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Identity and Access Security Management Consultant #00145710CC

White Marsh, MD, 20774
August 28, 2012

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Cheryl Woolbright

**** ****** ******

Springdale, MD 20774

240-***-**** Res. – 240-***-**** Mobile


Project Management

Worked as a team member to define core competencies for potential outsourcing for various in-house operations. Used formulas and past budgetary data to determine cost reduction for possible organizational restructuring for the following Government Agencies; TSA, FAA, CMS, CIA, DIA, FBI, IRS, ONI, Navy, Department of State and GSA Best Practices. Recommended COTS software for purposes of out sourcing software development and data center operations.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Gap Analysis, Performance Analysis, Risk Analysis, Business Case Analysis, Strong communication skills

Metrics Management, MS Office, Visio, SOA, Change Management and Team facilitation

Configuration Management

• Experience managing Version Control, Configuration Items, Configuration Control, System Change Requests (SCR’s) and Test Problem Reports (TPR’s); Experience handling Engineering Change Requests (ECR’s);

Chaired change Control Board (CCB meetings and SLA’s; Managed CM/Test Staff, performed CM Too

Training, SCM, Client Server, SQL Database, Remedy Action Request System, Visual Source Safe, Source Code, Standard Code, Standard Operating Procedures Standard Technology Infrastructure Library (SOP ITIL), and Unix Platform; Responsible for SEI/CMM implementation, Quality Assurance Testing on Web Based (Client Server Applications; Developed detailed documentation for operating processes and procedures; Implemented Customer Change Control Policies and Procedures as Librarian; Used WebCM, Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest, CM Vision, PVCS, Doors, Life Cycle Development, Endeavor, Problem Tracking Resolution, IEEE Standards, ISO 9000 Standards and IV&V Testing.


ITIL V3 (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), EXIN USA, Rockland, MA, 2011

PMP (Project Management Professional), Villanova University, 2004


Bachelor of Science, Communication s and Business of Administration, University of Maryland, 1986

Masters Certificate, Project Management, Villanova University, 2003-2004

Graduate Certificate, Government Event Planner, PGCC, 2011 -2012


• Microsoft Office products including MS Project, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Office 2000, Windows 95, 97, 98, 2000, e-Gov, Visio, NT, E-Mail, and Outlook, HIPAA/Security

• CMDB, Database Management, File-Aid, Spreadsheets, Project Metrics, Earned Value, Aldus, Access DB, PeopleSoft (People Tools 1 & II, SAP, SAS, RPG, DOS, BASIC, TSO, ISPF, OS2

• Unix, HP Sun Spark/Solaris, Oracle 9i, Oracle 11i, IBM, AIX, IBM 3090, 370-135/15520, 4300, COBOL, Burroughs, Data General, Digital VAX, Wang, Entrust, Windows 2000, CA-7, Windows NT 4.0, Lotus Notes, InfoMan, Netview, ITIL, Windows Server, Unix, DB/2 SQL Server

• Service Center Network Monitoring, Oracle, WordPerfect, Novell, Basic Telephony, HP Open View, Windows Server, Unix, DB/2 SQL Server


Senior Systems Engineer (Group Manager), ECS/TSA, Arlington, VA, 07/10 – 05/12

• Provides project Oversight for incumbent Contractor Oversight of active processes and procedures.

• Provides direct QA oversight for all aspects of operations, TSA/DHS OED Engineers, validation of adherence to ITSM and Service Management policies and procedures, report analysis and services audits.

• Worked with ECS and CSC to support TSA by providing specific technical activities which included administration and installation of (CMDB) IBM Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest, Requisite Pro and SoDa tool.

• Responsible for customization of the schemes that interface with the Department of Coast Guards Sunflower Asset Database. Maintaining User accounts and profiles, tracking or change requests and analyzed project progress by running ad hoc queries and reports

• Responsible for development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

• Responsible for tracking Service Level Agreement (SLA’s)

• Responsible for coordinating bi-weekly Hardware Configuration Management Change Board (CCB)

• Supports CIO Solutions Delivery Division to track projects as they evolve through delivery life cycle from Configuration Identification through deployment to the retirement phase

Senior Consultant, Quadrant Systems (FAA), Washington, DC, 12/09 - 05/10

• Provided customer support for scanning classified documents of Human Resources files that included prospective violations of uses of Social Security Numbers and Credit Card Numbers of employee private information. Performed InfoSec scanning for NextGen and NAS systems including (HP SOA Systinet)

• Used Web Dashboard Cruise Control, Web CM for CMDB to help design processes, policies and for process of handling secure classified documents.

• Experience in the analysis, design, development, and implementation of business processes and

organization models.

• Experience in gathering and documenting business requirements for automated systems.

• Experience planning, organizing, and leading projects.

• Developed a best practices project plan to present to potential military clients. Used Symantec security scanning software to search for unsecured social security numbers and credit card numbers in support of the FPIS 62.7 Government Security Mandate.

Configuration Management Specialist (Consultant), Lockheed Martin, Washington, DC, 09/08 – 11/09

• Provided support for Lockheed Martin supporting the NISC II contract for FAA’s Enterprise Configuration Management organization’s activities which include change management operations, monitoring and oversight tasks, and including CMDB, Control Board activities including preparation of NAS CCB pre-brief package and coordination of reviews of CCB presentation and delivery.

• Web dashboard Cruise control, Web CM

• Supported Development and Validation of the National Airspace System (NAS) into the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NexGen)

• Supported Cm practices for the En Route and Oceanic Configuration Control Board (CCB) meetings.

