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8 1/2 year exp laboratory technician

savannah, Georgia, 31419, United States
May 20, 2010

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NAME: Crossley, Camerieah L.

RANK: Sergeant

ADDRESS: ** ******** **.

Savannah Ga. 31419



UNIT: 260th Qm Bn HHD

*** ***** ******** ****

Savannah Ga. 31409




24 Sep 03 – 26 Sep 03

Security Managers Course

Ft. Stewart, GA

I received training in personnel and information security, force protection procedures and submitting security clearance requests. The course prepared me for a position outside of my regular MOS duties and contributed to the overall operations of a Petroleum Supply Battalion.

6 Jul 02 – 21 Jul 02

DCMA Petroleum Acquisition Quality Assurance Course, J20 and DESC Quality Surveillance J20 and J21

Ft. Belvoir, VA

I received training in inspecting fuel storage tanks and tankers/barges, testing fuel prior to government acceptance, downloading fuel procedures and reviewing DESC fuel contracts. The J20 and J21 course gave a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a Quality Assurance Representative and what occurs prior to a military unit receiving fuel.

19 Jul 05 – 30 Jul 05

Equal Opportunity Representative Course

Hunter Army Airfield Ga.

I received training in recognizing sexual harassment, direct and indirect discrimination, and identifying prejudice and stereotyping. The course provided me with skills to identify Equal Opportunity violations and to train personnel to be aware of the consideration of others.

03 Jan 05 – 03 Feb 05


NCO Academy

Fort Stewart, GA

I received training in leadership, resource and training management and how to train a soldier on common tasks. I achieved a final GPA of 95% and attained Commandants List recognition.

3 Feb 02 – 4 Mar 02

Petroleum Laboratory Specialist

U.S. Army Quartermaster School

Fort Lee, VA

I received training in petroleum laboratory testing procedures, evaluating test results and recommending dispositions of petroleum products. I learned the reasons behind fuel not meeting specification requirements based on test results and how to reclaim and blend fuels to become within specification requirements for military units to use.


7 Feb 05 – 17 Feb 05

Defense Hazardous Materials/Waste Handling

U.S. Army Logistics Management College

Fort Lee, VA

I received training in identification and classification of hazardous materials and wastes, packaging, labeling, storage, and transportation procedures, spill contingency planning, laws, regulations, and policies. This course is very valuable in everyday petroleum and laboratory operations.


Oct 07 – Mar 09

Quality Specialist NCO

U.S. Army Petroleum Center

Hunter Army Airfield Ga.

I served as the technical authority on Army tactical petroleum laboratory management and operations for petroleum commodities. I provide DOD/Army staff, field agencies and Liquid Logistics Council of the Colonels (LLCofC) with technical consultant services related to petroleum products testing, laboratory equipment and directives. I coordinate and conduct the tactical petroleum laboratory certification and correlation program for the Army. I conduct assistance visits and provide technical expertise to Army tactical petroleum laboratory operations. I conduct research studies and participate in special projects involving various aspects of petroleum laboratory management. I develop draft policy changes which affect improvements in tactical laboratory management and operations, equipment, safety, quality surveillance and methods to increase operational effectiveness and efficiency. I prepare technical correspondence directed to multiple levels from field operations up to and including command or General Officer level. I also make recommendations to DESC-Quality in quality surveillance changes needed in MIL-STD-3004A(1). The MIL-STD-3004A(1) is the guidelines all personnel within DOD follow in all quality surveillance activities: including, procurement, storage tanks, downloading and uploading fuel procedures, and frequency of fuel testing. Recently I led my fellow Non- commissioned officers in my section to develop an ongoing training program for all 92L’s throughout Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. This training consists of cross-training with civilan contractor equipment, Naval equipment and Coast Guard.

