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Project Engineer

West Bengal, India
February 28, 2012

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C/O:Paresh Chandra Ghosh

Vill.-Dewanganj, Contact No. -

P.O.-Dainhat, M-09122983448/08987036711

P.S.-Katwa, R-09332001938/09062069148

Dist.-Burdwan, e-mail :- Pin.-713502 /

West Bengal.



To work in an organization where my skills & knowledge form a part of organization goals & work in terms to achieve the objectives.


Presently working for M/s Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd., Bihar as a Asst. Engineer.

Planning and implementation of GSM: BTS and Microwave Systems.

Always been a part of Strategic/Tactical planning, possessing excellent analytical skills.

Total experience in the Telecom Sector is about two & half year.


For Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd.(OFF ROLE):

Presently working for Ericsson, Bihar, through Red Chille Comm. Pvt.Ltd.

Previously working for Ericsson, West Bengal & Orissa, through IMSI Ind. Pvt.Ltd. as a Trainee Engineer from nov 2008.

Implementing the Monthly Roll – outs, for BSNL/VODAFONE / UNINOR Projects.

training in ericsson in aircel project in west bengal from nov 2008 to dec 2008 then

• Project for Vodafone in Kolkata, West Bengal from jan. 2009 to june 2009.

• Project for BSNL in Bhubhaneswar, Orissa from june 2009 to jan 2010.

• Project for BSNL in Kolkata, West Bengal form jan 2010 to feb 2010.

• Project for UNINOR(PH-1) in West Bengal from feb 2010 to aug 2010.

• Project 3G training of RBS 6601 in Kolkata from aug 2010 to sept 2010.

• project for UNINOR(PH-3) in Bihar from sept 2010 to march 2011.

• project for UNINOR in UP-WEST(meerut) from march 2011 to april 2011.

• Presently project for UNINOR(PH-2) in Bihar from april 2011 to tilldate..

Hands on experience in Commissioning, Integration of BTS, Microwave equipments (Mini-Link E),TN(2P,6P,20P) & SXU & also Implementation of WCDMA NODE-B in BSNL 3G project.

Work Profile:

For 3G project:-

• My role is to Install and commissioning of all BTS and establishing the Microwave Links between BTS to BTS, BTS to RNC Connect and observe alarms and rectify them as well. Commissioning of BTS and VSWR Checking, AT of Transmission Equipments and Integration & Power Calibration of NODE-B. Worked cell sites with switching systems such as RBS 3922.

• Ingrate 3G node-b & check video call,data speed & tv system through TEMS .

• To find cell id,area code ect. through TEMS software.

• Upgrading Node software from P5 TO P6

• AT of Node-B , Measurement of power, checking of VSWR

• Enabling & checking ARETU in both power & Andrew antenna through RIU.

• Run some script,change parameter & also licence.And upgrate the antenna(Andrew).

• Check pcm loop test through RNC & pcm error.

• Creating sites in RNC.

• Creating 2G to 3G and 3G to 3G handover.

• Observing and clearing Alarms in RNC.

• Determining and rectifying faults in Node-B.

• Creating and modifying scripts according to O&M needs.

• Checking and changing of RNC parameter as per instruction.

For 2G project:-

My role is to Install and commissioning of all BTS and establishing the Microwave Links between BTS to BTS, BTS to BSC and BSC to BSC etc. Connect and observe alarms and rectify them as well. Commissioning of BTS and VSWR Checking, AT of Transmission Equipments and Integration & Power Calibration of BTS. Worked cell sites with various switching systems such as RBS 2206, 2964 ,2964v2, 2954,2954v2, 6101,6201,6601 etc. both in 900 & 1800 and ibs 2309 & 2111 and also 18k,12k,8k type of NORTEL BTS etc. Commissioning of Dxx and High cap and make quality report & also site survey.

Intregrate RBS 2964 & RBS 2206 with configuration 2+2+2, 3+3+3, 4+4+4 etc. & Expansion of BTS Sites from 2+2+2 configuration to 4+4+4 configuration and from 4+4+4 configuration to 6+6+6 or 8+8+8 configuration (Using 2 RBS 2964 Cabinets & also 1 RBS 2964 and 1 RBS 2206).

