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Software Development

United States
March 23, 2011

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Sanjay Singal

**** *** ***, *******, ** *****

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VPS (Fremont, CA) - 2005 to present

Various consulting assignments.

Yahoo (Sunnyvale, CA) - MTS, Ad Systems, 4/2004 to 12/2004

As a member of the self-service team:

• Explored various functional components of Yahoo's Ad System.

• Enhanced portions of the log aggregation subsystem,

• Developed new APIs for the front-end, enhanced backend queries.

• Debugged miscellanous problems and implemented error notification hooks.

• Investigated scalability requirements.

Kasenna, Inc. (Mountain View, CA) - Technical Lead, Content Management/Distribution subsystems, 1/2000 to 2004

• Led the design, development and release of the first generation of Content Distribution products at Kasenna. Focus was on point-to-point as well as point-to-multipoint distribution for static, on-demand video content.

• Worked closely with the A4 group on integrating the content distribution subsystem with the A4 layer. The A4-subsystem is responsible for providing authentication/authorization/access control/accounting primitives within MediaBase.

• Worked closely with the group designing a cluster platform for MediaBase nodes.

• Worked on the distribution and content management aspects of loosely and tightly coupled cluster configurations.

• Researched state-of-the-art storage-networking technologies with the goal of enhancing the Kasenna MediaBase storage manager functionality. The Kasenna MediaBase storage manager abstracts out the physical storage and can work in the presence of Direct Attached, Network Attached, SAN storage and more.

• Collaborated with the group developing an integration/management platform for MediaBase nodes. This effort resulted in the development of a standards-based (Java/SOAP/XML/Web Services) Media-Services API which exposes crucial aspects of the Kasenna MediaBase functionality. This API is currently being used for most partner/back-office-application integration efforts and for building vertical solutions on top of the core product.

• Researched alternatives for providing support for management/distribution of content and live-media in large-scale distributed environments, including technologies like application-level multicast, propagation of soft state, self-configuring, peer-to-peer, overlay networks etc.

• Investigated web caching and application-level-proxying technologies. Investigated firewall and NAT-related issues.

Silicon Graphics, Inc. (Mountain View, CA) - MTS, Scalable Systems Group, 7/97 to 1/2000

Member of the MediaBase (SGI Media Server) group.

• Responsible for the storage management subsystem within MediaBase. Led the design and implementation as part of a 2-member team. Part of this work has been filed as an SGI Patent.

• Worked as part of a team involved in integrating ATM networking capability into MediaBase.

• Designed, implemented and debugged a session directory service. This gives MediaBase the ability to listen to MBone sessions and announce local sessions using the SDP & SAP protocols, thereby also managing local allocation of IP- Multicast addresses.

MTS, Core OS Design, 5/95 to 7/97

• Operating System enhancements for QoS - Worked on designing, developing, debugging and testing an infrastructure to provide prioritised I/O accesses to application programmers. Applied the infrastructure to provide QoS for read/write transactions to the file system. This is an all-SGI-platforms feature introduced in the 6.4 release and extended in 6.5. Part of this work has been filed as an SGI patent.

• Implemented the IRIX real-time REACT extensions on the Octane multiprocessor workstation.

• Designed, developed and debugged a driver for SGI multiprocessor machines (Octane, Origin200 and Origin2000).

Hughes Network Systems (Germantown, MD) - MTS, 8/94 to 5/95

Systems Software Engineer in the Digital Cellular Networking Group. Work involved software development in a multi-processor, embedded, real-time, cellular networking environment. Also worked on cellular telecommunications protocols.

The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH), 9/92 to 5/94

Graduate Research Associate - Worked on the parallelization of a Computational Chemistry code for various platforms like CM-5, KSR-1, iPSC-860.

Graduate Teaching Associate - Instructor for an introductory programming course.

Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay, India), 7/91 to 5/92

Senior Thesis - Worked on the I/O and memory subsystem design requirements for a multiprocessor system.

Summer job - Worked as a part of a team developing an Optimizing Fortran-77 compiler.

Center for Development of Advanced Computing(C-DAC) (Pune, India), 5/91 to 7/91

Summer Internship - Was involved in the study of requirements for a Real-Time OS kernel. Studied the architecture of the parallel machine (PARAM) developed by CDAC.


M.S. in Computer Science, The Ohio State University, 1994

B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, 1992


Languages - C, C++, Java, XML, SQL

Scripting languages - Unix shell scripts, Perl

Hardware Platforms - Sun, SGI, Intel, CM-5, KSR-1

Operating Systems - Solaris, Linux, IRIX

Middleware - J2EE fundamentals, Web Services concepts, CORBA

Operating System Kernels - IRIX, familiarity with Linux

Networking - TCP/IP, IP-Multicast, ATM, TCP Offload Engine concepts

Security - Familiarity with firewalls/NATs, SSL, IPSec, authentication/authorization techniques.

Databases - Limited experience with Oracle, Informix and MySQL

Application-level protocols - HTTP, RTSP/RTP/RTCP, FTP, SDP/SAP, ICP, WCCP.

Familiarity with Reliable Multicast protocols like PGM, RMTP, SRM.


• Multidestination Message Passing in Wormhole k-ary n-cube Networks with Base Routing Conformed Paths, D.K.Panda, S.Singal, R.Kesavan, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 1999.

• Multidestination Message Passing Mechanism Conforming to Base Wormhole Routing Scheme, D.K.Panda, S.Singal and P.Prabhakaran, PCRCW 1994, LNCS, No. 853, Springer Verlag, pp.131-145, 1994


• System for communications where first priority data transfer is not disturbed by second priority data transfer and where allocated bandwidth is removed when a process terminates abnormally - Dave Olson, Brad Strand, Patrick D. Ross and Sanjay Singal.

• System and Method for improved utilization of filesystem bandwidth in a computer system serving multiple users - Michael Nelson, Bob Horen and Sanjay Singal.

• Prefix Caching with Admission Control for Media Objects - Satish Menon and Sanjay Singal.

• Push-pull model using metadata for efficient Video Content Distribution – Satish Menon, Bob Horen, J. K. Muthukumaraswamy and Sanjay Singal.

Awards and other Activities

• All-India National Mathematics Olympiad Gold Medallist. One of twenty students selected all over India through a competitive exam.

• National Talent Search Scholarship ( India ), 1986 - 1992.

• Technical referee for International Conference on Parallel Processing, International Parallel Processing Symposium and International Conference on Supercomputing.

References: provided upon request.

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