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Millbury, MA
August 23, 2012

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InfoSphere (DATASTAGE) administrator


. Seven (7+) years of Total IT Experience in installation, configuration,

upgradation, administration, deployment, testing, migration and

production support of Business Application Systems for Financial

Services, Investments, Banking & Retail Industries.

. Six (6+) years of hands-on experience in leading and administering Data

Integration and migration for Data Warehouses including Data Profiling,

Analysis & Integration using IBM Websphere DataStage EE

8.5/8.1/8.0.1/7.5.x (DataStage Manager, DataStage Designer, DataStage

Director, DataStage Administrator, Parallel Extender).

. Five (5+) Years of Experience in administration of Business Metadata,

Technical Metadata, Process Metadata and Operational Metadata using

Information Analyzer, QualityStage, Metadata Workbench, Business

Glossary, FastTrack etc products of IIS 8.x suite.

. Five (5+) years of experience Administration of WebSphere Application

Server [WAS] Base/ Network Deployment Versions.

. One (1+) Year of Experience in Installation and Administration of

InfoSphere Foundation Tools [IFT] 8.1.2/8.5 for Information Analyzer,

Business Glossary, Metadata Workbench, Discovery & FastTrack products.

. Four (4+) Years of exp in Migration of DataStage Projects & Jobs from

7.5.x into 8.0, 8.1 and 8.5 versions.

. Installation and Documentation of Fix Pack1, Fix Pack1a, Fix Pack2 &

Patches on layers of IIS 8.0.1 suite using Update Installer.

. Installation and Documentation of Fix Pack1, Rollup Patch1, Fix Pack2 &

Patches on tiers of IIS 8.1 suite using Update Installer.

. Installation and Documentation of Fix Pack1 on tiers of IIS 8.5 suite.

. Performed administration tasks like role setup, connectivity, security,

configuration of projects, user registries, DSNs, parallel, compiler,

reporting, operator and user-defined environment variables, backup

DataStage and restart of services etc.

. Worked with IBM Technical Support on the configuration of XMETA

repository, Node Agents, DS Engine and Web Sphere Application Server.

. Expertise in Administration IBM InfoSphere Information Server Tools like

DataStage, QualityStage, Balanced Optimization and Information Server


. Experience in integration of various data sources (Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g,

SQL Server, DB2, TeraData, MQ, Flat Files, XML files, and various File

systems) into staging area and target Data warehouse.

. Set up DEV, SIT, UAT & PROD environments by preparing roadmap, software

requirements, hardware topologies via layers, file systems, backup,

recovery, xmeta repository database etc.

. Experienced in troubleshooting DataStage jobs, fixing bugs and addressing

production issues like performance tuning and enhancements.

. Assisted DEV team in performing Unit, Integration, Functional and

Regression testing of ETL jobs and data.

. Excellent knowledge of various operational data sources like Teradata

V2R5/R6, Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, DB2 9.x/7.x, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase

etc and their connectivity from DataStage.

. Used IBM Education Assistant to gain updated knowledge of Information

Management products and use them more effectively to meet business


. A team member and leader with excellent analytical, verbal and

communication skills.

. Used Version Control and Information Server Manager client tool for

deployment of projects and jobs between different DataStage servers.


. Bachelors of Engineering in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.


|ETL Tools |IBM InfoSphere Information Server V8.5/8.0.1/8.1 |

| |[Enterprise Edition & Server Edition], IBM |

| |Information Server Suite 8.5: IBM InfoSphere |

| |Information Server V8.0.1/8.1 Suite [DataStage, |

| |QualityStage, ProfileStage/Information Analyzer, IS |

| |Manager, Metadata Workbench, Business Glossary, |

| |FastTrack & Metadata Server]. |

|Database |Oracle 8i/9i/10g, SQL Server2000/2005, DB2 9.5/9.1, |

| |TeraData |

|Web servers |IBM Web sphere Application Server, |

|Data Modelling tools |Erwin 4.0/4,1 |

|Operating Systems |UNIX, Win 95/NT/98/2000/XP, MS-DOS, Sun Solaris 2.x,|

| |HP-UX 11.0, IBM AIX 4.2. |

Projects Summary:

Aetna Insurance Company, Hartford, CT

Oct'10-Aug' till date

Role:Sr. Datastage Admin

Datastage Integration Services(DIS)

Datastage Integration Services is a team dedicated to maintain 27 ETL

servers and support Users 24/7

by creating environment for their projects and providing ETL solutions. All

together, there are 50+

project teams with varied environment requirements.