I have work about software testing like when new software coming to market(like-25E,29E,31E etc.) and provided then go to sites to install new software & on air sites and check test call to lock each TRU(lock each channel) through TEMS & NET MONITOR software and also measure signal strength(Rx level) and measura power of each TRU to check sleep TRU through power meter and lastly take logs (like as mo log,pwr log etc.) and creat a report.

Swaping of Nortel BTS with ericsson BTS and Swapping of RBS 18k,12k,8k with RBS 2964.

Intregrate NORTEL BTS 8K, 12K, 18K . & swap from NORTEL BTS 8K to NORTEL BTS 12K & 18K.

E1 Routing and cross patch respectively RX & TX.(From BSC to BTS Cell Sites)

Microwave Hop up-gradations & Finding and cleaning RBS fault.

Connections of external alarm of BTS and checking of internal alarms before making site active and examine both alarms from BSC .

Joint visit with RF engineer in base line drive and optimization of sectors in the sites

For transmission:

• Installation and commissioning of ERICSSON transmission equipments,(like mini link craft, traffic node, axx craft, Marconi oms).

• Accepting work done by asp and vendors ie- installation of microwave anteena, radio, magazine,mmu. If-cable laying, allligment of antenna to achieve the Rx level.

• Accepting installation and power supply of BTS/TN done by asp team.

• Ensuring safety and quality installation at site.

For Infotech Pvt. Ltd.(Ericsson-Off Role):

Previously working in Infotech Pvt. Ltd. in kolkata as surverior. from oct 2008 to nov 2008 with traning session.

My roll is survey the on air site for new installation (BTS & MW both)for other operators and sketch the diagram to prepare AT doct.

For CESC Limited:

• Previously working in CESC Ltd. as a Graduate Apprentice from 16th October,2007 to 15th October,2008.

• My roll is to find fault identification and rectification of under ground & over head cable,transformer,circuit breaker,motor,rating meter etc. respect to generating station,substation,testing & mains department.

• And i also perform in scada operation in substation.

• And also worked in microwave communication.


Institute :NIHT


About:that consist of tcp/ip,ip address,subneting & vlsm.router & switch(manually,layer3) configuration,and also routed protocols and routing protocols,vlans,nat(dyanamic & static)ect.

the ccna certification indicates a foundation in and apprentice knowledge of wan networking: internetworking

cisco ios

ip routing(rip,igrp)

layer 2 switching & vlan

access control list

wan protocols

Duration:from 1st july to 30th sept.,2007.

Vocational Training through BSNL:

Title:Implementation Insdrstrial Training.

Duration:20th july,2006 to 05th august,2006.

Report: about on GSM architecture, channel, hand over, & PSTN.And also piller box,coin both function.

Project under taken as part of curriculam:

Title:”Long range home security control by mobile communication”

Technology used: Mobile communication switching.

Synopsis:The communication is between a home land line telephone ,that is fixed line and the mobile telephone,carried out by the person for the security by the mobile phone via wireless communication and by the land line which on/off the circuit. Here the communication is mainly voice communication from remote place and activation of alarm from the mobile telephone.

Java Training in CNS:

Java training in CNS from 2006 to 2007 about core java & j2ee.


Bachelor of Tech. from W.B.U.T’07(BIET), with 78.7% marks.

10+2 from W.B.C.H.S.E, West Bengal with 62.9% in 2003.

10th from W.B.B.S.E, West Bengal with 71.5% in 2001


Proficient in use of

Operating Systems : DOS, Windows 98, 2000 & XP.

Packages and Database : MS OFFICE.

Languages : C.

GUI : MS-Office XP.

Professional Knowledge : Have good knowledge about mobile communication , GSM CDMA technique ,3G and Transmission Technique.


1. A quick learner and an intelligent worker.

2. Have high scale of adaptability and good team-worker.

3. Ability to work under pressure in a 24*7 environment.

4. Ability to give online during need.


Date of birth : 16th June,1985.

Religion : Hindu

Nationality : Indian

Marital Status : Single

Sex : Male

Languages known : English, Hindi, Bengali.

The above furnished details/documents are true to the best of my knowledge.

Date: .. .………………………..

Place: Kolkata (PROKASH GHOSH)

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