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Project Objective

Pune, MH, 411028, India
£ 25,000
August 19, 2012

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***-*, ****** ******, ********** City Road, Hadapsar Pune-411028, Maharashtra, India +919*********

Career Profile

I am a recent post-graduate who combined studies with valuable work experience. I have shown myself to be self-motivated, committed and determined in achieving my goals, come what may. I have also demonstrated negotiating and organizing skills, a firm sense of responsibility and my capacity to work hard under pressure.


Postgraduate degree:

University of East Anglia – Norwich, Norfolk (UK)

M.Sc (Biotechnology), September 2011, scored 64.8%

Practical skills gained during my degree:

Site-directed mutagenesis (PCR), Plasmid purification, DNA Transformations, Protein expressions and purifications, protein-drug assays

Final Year Research Project:

’Interaction of potential tuberculosis drug with its target’’ under supervision of Head of Biological Chemistry Department

Four month project involves techniques like PCR, Sequencing, Protein expressions on SDS gels, FPLC, Supercoiling inhibition assays, etc.

The objective of the project:

• Study the mode of action of Diospyrin, a potential inhibitor of Mycobacterium tuberculosis gyrase.

• To identify the site where the drug binds on the gyrase subunit to inhibit the enzyme’s action

Results obtained:

• 12 mutant gyrase B subunits were developed.

• All of these proteins were expressed while only 4 proteins were purified.

• One of the proteins was assayed against the drug to study any changes in the super-coiling activity

Undergraduate Degree:

Bharati Vidyapeeth University – Pune, India

B.Sc (Biotechnology), July 2010, scored 72%

Practical skills gained during my degree:

DNA extraction, plant regeneration in vitro, blood cell quantification, transformation, biochemistry, animal tissue culture and microbiological techniques

Final Year Report:

Knowledge Commission of India, under the supervision of the Principal, Dr. R.M. Kothari

Objective of the project:

• The project was a report on different aims and objectives of the Knowledge commission.

• Their focus on different sectors of literacy in India.

Work Experience

Laboratory Internship

Norwich, UK

John Innes Centre, August 2011-February 2012

• Continuation of the research project performed in my Masters course.

• Conducting DNA supercoiling assays with the mutant enzymes.

• Conducting DNA supercoiling inhibition assays with mutant enzymes and diospyrin.


Pune, India

KEM Hospital, September 2008- October 2008

Handling and testing blood samples in pathology laboratory.

Performed rapid tests for AIDS, jaundice, syphilis. Swab sample analysis by Gram staining and colony characterization.



Research Dissertation- Researched both in paper journals and on the Internet and library based research.

Teamwork- I have successfully undertaken various team projects within both academic and non-academic environments.

Communication- Oral communication skills expressed in presentations and in talking to the general public. Writing skills developed with essay writing.

As a team member, I have demonstrated knowledge of the different types of items sold and their uses, to be able to respond effectively to customer queries.

My degree course greatly enhanced my written and verbal communication skills due to the many presentations, assignments and projects required.

Willingness to learn- I am keen to develop my understanding and acquire new skills through employment.

Problem solving- I have the ability to problem solve, tested with continuous problem solving exercises given as assessments, which may require analysis and evaluation.

Computer skills- Knowledge and experience of Windows XP, MS Office, using email and the Internet.


I enjoy writing articles and poetry, I also enjoy drawing, painting & sketching and also learning new styles of dance &

reading books.


1. Prof. Tony Maxwell

John Innes Centre,

Norwich Research Park,



Norwich, Norfolk

United Kingdom

Tel: +44-016**-******


2. Dr. Gary Rowley

University of East Anglia,

Earlham Road


Norwich, Norfolk

United Kingdom

Tel: +44-016**-******


3. Lesley Mitchenall

John Innes Centre,

Norwich Research Park,



Norwich, Norfolk

United Kingdom

Tel: +44-016**-******


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