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Quality Assurance Engineering

Chicago, Illinois, 60647, United States
September 28, 2012

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**** * ******* ***, *** * F Chicago IL 60647 312-***-****


M.S. Biotechnology Professional applying for Associate Scientist position (Ref Id PWR 6978) posted on postjobfree website. Six years of graduate and industrial experience with mammalian cell culture, molecular biology, protein purification and process development. Hands-on experience with ultrafilteration, ion exchange chromatography, SDS-PAGE, western blotting, gel electrophoresis and HPLC. Excellent communication skills, well organized and critical thinker. Ability to work long hours and multitask with attention to details. Adept with PCR, Plasmid preparations, primer design, western blotting and protein characterization.


Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Master’s in Biotechnology (GPA 3.23/4.0) June 2012

Manipal University, Manipal, India

Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology (GPA 3.15/4.0) May 2009


• Cell Culture Skills – Flow Cytometry, Mammalian cell culture, Stable cell line preparation, transient and stable transfection, cryopreservation and recovery, Cell based assays, ICP-MS, Ficoll-hypaque gradient centrifugation,Mixed Lymphocyte Response Test, ELISA, Immunofluorescence microscopy

• Bioprocess –Bacterial and mammalian bioreactor operations, Bioreactor optimization and Scale-up, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, centrifugation, Ion exchange Chromatography, Fermenter operations, Cell cultivation in shake flasks, Column purification, HPLC, Liquid Extraction

• Molecular biology - plasmid preparation, restriction digest analysis, DNA/RNA Extraction, DNA sequencing, transformation, SDS-PAGE, western blotting, immunoblotting, Primer design, PCR, qRT-PCR, Oligo synthesis, nanoparticle preparation and functionalization

• Computer –Matlab2007b, Simulink, MS Office, @Risk, Simio 5, SPSS 17, Superpro, C++, Perl (High Proficiency)


Aurasense Therapeutics, Skokie, Il August 2012-present


Optimization of siRNA modification through strands stability screening in different culture conditions and cell lines

• Operate MM48 Oligo synthesizer (BioAutomation) to prepare modified and unmodified DNA and RNA strands

• Purify prepared DNA and RNA using Reverse-Phase HPLC, lyophilization and liquid extraction

• Analyze the strand stability in different media and cell lines by performing time course experiments

• Perform Oligreen assay, ICP-MS for counting loading and particle count of functionalized gold nanoparticles

• Standardizing and optimizing Invitrogen Quantum dots for quantification and analysis of Quantum Dot nano flares

Department of Transplant Surgery, Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago Jan 2012-June 2012

Research Associate (Academic Training) at Dr. James Mathew and Dr. Leventhal’s laboratory

Expansion of organ/bone marrow transplant donor-specific regulatory T lymphocytes in vitro using cultured B-cells

• Innovated process for B-cell expansion and optimized culture media for long term cell culture

• Isolated specific lymphocyte subsets using Magnetic Microbeads and magnetic columns

• Characterize isolated cell populations by flow cytometry and performed cell activity and toxicity assays

Northwestern University, Evanston Jan 2011-Jan 2012

Research Associate at Dr. Carthew’s Lab

Inducing RNAi based antiviral Immunity in Mammalian Cells

• Prepared stable BOSC and hela cell lines expressing fly Dicer 2 protein to induce siRNA processivity

• Constructed plasmids with fly Dicer 2 and its mutant with pcDNA3 backbone using Clontech Infusion kit

• Optimized the culture media to select positive clones stably expressing fly Dicer2 and its mutant

Analysis and prediction of siRNA produced from the infecting viral RNA by Dicer2 using Perl programming

• Programmed Perl Scripts to map the siRNAs in the deep sequenced data for infected flies using Bioscope software on cluster (In collaboration with Center for Genetic Medicine, Northwestern University)

• Analyzed the mapped data and perform statistical analysis to check sequence bias shown by fly Dicer 2

Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore, India Dec 2009-Apr 2010

Assistant Systems Engineer

• Maintained and tested mainframes system for banking and insurance companies

Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Ministry of Home Affairs, Hyderabad, India Jan 2009 -May 2009 Research Assistant

• Formulated Buffer constituents and obtained two fold decrease in total time for DNA extraction from bones

• Discovered novel method for extraction of DNA from blood samples mixed with silica

• Operated Applied Bioscience DNA analyzer 3130 for DNA fingerprinting of exhibits

Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur, India Jun 2007-Aug 2007


• Assisted Engineers in optimizing fed-batch bio-reactors and product recovery by membrane filtration

• Examined effects of combination of different carbon sources to optimize E-coli growth


Term Project in Cell Culture and Ex-vivo Tissue Engineering Sept 2011-Dec 2011

• Conceptualized CHO cell engineering by targeting and modulating the miRNA regulatory networks

• Prepared construct sequence for transfecting CHO cells stably expressing target miRNA

Bioprocess Laboratory, Northwestern University June 2011-Sept2011

• Designed and conducted mammalian cell culture process development experiments using BioFlo/Celligen 115 glass bioreactor (3L Volume) for E.coli and Applicon Glass Autoclavable Bioreactor for mammalian cells

• Calibrated process parameters (DO, pH, kLa, temperature) by running parallel bacterial and mammalian bioreactors

• Computed the scaled up parameters based on experimental data and bioreactor geometry and design

• Assembled and prepared Centrifugation unit, Ultra-filtration and Micro-filtration units (Labscale TFF by Millipore), Ion-exchange Chromatography and HPLC for protein analysis, purification and recovery

• Learned code of federal regulations title 21 for food and drugs for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries


• Lab Courses - Molecular Biology Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Bioprocess engineering Laboratory, Process Control Laboratory, Unit Operation Laboratory, Modeling and simulation in Bioprocess laboratory, Downstream Processing Laboratory, Bioinformatics Laboratory

• Bioprocess - Cell culture and ex-vivo tissue engineering, Bioprocess engineering, Bio-separations and Downstream Processing, Kinetics, Energetics & Bioreactor Design, Bioprocess Control, Process Engineering Economics and Optimization, Fermentation Engineering, Enzyme Technology

• Electives - Immunology, Drug Design, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Sciences, Biostatistics, Project Management, Computer simulation for risk and operation analysis


• Dr. James Mathew

Research Associate Professor in Surgery and Microbiology-Immunology, Northwestern University, Chicago . 312-***-**** . Tarry Bldg.11-727, 300 East Superior St Chicago Il 60611

• Dr. P. Arthur Felse

Lecturer, Master of Biotechnology Program, Northwestern University, Evanston . 847-***-**** . 2145 Sheridan Road, TECH E136, Evanston, IL 60208

• Dr. Scott McEwen

Research Scientist, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago . 414-***-**** . Tarry Bldg.11-727, 300 East Superior St Chicago Il 60611

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