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Oracle DBA /Developer & Analyst

Saanich, Canada
November 26, 2010

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Tayo Ogundehinde

**** ***** ***** ***** ***** V*L 2MN 778.***.****


FUJITSU Consulting, Edmonton Alberta. (Jan 08 – Present)

Oracle Database Administrator/ Oracle Application Server Administrator.

Prime DBA for over ALTAREG Databases

These databases is the prime repository for registration of the following VITAL STASTICS Data:

Registration of Birth in the province.

Registration of Death in the province.

Motor Vehicle Registration – MOVES.

Registration of Company Incorporation

Support of the National Routing Systems (Canada NRS).

The systems provide B2B business transactions with other Canadian provinces and the federal government environments for synchronization.

This systems at high level is called CORES/VISTAS and it comprises of production (VSP), legacy (VSPLEG) and Business Intelligence databases (AGSBIP).

All the databases are represented in the development, testing, staging and production. Modification, deployment and implementation are done through the creation of Oracle Warehouse Builder. The objects changes are Tables creation and modification; Transformation, Mapping and process flows.


UNIX Oracle 10g, SQLServer , Solaris, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Winscp, Secure Crt, Oracle Designer, SQL Developer.

TELUS Business Transformation, Burnaby BC, (Dec 05 – Sept 07)

Database Administrator.

Prime DBA for over 30 Oracle and SQL Server databases

These databases consist of stand-alone and RAC databases on both SUN and AIX servers.

The versions of databases span Oracle 7 to Oracle 10g.

Canter of Excellence on Database Security.


Maintaining RAC & Standalone database

Creation, performance monitoring, tuning

Database migration

Applying patches and upgrading.

Server Disk monitoring and reading throughput.

Writing shell scripts for automation of repetitive database routine tasks.


LINUX, UNIX Oracle 10g, SQLServer and TOAD

Health Insurane BC Victoria British Columbia, (Sept 05 – Dec 05)

Database Administrator

Medical Service Plan Conversion and Transformation of legacy System and data from IBM Mainframe MVS to new Oracle based Health Application.

Contract involved database administration and conversion.

PL/SQL Developers


Obtaining legacy data from the DB2 mainframe via MVS JCL

FTP the files into UNIX “sand-box”.

Disabling all the current constraints that enforce business rules.

Writing Perl, UNIX and PL/SQL script to reformat and redefine records.

Loading the records into the new environment

Enabling all the constraints and triggers that enforce business rule.


TOAD, LINUX, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i Developer, DB2 mainframe, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, SQL Plus, Net Configuration Assistance, Oracle Designer

BC Housing Management Commission, Burnaby, (Feb 2004 - Sept 2005)

Database Administrator

This is a contract position with BC Housing during the preparation and implementation of P2K Personality 2000 Payroll System.

The assignment includes improving the integrity of the data in the old payroll database (Super HR)


Identify and eliminate duplicate entities in the old “SuperHR” database.

Converted the data using combination of Perl and Unix scripts into new and acceptable format.

Load the new format into Oracle 9 database using SQL Loader.

Load data into P2K ERP modules, that is, GL, HR, A/R and A/P

Develop views based on the new tables in the database.

Develop reports based on the above views using Oracle Discoverer.

Monitor Database sql activities.

Create and delete users in the new database

Assign roles and privileges to the new users on the new database


Oracle Database, Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3 (Taroon), Discoverer, TOAD, Sqlplus , Microsoft Visio,P2K

IBM Victoria British Columbia, (June 02 – Feb 04)

Database Administrator

This is a contract position with the Ministry of Health for the management of Pharmacare Division database.

Contract involved collection of data from the following colleges.

College of Physicians and Surgeons.

College Of Pharmacist.

College of Dental Surgeons.

College of Veterinary Medicine.


Because the ministry acts as a repository for the colleges, my duty includes collecting daily data from the colleges on medication prescribed.

Modifying non standard (rejected) data

Populating the database.

Administering the database to accommodate growth.

Projecting future database need of database resource.

Writing Perl, UNIX and PL/SQL script to reformat and redefine records for college use.

Writing input report for the CASS system, so that the ministry will pay the practitioners in case of Pharmacists, Physicians and Surgeons.

Enabling all the constraints and triggers that enforce business rule.


Oracle 9, Oracle 9i Developer, SQL Plus, Net Configuration Assistance and various applications.

Telus Internet Service Burnaby British Columbia, (Jan 01 – June 02)

Database Administrator

This is a contract position for the newly created Telus Internet on Canada Way.

Telus used to belong to Sympatico Internet organization, however this is a newly created Western Canada Internet Service Provider.

My duties mainly involved database administrator for the newly implemented Infranet Billing system.


Obtaining all data migrated from the Sympatico billing system to the new database.

FTP the files into UNIX “sand-box”.

Loading the records into the new environment

Generating Billing records.


Unix, ORACLE 8, PERL and MS SQL server.

Information Systems Management (ISM) BC Burnaby British Columbia, (Jan 97 – Jan 01)

Data Analyst

This is a permanent position with ISMBC, formally IT department of BC TEL.

The primary responsibility here is a technical support for the Marketing department.


Obtaining data from various Phone Marts across the province.

Populating the IBM mainframe DB2 database with the data.

Generating report for the marketing department.


IBM DB2Database, QMF, Various Developer Applications.

Future Shop Burnaby British Columbia, (Jan 97 – June 97)

Webstore Data Analyst/Adminstrator

This is a newly created Internet web store for the sole purpose of offering merchandise on the Internet.

This is a permanent position.


Collecting data from purchase system

Administer the database.

Generate report for billing


UNIX, Oracle 7, SQL Plus, MS SQL Server, Oracle Developer.


1997 Douglas College New Westminster BC

Diploma in Computer Information Systems.


References will be provided upon request.

Additional Information & Interests

I like reading literary works from Chinua Achebe and spending time with my kids.

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