. Maintain all the ETL servers for all the environments. Provide a

Common Framework for the projects leveraging their efforts of

maintaining the environment.

. Building projects for the teams such that they will be able to use

the already structured directories and sub-directories. Also, re-

built corrupted projects by running few steps and Importing from

the Daily backups.

. Migrated projects from 7.5.3 to IS8.5 GRID.

. Written Unix scripts and Routines such that project teams can count

lines in a file in the Trigger condition, call C programs in

Execute command stage and get parameters in the User-defined


. Built and created Wrapped stages such that project teams Custom


. Monitored the logs for the Daily Exports and Backups.

. Scheduling/Monitoring jobs on the servers through TWS and

cancelling/re-running abended jobs through ITG Job-recovery or

Updating the current the scheduled plan to put few jobs on Hold.

. Developed ETL jobs for Admin team that are used to calculate the

Charge to the users for the Datastage services.

. Optimized the server performance by avoiding any deadlocks. Also

monitored the CPU Utilization, Peak Disk Utilization and Network

load on each server through HP Performance Manager.

. Alert the users about the Server space and warn them to remove any

unnecessary files from the /home directory where all the jobs run.

. Planned for a Server reboot to kill any defunct processes by

coordinating with the project teams, UNIX team and also the Axway

team to bring up the CFT Agent on the server automatically once the

reboot is done.

. Handled any problems between DataStage server and client

connectivity issues and Citrix issues.

. Killed all the phantom processes, sessions and runaway processes

that are running for long time notifying the user. Also monitored

the permission settings for particular directories.

. Created Oracle database Service accounts for the project teams.

. Reviewed, fine-tuned ETL jobs and provided the approvals to promote

the code to higher environments.

. Make the users knowledgable of the actions performed by the DS

Admin team, about the Common Framework and also on how to run our

scripts and Routines that we provide.

. Supported through Production for successful execution.

Environment: IBM InfoSphere Information Server V8.5/8.0.1/8.1, IS8.5 GRID,

Tivoli Workload Scheduler, ITG, HP Service Manager, OIM, Oracle11g, TOAD

9.7.2, Unix, AIX, Autosys, Load Leveler, HP Performance Manager, HP QC.



Role: DataStage Adminstrator

Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR)

SYWR is a program that rewards people from shopping at Sears Holdings

retail formats. I was involved in

SYWR team by managing the design, development and implementation of the

SYWR business

architecture to accomplish projects according to standards set by the

business and created ETL jobs &

managed development efforts both internally, externally, and offshore.


. Prepared disk, file and network resources. Modified kernel

parameters and user limits. Resolved incompatible JRE errors during


. Started and stopped DataStage Engine, WebSphere Application Server

and Information Server and managed logs.

. Involved in migration of IIS 8.0.1->Fix Pack10> Fix Pack1a-> Fix

Pack2 and then into IIS 8.1

. Raised PMRs with IBM on upgradation problems, patches and fix


. Set up users and groups for IBM IS administrator, WAS

administrator, IBM IS engine administrator and IBM IS IA account

and oracle metadata repository.

. Assigned suite roles and suite components roles for the users in

IBM IS web console.

. Worked on administration command tools AppServerAdmin and


. Worked on Oracle 10gR2 and DataStage Server performance tuning


. Managed licenses, active sessions, logs and schedules. Backed up

and restored Information Server suite.

. Configured NLS to support character maps and locales.

. Installed, Configured and Administered InfoSphere Information

Server 8.1 suite using different tiers.

. Installed and Configured patches on IIS 8.1 and resolved errors.

. Installed DB2 9.5 metadata repository automatically and configured

local os user registry in both WAS & IIS.

. Enabled tracing and security in WAS administrative console.

. Configured parallel engine, database connectivity in parallel

environment and access to ODBC sources.

. Resolved errors in compilation and execution of different jobs.

. Performance tuning of DataStage jobs, IIS suite products and WAS.

. Performed Column Analysis in console for ProfileStage before

designing jobs.

. Used QualityStage to enrich quality of data using investigate,

standardize, match and survive stages.

. Used Metadata Workbench to allow users to explore, analyze, and

manage the metadata.

. Used Business Glossary Anywhere to display the business definition

of categories and terms without logging into IS web console and

Business Glossary.

. Used FastTrack to automatically convert ETL jobs into mapping


. Stopped and Started Node Agents, DS Engine & WAS and managed logs.

