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PHP Web Developer

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
300000 per annum
March 04, 2011

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• Santhosh has over *+ years of IT experience in all phases of Software Development including Analysis, Design, Study, Programming, Testing and Implementation.

• 1.6+ years of experience in developing web applications using PHP language and its related frameworks like CodeIgnitor.

• Excels in using content management systems like Joomla, Wordpress, Modo, Drupal.

• Proficient in HTML, XHTML, CSS, Java Script.

• Proven abilities in establishing effective task priorities, work independently and as integral part of a team

• Good understanding of software development lifecycle and testing.

• Excellent communication, strong analytical and problem solving skills, good team player.

Skill Summary


• Programming Languages : C, C++.

• Framework : Code Igniter

• Open source Tools : Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Modo

• Internet Technologies : PHP, Ajax, Web Services, XML

• Scripting Languages : Java Script, HTML, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, MooTools

• Web Servers : Internet Information Server, Apache

• Databases : Postgres SQL , MySQL , MS Sql server 2000

• Operating Systems : Windows 2000/NT 4.0/XP/7

• Version Control Tool : SVN

Core Responsibilities

• Coordinate with the team in development strategies.

• Design application architecture using standard patterns.

• Analyze and make decisions on database to be used based on data storage needs.

• Understand and adhere to technical coding standards for implementing new systems and supporting existing systems.

• Review of the Completed Tasks and test them for requirement adequacy, and perform code review.

• Conduct regular review meetings with the client to communicate overall progress and plan interim releases.


(I) Software Engineer

CG-VAK Software & Exports Ltd, Coimbatore, INDIA

Feburary 2009 – Till Date

CG-VAK is a member of the Software Technology Park (STP) of the Department of Electronics (DoE), Government of India. The company is backed by more than 10 years of professional expertise and technical experience. We are an ISO 9001 certified Company. We are also a member of NASSCOM since 1995, and also a member of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, and The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Coimbatore.

Project Summary

(1) Gymnasium Site

Client : Sitaras Inc ,Newyork, U.S.

Role : Software Engineer

Team Size : 1 Member

Environment: PHP5, MYSQL5.0, Codeigniter, Apache, Javascript, JQuery, Prototype, Ajax.

The Application:

This site is a gym website. Basic functionality of this site is to provide member area where they can look at their daily workout routine. It includes build in plugins , Image, video and audio gallery.

Administrator Section:

Admin can manage the member.The functionality includes such as create,edit and delete member.Can create separate login for each member. Ban the member. Upload ,download and assign the daily workout routine documents to the each member and view the status of the each member.

Member Section:

Members can login into their account. Download the workout routine documents. Enter their comments regarding the routine. Can set their status (Active,Inactive). They can change their password or request for new password through email.

User Section:

All users can view their nearby gym location through Google Map API. Browse through Image, Video and Audio gallery. Can view the articles , awards and achievements about this gym. Download the member application and can post queries about this gym.


• Involved in design, development, integration and testing of the application.

(2) Martial Art School Website

Client : Digicomm Solutions, Houston, U.S.

Role : Software Engineer

Team Size : 1 Member

Environment: PHP5, MYSQL5.0 , Joomla, Apache.

The Application:

This site is a karate school website.It includes build in joomla modules ,components and plugins.

Administrator Management:

Administrator can create members,upload videos and images and setting up the previlages for the members and non-members. Manage schedules for various courses. Manage events and programs.

Member Section :

Members can view the member special programs,member Video gallery and Image gallery

User Section :

All user can view the documents and articles related to each karate technique. Can register as a new member. View Image gallery and video gallery. And find the location using Google Map API and view the schedule of programs and can fix the appointment.


• Involved in design, development, integration and testing of the application.

(3) Advertising/Media Management

Client : Essolutions, Kansas, US

Role : Software Engineer

Project Type : Web Application

Team Size : 2 Member

Environment: PHP5, MYSql5.0, Apache, JavaScript, jQuery.

Sales Module:

Sales person has ability to search for restaurants in a given city, state, zip or a radius of any of the restaurants that have a spot available. They will view in real time the available spots on any tables returned during the previous search, select which spot or spots the advertiser would like to purchase and enter contract info that will go with each of the contract spots. The restaurants will have a store number that will show up on each contract. If they buy several spots in different restaurants the store number will show along with what size they bought on in that store. There is an area that they put the amount that they sold the ad for and it will take the percent difference from what it should have sold for out of the salesman’s commission. They are able to process credit card/electronic check info, then be able to upload any relevant ad copy (logo, pictures instructions) when contracts are filled out we need all spots filled in correctly or a notice that comes up to let them know what is missing and that it will have to be put in before it will go through.

Process Module:

Process person see all info that was entered and we would like the ad copy to go to the server automatically so that the graphics department will be able to go to a spot on the site and know what jobs need to be done in the order that the due date that they have to be out by. The processing department can see what is sold, by who, when, what needs ad copy, what restaurants need to done first by due date. They can enter restaurants, ads, upload ad copy, and get reports of how many ads for day, week, month, and year. Compared to last year this month what is the difference? What is the difference for month for year to date? And able to know who in the graphics department has what ads. Where it is in the process, either design, proofing, uploading, or waiting for more copy. Processing will know when a restaurant’s ad spots are all gone, when all ads are approved, when sent to printing, when shipped out to restaurant

Graphics/Proofing Module:

Graphics and Proofing person will work on the project assigned to and report to the processing .Can download all design stuff and prototype of the design. Proof the created design.

Accounting Module:

Accounting Section keeps track of commissions and dollar amount sold by each salesman. What percent will need to be paid out by what is collected. There will be a 3 level up line that we will need to pay a different percent to each level of the money that is collected.


• Prepare and review SRS Document.

• Analyze and Design Database.

• Involved in Design and Coding of the Database Access Layer.

• Involved in Coding and Development of Dynamic Pages Creation Functionality.

• Review of the Completed Tasks and Tested the Completed Tasks.

• Conduct weekly review meetings, arrange for Demos with the Client, Plan Interim Releases.


Bachelor of Engineering ,Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.


E-mail :

Mobile No : +91-809*******

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