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Medical Technologist

New Cumberland, PA, 17070
August 08, 2012

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Marites G. Torres, MT

*** ******** **, *** *

New Cumberland, PA 17070




• Placement in a science oriented institution where utilization and enhancement of the required professional knowledge and skills to the field of medical technology is a great possibility.


• Experienced Medical Technologist with AMT Certification. Three years of experience as Medical Technologist in Physician’s Office in Florida and Three years in the Philippines.

• Equally competent in laboratory works in performing laboratory assays and resolving complex clinical and instrument problems.

• Work well under pressure, energetic and flexible to changing needs. Highly organized, detail oriented and able to handle multiple tasks. Accurate, reliable and focused on the quality completions of all lab procedures.


Medical Technologist

November 2009 to July 2012

Life Family Practice Center – Tri County Pulmonary & Multi Specialty Group

1507 Buenos Aires Blvd., The Villages, Fl 32159

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Manage daily laboratory operations.

• Implement Quality Assessment Plan and Activities.

• Responsible for reviewing the activities and managing the corrective action that may need to be taken. Revise some policies and procedures, if necessary.

• Assure Regulatory Compliance in CLIA, AHCA, COLA, OSHA and Proficiency Testing.

• Maintain appropriate levels of supply inventory. Weekly ordering of laboratory supplies with various vendors and supplies provided by reference laboratory.

• Perform Proficiency testing and submit results via online. Conduct corrective actions and documentation after receiving failed/unsuccessful results.

• Perform routine laboratory procedures and protocols, confirm and verify results and notify doctors/clinical staff of panic results.

Machines Handled:

Siemens RXL Dimension Series

Siemens Immulite 2000

Coulter Beckman Act Diff 2

Siemens Clinitek Status Urine/Micro albumin Analyzer

LIS used: Flexe Suite by Merge (Formerly own by Fletcher Flora)

• Perform and reviews quality controls in testing; determine if test system is within acceptable limits.

• Assist in general duties in laboratory if necessary such as;

o Draw blood and collect other specimen from patients, determine their suitability for analysis and assign accession number to the specimen.

o Operate, calibrate and conduct performance checks in lab equipment.

o Prepare specimens to be stored or transported to the reference laboratory.

o Perform daily, weekly and monthly maintenance of laboratory machines, make minor repairs to equipment as instructed by manufacturer's tech support; record all actions taken in a maintenance record book.

Medical Office Assistant/Billing Associate

August 2006 – September 2009

Genesis One BPO, Inc

1306 The One Executive Office Bldg.,

#5West Ave., Quezon City, Philippines 1100

Job Summary:

Reviews medical records, schedule appointments, update patient records, file claims, prepare insurance forms, and handle billing to foreign patients (Florida, USA).

Medical Technologist/ Drug Test Analyst

June 2004 – August 2006

M-Tech Medical Hospital

379 Sen., Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Philippines 1209

Medical Technologist

May 12, 2003 – April 28, 2004

Vizcarra Diagnostic Center

464 Segundina Bldg. U.N. Avenue, Manila, Philippines 1000

Job Description:

• Draws blood or collects other specimens from patients, check for proper labeling and determine their suitability for laboratory analysis.

• Assesses quality and appropriateness of specimen with regard to test requested; assigns accession number to specimen and requisition slip.

• Prepares specimen for analysis by diluting, filtrating, staining, or centrifuging; prepares necessary equipment and organizes supplies and reagents.

• Runs quality control samples with known values to determine if test system is within acceptable limits

• Perform actual laboratory procedures, including:


- General routine tests are performed like; Complete Blood Count (CBC) with

Automated and Manual Differential, Prothrombin Time (PT), Activated Partial

Thromboplastin Time (APTT)

- ESR determination, ABO and Rh typing, Reticulocyte Count, Bleeding time and

Clotting time.


- This section consists of several areas such as routine and STAT chemistry, and special Chemistry.