Jan 07 – Jul 07

POL Laboratory NCOIC

260th Qm Bn (PS)

Hunter Army Airfield, GA

I identified and reclaimed over 1 million gallons of JP-8 with high concentration levels of Static Dissipative Additive (SDA). I analyzed and disseminated intelligence information to subordinate units and other Logistic BN’s located throughout Georgia. I served as the Petroleum Laboratory NCOIC. I provided technical assistance, inspected quality surveillance procedures of POL platoons of the 3rd Infantry Division and provided training to all petroleum unit customers when requested. I certified over 25 fuel tankers in support of deployments, NTC and JRTC rotations within 3rd Infantry Division. I developed and implemented the quality surveillance program for Ft. Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield units Leader, Company Training NCO, Comp. Additional Dutes: Battalion Legal Clerk, Battalion Modern Army Combatives Head Instructor, Battalion Equal Opportunity NCO, Company Unit Drug Prevention any Renlistment NCO

Mar 05 – Jan 07

Operations NCO and Squad Leader

HHD, 260th QM BN (PS)

Hunter Army Airfield, GA

I was selected over 3 NCOs to be the squad leader over the remaining NCOs and 5 Soldiersin the laboratory tfinishing with a first time go on all training.echnician section. I had my entire squad train on all on all on-hand equipment. To include 1 HMMV, 1 LMTV, 1 60KW generator. And one air mobile laboratory. I trained the squad in convoy operations to complete and exceed unit expectations.

Feb 02 – Mar 05

Petroleum Laboratory Specialist

HHD 260th QM BN (PS)

Hunter Army Airfield Ga

As a 92L10 I conducted on a daily basis full

B-2 and C tests in accordance with API and ASTM standards. I proformed all tests wi th highest standards with zero incidents.


Oct 02- Sep 03

Operation Enduring Freedom

HHD 260th QM BN (PS)


I was selected over many soldiers within the 3rd Infantry Division to be the in charge of the Quality Surveillance for the entire camp within Afghanistan. I monitored and advised colonels and command sergeant majors on approximately 2 million gallons of fuel.

Nov 03 – Nov 04

Operation Iraqi Freedom

HHD 260th QM BN (PS)


I along with 7 fellow soldiers and NCO’s monitored and provided quality surveillance for approximately 6 Million gallons of fuel. This fuel is to include captured fuel were we were tasked to determine the type and volatility.

Daily Duties as a POL NCO Supervisor

I as a Petroleum Laboratory NCO, commands or exercises staff responsibilities for units engaged in petroleum operations. I direct the acquisition, storage, inspection, testing, issue and distribution of petroleum products. Specific to the petroleum laboratory, my responsibilities include:

• Determine QS requirements.

• Perform and direct QS at points of procurement and throughout the petroleum distribution system.

• Direct base or mobile laboratory operations in testing procedures.

• Supervise performance of standard physical and chemical tests.

• Evaluate test results to ensure products meet federal and military specifications.

• Recommend disposition of off-specification or captured petroleum products.

• Receives samples and conducts tests on petroleum products.

• Reports finding IAW ASTM test methods.

• Evaluates test results with specification requirements and makes recommendations regarding product disposition.

• Applies fire prevention and safety control procedures in handling volatile POL products.

• Applies principles of OHSA and EPA regulations for possible violations of environmental control laws.

• Identifies sources and types of contamination and deterioration. Makes recommendations for reclamation and disposition.

• Furnishes required QS reports to higher HQ.

• Performs organizational and preventive maintenance and calibration on laboratory equipment.

• Performs fire and safety inspections.

• Applies principles of OSHA and EPA regulations for possible violations of environmental control laws

• Plans and organizes petroleum laboratory activities.

• Establishes files and technical references and specifications.

• Prepares and reviews administrative and technical reports.

• Supervises all supply activities and coordinates activities with POL storage and distribution.

• Assists in establishment and supervision of QS programs.

• Ensures adherence to laboratory fire and safety procedures.

• Applies principles of OHSA and EPA regulations for possible violations of environmental control laws.

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