• Used Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Web CM to perform daily CM tasks and developed diagrams using MS Visio

• Supported the En Route and Oceanic Services Service Unit within the FAA

• Supported processes for coordination and administration of assigned configuration management activities relative to identification, control, and accounting for systems and/or equipment in accordance with contractual and FAA requirements

Configuration Manager, ESG/BAE Consulting, Washington, DC, 03/07 – 04/08

• Supported the Department of Navy Intelligence Systems and Operations for the US/UK programs.

• Inspected and approved CMDB project tasks

• Validated CM Artifacts and Requirements Management

• Coordinated CM groups, Tier 2 and Tier 3 in support of Change Management

• Produced weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly status and metrics reports

• Attended management and client level meetings

• Developed processes and procedures for Naval SPAULT & NAV Sea Sec Programs

• Used various software and tools daily, SEI/CMMI, SOPs, ITIL (Library), SLAs and SCRs/ECRs

• Experience in the analysis, design, development, and implementation of business processes and

• organization models.

• •Experience in gathering and documenting business requirements for automated systems.

• •Experience planning, organizing, and leading projects.

Configuration Management Specialist (Consultant), AETEA/Northrop, Washington, DC, 05/05 – 02/07

• Supported Defense Intelligence Agency, (DIA) Trusted Wisdom Program

• Supported CM and CMDB processes and attended meetings to resolve CM issues

• Worked with programmers, developers and testers to fulfill project lifecycle requirements

• Wrote and updated program documentation and training material

• Supported Configuration Control Board (CCB), engineering Review Board (ERB) and functional Control Board (FCB) practices

• Responsible for tracking minutes, resolutions and turnover from bi-weekly project meetings

• Prepared project status reports

CM Manager/Facilitator, BAE Systems/DigitalNet Corporation, Washington, DC, 06/04 - 05/05

• Coordinated the Technical Control Communications Review Board (TCCB) for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Headquarters Division

• Prepared CMDB supporting documentation and wrote white papers for presentation

• Researched and resolved CMDB customer task issues

• Prepared project status reports

• Assisted with resolution of IT problems for hardware, software, and networking and security issues

• Monitored project plans and dissemination of end user support projects using the Service Center tool

Program Management Officer, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Baltimore, MD, 01/04 – 06/04

• Managed the Health and Human Services Modernization project in Baltimore, Maryland. Provided assistance to Project Managers during each phase of the project management process. Performed project reporting using: Big 6 (Reporting), SLA’s and 8 Panel Charts

• Provided Off-Site management and change control documentation for contractors, corporate employees and subcontractors

• Managed a project time management system using Microsoft Project

• Worked with team to install and customizes the installation of the Rational ClearCase, ClearQueste, SoDA and Requisite Pro tools.

Configuration /Project Manager, Intergraph Technologies, Washington, DC, 11/02 - 12/03

• Managed and supported Configuration Management for NIMA/CIA Mapping Projects

• Hosted CCB Meetings

• Planned CMDB project schedules and analysis issues

• Prepared subject matter reports and white papers

• Coordinated client and management project requests

• Prepared CMDB project status reporting

• Developed configuration management, quality assurance and testing plans. Developed disaster recovery and security management plans.

Configuration Management Specialist (Consultant), SAIC/MOJA Information Systems, Greenbelt, MD & New Carrollton, MD, 07/00 – 07/02

• Supported the Internal Revenue services (IRS) Modernization Program, New Carrollton, MD.

Performed Configuration Management duties which included:

• Conducting activities associated with Change Control Board (CCB)

• Managed and directed Contractor and other Team Member project deliverables

• Determined work products, repositories and tool administration within the Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest tool

• Managed version control, change management, updated project plans and schedules

• Wrote project Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

• Wrote and updated program documentation and training material

Systems Analyst (Consultant), Department of State/ITEQ Systems, Washington, DC - 07/99 -07/00

• Supported Y2k Post Remediation Analysis and Testing for preparation of project deliverables for a final summary report

• Maintained IV&V Lab via use of McCabe, Casper (CSC Version) and SQL tools

• Attended Client meetings and prepared documentation for final delivery

• Performed release and requirements management while supporting the Agency’s change management requirements

• Visited other customer sited to receive secured systems software for pre-testing

• Experience in the analysis, design, development, and implementation of business processes and

organization models.

• Experience in gathering and documenting business requirements for automated systems.

• Experience planning, organizing, and leading projects.

Y2K Configuration Management Specialist (Consultant), SAIC/MOJA Information Systems, Washington, DC, 09/98 - 03/99

• Supported the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) TRIS Project (Telephone Interactive Information System) project in Greenbelt, MD

• Supported Y2K Compliance standards for Internal Revenue task requirements including; Certification, Implementation, Verification & Validation (IV&V), Post Implementation Verification (PIV) and Remediation Testing and CM (PVCS)

• Established quality control and quality assurance standards

• Worked with Users to determine requirements management definitions, project reporting and communication deliverables

• Delivered test scripts and related documentation

Quality Assurance/Standards Specialist (Consultant), AMTRAK, Washington, DC, 02/97 – 09/98

• Worked independently to provided support to the AMTRAK HRIS project involving life cycle development, configuration management and QA in accordance to organizational standards and procedures to define the organizations Labor Union processes.

• Used Deltek and Walker HRIS software

• Provided written and verbal communications for departmental briefings

• Planned, scheduled and conducted project reporting and reviewed each phase of the AMTRAK R4 Reporting Project.

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