Tests perform includes:

a. Kidney and Liver Function Tests.

b. Glucose testing including Random, Fasting, OGTT and Glycohemoglobin.

c. Lipid Profile (Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL)

d. serum proteins (TPAG)

e. Enzymes

f. Electrolytes


- Perform urinalysis and stool exam using Macroscopic and Microscopic method, pregnancy testing, Occult blood using Hema Screen Slide test.

- Also perform Urine micral test both Quantitative and Qualitative testing.

- Perform special procedures such as: Semen Analysis, cell counting to various bodies fluids and morphology (synovial fluid, CSF, and Serous fluid.)


- Perform ASO (qualitative and quantitative) Typhidot, VDRL/RPR, CRP,

HIV & Hepa B screening test, RF, Dengue Blot and Troponin I and Troponin T.

- Perform Hepatitis Profile, Thyroid Function Tests and Tumor Markers thru the

Operation of Bio-Rad CODA EIA Automated Analyzer.


- cultivates, isolates and identifies pathogenic bacteria, parasites and other

micro-organisms. Tests performed are AFB, Gram Staining, and KOH mounting

Culture And Sensitivity testing. Prepare various Plated and Test Tube media needed

for work up.


- processes and provides blood and its different components for patient transfusion

needs. The most common tests performed are screening of blood donors, forward

and back blood typing, and crossmatching. Also screen the blood bag bought from

other Blood Bank by Testing HIV, VDRL/RPR and hepatitis.


- receives samples of tissue removed from the body during surgery. The specimens are received in a special preservative that prevents cell deterioration for preparation of gross and microscopic examination of abnormal human tissues.

- Stains Pap smear and other slides submitted to laboratory.

Machines Handled:

Sysmex KX 21

BC 3000Plus


Selectra Vitalab2 (MERCK)

BT 2000Plus

Lisa 500Plus

Easylite PLUS


• Enters test results into computer and report results on requisition sheet; obtain computer printout of completed work to determine if all test values were entered correctly and all assigned work was completed

• Determine clinical significance of test results and notifies doctor immediately of abnormal test results or problems.

• Prepare and release laboratory results duly signed by Pathologist and the medical technologist who performed the test.

• As a Drug test Analyst – Execute drug-testing analysis. Encode result generated by Department of Health of the Philippines by uploading the result through Internet. Responsible in documentation, validation of drug test kits and renewal of license of the Laboratory. Conducts quality control as needed.

• Calibrates laboratory equipment on a regular basis; runs quality control checks on calibrated equipment by checking test results against known standards to determine accuracy of results; cleans and makes minor repairs to equipment such as lubricating fittings, cleaning electrodes, flushing out lines and tubing and replacing worn out tubing, fittings, batteries and fuses; records all actions taken in a maintenance record book.

• Maintain appropriate levels of supply inventory

• Ensures every section's compliance with accrediting and inspecting agency requirements.

• Perform on-site blood extraction in coordination with marketing staff.

Marketing Representative

October 24, 2001 – January 24, 2003

Best Diagnostic Laboratory

#25 Matalino St. Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 1101

Job Summary;

Promote the laboratory services to different doctors who are affiliated in different clinic, other primary laboratory and hospitals.


1995 - 2000: Centro Escolar University, Manila Philippines

• Bachelor Science of Medical Technology


• American Medical Technologist, 2008


Victoria De Jesus

Practice Manager

Life Family Practice Center

1507 Buenos Aires Blvd., The Villages, FL 32159

Mobile # 818-***-****

Roshini Thomas, MLT

Medical Laboratory Technician

Life Family Practice Center – Tri County Pulmonary and Multi-Specialty Group

1507 Buenos Aires Blvd., The Villages, FL 32159

Mobile # 352-***-****

Tom Sifrit

Clinical Lab Specialist

Henry Schein Medical

1711 Palma Sola Blvd., Bradenton, FL 34209

Mobile # 941-***-****

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