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Coating & Insulation Inspector/Supervisor

January 11, 2010

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To hold a challenging position that would demand full use of the skills,which I have acquired as a Coating & Insulation Engineering Professional.


Name : Rahul Kokate

Date of Birth : 10 th March 1972

Nationality : Indian

Passport : G 1264557


Paint Technologist (Grade A)-University of Mumbai 1992/1993

Nace Certified Coating Inspector – Level 2(CIP#12195)


Familiar with Windows XP & Windows Vista,MS Office packages.


Involved in Application & Inspection of Protective coatings,FBE Coatings ,Fire Proofing,Thermal Spraying,Hot & Cold Insulation,Galvanising & Powdercoating.

*Cross Country Pipelines.

*Petro Chemical Industries.

*Bullets and Overhead Tanks etc.

*Internal Pipe coating.

*Rebar coatings.

*Offshore Rigs & Process Platforms.

* Hot & Cold Insulation.

Company :AlSuwaiketSupportServices Saudi Arabia

Position : Coating & Insulation Supv

Duration : April 2007/till date.

Project : Shedgum gas pipeline project

(For CAT – Saudi Arabia)

Project : Khurais Crude Oil Contract Project(Khurais).

(For Snamprogretti/ Saipem)

Job Responsibilites:

*Carrying out supervision activities for Hot insulation works including review of project specifications.

*Preparing and reviewing the method statement,work procedures,quality plan,safety plan and HSE risk hazard analysis,involving coating,Hot insulation of vessels/piping/structural steel/Equipment as per specification.

*Supervising and coordinating activities of the workers engaged in applying insulating material to the exposed surfaces of the equipment such as boilers,vessels,exchangers,airducts or pipes.

*Estimating necessary materials and supplies.

*Inspecting applied insulation for conformance to specifications.

*Compiling production and worker performance reports.

*Interacting with client and sub contractor supervisory personnel.

*Reporting daily activities and construction progress to section manager.

*Ensure work progress is in line with the approved project schedule.

*Liaise with subcontractor to provide sufficient manpower and equipment resource.

*Process audit at subcontractor to ensure the implemention of correct procedures and drawings.

*Review & technical evaluation of Material Approval Request prior to material purchase.

*Inspection of the material received at site is in line with project specification.

*Review of subcontractors method statement and constructability plan.

*Ensure the correct construction drawings and material are in place prior to start of work.

*Ensure material storage and material test certificates are in accordance with project requirement.

*Ensure work release certificate is received from piping/equipment erection Department.

*Liaise with QA/QC personnel for surveillance inspection for ongoing works.

*Provide technical advise to the subcontractor supervisory personnel.

Project : Aramco(Northern offshore Projects Division-Rastanura).

1.Rastanura Sea Island #4

2.Juaymah offshore Upgrade

3.Rastanura Sea Island #3

4.Rastanura Sea Island #2

Job Description

*Review the specifications & scope of work for Insulation,Coating & Fireproofing.

*Attending pre-job conference meetings.

*Review & verify all submittal product approval required as per specifications.

*Review the calibration status of all test instruments required.

*Verify certification status of all coating personel .

*Maintain quality procedure as Project quality plan.

*Maintain quality records,Inspection checklist required by the plan.

*Perform physical and chemical test of the surface and the cured film as required by the specification.

Company:Larsen&ToubroLtd India

Position : Coating & Insulation Incharge.

Duration : Nov 2003/March 2007

Job Description

*Review scope of work of all related coating & insulation activites as per project quality plan.

*Review and verify all submittal/product approval required as per specification.

*Revamping of specifications.

*Involved in projects for Bundook,Qatar Petroleum & indigenous like ONGC & Reliance Petroleum.

*Overall supervision for application of Fire Proofing & Protective coatings for offshore platforms and process vessels.

*Regular Interaction with the vendors for their supply of Raw materials.

*Inspection of the raw materials and confirming their non deviation from the specification.

*Performing all physical tests as per Nace standard and assuring optimum quality of the end product.

*Review and monitor implementation of the inspection checklist.

*Involved in Pipe coating & Rebar coating.

*Formulated a strategy to secure defect free optimum portion of the production.

*Installed a system of monitoring and reporting in compliance with ISO to enhance the product quality & productivity.

*Reduced consumption of raw materials to meet the challenges from the suppliers from far east.

*Reduced generation of rejection.

*Provided valuable technical support in the form of trouble shooting.

*Conducted destructive and non destructive testing.

*Co-ordinate the effort of section heads and closely monitored for a defect free product.

*Accident prevention and safety procedures followed strictly.PP was made compulsory.

Company : KandiEngineering India

Project : Mahanagar Gas Limited

Position : Coating Inspector & Consultant.

Duration :2001 to 2003

Job Description

*Preparation of fesibility report and providing proof of viability.

*Negotiation with Machinery Suppliers and vendor selection.

*Execution of Civil,Mechanical & Electrical works.

*Installation and commissioning of the plant & machinery.

*Setting up system of monitoring & reporting.

*Set up laboratory for the physical & chemical tests in the quality procedures for pipe coating plant.

*Use of internal crawler camera,computer aided camera,remote controlled blasting machine and spindle coating applicator.

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Company: Osnar Contracters India

Project : Reliance Petrochemicals,ONGC Platforms in their application of protective coatings and fire proofing for bullet,mounded tanks and cross country pipelines.

Position : Painting Inspector.

Duration : 1998 to 2001.

Job Description

*Responsible for technical problems involved in application of protective coatings.

*Checking the physical and chemical test of the paint film,surface preparation,blasting profile etc.

*Educating the workman in respect with the application hazards.

*Trouble shooting and maintenance of process plant machinery and interacting with the 3rd party inspector(Dnv/Bv) & paint manufactures representatives.

Company : Marpol Chemicals Ltd. India

Position : Asst.Technical Manager-Western Region.

Duration : 1994 to 1998.

Job Description

*Responsible for the technical problems involved in the coating plants and to rectify them.

*Designed and successfully implemented strategy to contradict the online process problems in the powder coating sector.

*Involved in Designing and successfully implementing marketing strategy.

*Involved in close interaction with the production department.

Company : Crompton Greaves Ltd India

Position : Management Trainee

Duration : 1993 to 1994.

Job Description

*Trained on automatic AEG plant for liquid coatings.

*Formulated new finishes for their products.

*New vendor sourcing.

*Commisioned automatic electrostatic plant for Goa Electrical & Fans Ltd.

*Set up of powder coating plants for their approved vendors.


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