. Prepared Installation Qualification [IQ] Document on IIS 8.0 suite

and got it signed off.

. Migrated all projects and jobs into IIS 8.1 suite and documented


. Created PMRs with IBM for refresh packs, patches and fix packs.

. 24x7 DataStage ETL support and resolution of errors related to all

IIS suite products.

Environment: IBM InfoSphere Information Server V8.0.1/8.1 Suite [DataStage,

QualityStage, ProfileStage/Information Analyzer, IS Manager, Metadata

Workbench, Business Glossary, FastTrack & Metadata Server], Oracle 10gR2,

SQL Server 2005, DB2 9.1, Teradata V2R6, WAS, Java, J2EE, SQL,

PL/SQL, XML, Autosys, Shell Scripts, Windows XP, Unix (AIX 6.1/Solaris 9)

and SUSE Linux .

Commerce Bank, IL

Jul'07 - Dec'08

Role: DataStage Admin


ETA automates the identification of the financial services, including

investment management, mutual

funds, retirement planning, brokerage, and human resources and benefits

outsourcing services..


. Involved in requirements gathering and source data analysis

and identified business rules for data migration and for

developing data warehouse

. Installed, Configured and administered all the client and

server components of DataStage, MetaStage and Parallel


. Configured server daemon environment and accessed remote files via NFS.

. Started and stopped DataStage engine and managed logs.

. Set environment variables, kernel parameters and C++ compilers.

. Configured ODBC connections, maximum no. of processes per node and paging


. Used DataStage Designer to develop processes for extracting, cleansing,

transforming, integrating, and loading data into data warehouse database.

. Responsible for building and loading dimension tables and fact tables for

the target warehouse system.

. Used DataStage Designer/Manager/Director to design and run jobs to

implement the Import and Export Interfaces.

. Extensively used DataStage Designer components to design various Server

and Parallel jobs in accordance with business specs.

. Imported table definitions from ODBC/Plug-in table definitions available.

. Used Partition methods and collecting methods for implementing parallel


. Monitored the performance of Parallel jobs by turning on various

environment variables.

. Used Job Control routines and Transform functions in the process of

designing the job.

. Developed jobs in Parallel Extender using different stages like

Transformer, aggregator, lookup, source dataset, external filter, row

generator, and column generator.

. Validated and debugged the developed jobs.

Environment: Ascential DataStage 7.5x2 EE [Parallel Extender], MetaStage,

Oracle 9i, Autosys, CDC, Teradata SQL, XML, Shell Scripts, UNIX (AIX 5.1/

HP-UX 11.0) and Windows 2003.

Answerthink (India) Limited


Role: Datastage Developer/Admin

Answerthink (India) Limited

Answerthink is a leading business and technology-consulting firm that

enables companies to achieve

world-class business performance. The Global Development Center is located

at Hyderabad, AP, India.

Developed and deployed a message-based host middleware application

providing business-process

management for applications requiring access to multiple host systems.

Leveraging the ability of IBM

MQSeries to mediate between multiple platforms, it has made MQSeries as its

messaging transport

software of choice.


. Data Stage 7.5.1 installation and configuration on a distributed


. Responsibilities include installation and configuration of Data

Stage on DEV, UAT and PROD environments.

. Migrating developed DataStage Jobs from DEV to UAT and UST to PROD.

. Expertise in OLTP/OLAP system study, developing Database Schemas

like Star schema and snowflake schema (Fact Tables, Dimension

tables) used in relational, dimensional and multidimensional


. Familiarity in incorporation of various data sources like Oracle,MS

SQL Server,DB2,XML and Flat Files into the staging area.

. Extensively involued in the development of Datastage ETL process

for extracting data from various data sources, data transformation

and loading the data into Data Warehouse.

. Extensive knowledge in pipeline/partition concepts and techniques-

Round Robin, Entire, Hash, Modulus and Range.

. Extensively made use of all stages transformer, aggregator, sort,

join, link collector and link partitioner in Datastage designer.

. DataStage PROD support and trouble shooting.

. Involved in planning and implementation of DataStage

. Installed DataStage Clients on end user desktops/laptops and

troubleshooting daily issues.

. Prepared Documentation for DataStage installation and


. Problem determination and support during testing phases.

(Application support and trouble shooting)

. Trouble shooting Database connectivity problems and Created

documentation for various administration activities.

Environment: Data stage, Sun Solaris -Sparc10 (64bit), Windows 2003, UNIX

shell scripts, Toad .

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