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Developer .Net Entry Level Java Sql Software Engineering

Chicago, IL
August 31, 2012

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Paulo Cesar Augusto

*** ** **** ****** #***

561-***-**** (under construction)


• To obtain an entry level position in the field of .NET Development that will improve and enhance my skills.


• Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton, FL

Bachelor of Sciences degree in Computer Sciences – July 2012

GPA: 3.96/4.0 (Summa cum Laude)

• Sao Paulo University of Fines Arts – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bachelor of Sciences degree in Architecture and Urban Planning – July 1994

• Police Military Academy of Sao Paulo – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bachelor of Sciences degree in Law Enforcement – Dec 1987


• Summa Cum Laude, 2012

• Upsilon Pi Epsilon International Honor Society, 2012

• President’s Honor List, Spring 2012

• Engineering Dean’s List, Spring 2012

• Civil Defense Honor Medallion, 1999

• Military Police Honor Medallion 5th, 4th and 1st degree 1989, 1994, and 1996

Academic Projects Work

• Implemented programs using C++, and C# programming languages.

• Implemented programs using ADO.NET as the .NET way to invoke SQL statements from C#. Also used data providers; connections and commands; DataReaders; CLR in SQL Server 2008 (stored procedures, user-defined functions, and user-defined aggregates in C#); dynamic SQL and database metadata; disconnected processing: DataSets, DataAdapters, DataTables.

• Implemented code using: C# 2008 LINQ features; ADO.NET LINQ to SQL; ADO.NET LINQ to DataSet; ADO.NET Entity Framework; and ADO.NET LINQ to Entities.

• Developed ASP.NET Web Forms with Visual Studio 2010 using: Web Form as an HTML document enhanced with Web server controls, HTML server controls, and server-side scripts; the firing of events by server controls that are handled by server-side scripts; code-behind programming; ASP.NET Ajax; ASP.NET MVC (both MVC 2 and MVC 3) as an alternative to ASP.NET Web forms.

• Developed Web services with ASP.NET and WCF.

• Implemented programs using Oracle Java EE including JDBC, servlets, Java Server Pages, Java Server Faces, and XML Developer’s Kit;

• Implemented codes using Oracle PL/SQL and SQL Server Transact-SQL;

• Implemented insertion-sort, merge-sort, and selection sort algorithms in C++ and Java;

• Implemented a hash-based file manipulation system in C using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010;

• Worked with Heap and sequential files; indexed sequential files (B+-trees); Embedded SQL (both static and dynamic); Web Programming with embedded SQL using CGI;

• Implemented web applications using HTML, XHTML, PHP, JavaScrip, CSS, and DOM.

• Tested and debugged all codes implemented in school projects and assignments.

• Helped developing Documentation and coding for a web application which was a project for Software Engineering Class. Implemented use case, sequence, state chart, activities and Gantt diagrams.


• Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, UNIX;

• Software Applications: AutoCAD, MS Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat;

• Integrated Development Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, SQL-Developer(SQL Server 2008 Express), Oracle J-Developer, NetBeans, Eclipse;

• Database Programming Languages: SQL (PL-SQL, transact-SQL);

• Programming Languages: C++, C#, Java;

• Platform/ Component-Based Platform: Java EE, .NET;

• Markup Languages and other Languages: JavaScrip, Html, Xhtml, PhP, and xml;

• Software Engineering tools: Rational Rose.


Leadership Experience

• Worked as lieutenant at the Fire Department in Sao Paulo, Brazil managing a fire station and managing crisis operations as fire, rescue, life guarding;

• Worked as coordinator in many events and missions for the Fire Department headquarter;

• Worked as Coordinator for the Sao Paulo Civil Defense;

• Worked as Chief of the Architectural Division for the Federal Penitentiary Department in Brasilia, Brazil;

• Coordinate the Fire Department Regional Team for the Fire Department Intern Games;

Administration Experience

• Produced and maintained all HR paperwork for the fire station;

• Controlled and maintained all equipment, trucks and other resources to be used during the Fire Department operations;

• Planned and execute training for firefighter under my command;

• Planned activities with different groups of the community such as schools, citizens, sport clubs and others;

• Worked inspecting and issuing approval and permits for the Fire Prevention System;

• Managed national budget funds for allocation of the construction of penitentiaries;

• Involved in the planning of standardized penitentiary construction projects;

• Developed construction drawings for commercial buildings in Palm Beach County;

• Kept the office computer software updated.


• Portuguese(Brazil)

• English (as Second Language)

• Spanish (basic conversation)

Work Authorization

• Permanent Resident since 2009


• Upon request


• Lofton Bullard, Ph.D.**

Senior Instructor and Academic Advisor

Florida Atlantic University

Email address:

• Marty Solomon, Ph.D.**

Professor of Computer Sciences and Engineering

Applied Database and Component .NET/C#

Florida Atlantic University

Email address:

• Mark Cordell**

Lead Solution Architect

Constellation Software Engineering

Email address:

• Amelia Ensenat Cohen**

Architect – President/CEO

Ensenat Cohen Architect, P.A.

Email address:

** The phone number will be given later on during the hiring process.

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