bowes Government Solutions

(404) ***-****

Aretha Gist

Tour 3 Floor Supervisor

Pitney Bowes Government Solutions

(678) ***-****

Clarence Anderson

Post Office Supervisor

(770) ***-****

Dawn Smith

(404) ***-****

Joyce Stembridge

(770) ***-****

Onna L. East

Citizens’ High School Education Director

Citizens' High School

(904) ***-****

Queen Shaheed

(404) ***-****

Roxanne Butler

Post Office Supervisor

(404) ***-****

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