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Sr SAS Developer & Analyst

Austin, Texas, 78717, United States
July 30, 2010

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Ramarao Prahalad

***** ******** **. * Austin, TX 78717

Phone: 512-***-**** * Email:


 Over nine years developing web/desktop applications utilizing Microsoft technologies, including 5 years developing enterprise solutions built upon the .NET framework

 Worked for close to two years for Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) under a state contract with the Texas Health & Human Services Commission. Participated in all phases of the development life cycle ranging from collection of business user requirements to delivery of the detailed design implementation. TMHP is a CMM (Capability Maturity Model) Level IV certified organization.

 Over 3 years of experience working in a start-up environment for Builder Homesite Inc (BHI). During my duration at BHI I have developed and managed many enterprise-level applications. Most notably, (NHS), the flagship product of BHI and the number one online real estate marketplace catering to new home buyers.

 Microsoft .NET experience includes building and supporting an ASP.NET enterprise level application with an extensive architecture relying heavily on Web Services and .NET User Controls with business and data tiers written in C# with a SQL Server backend.

 Database experience includes responsibility for writing many of the stored procedures utilized by front end applications. I have exclusively worked as a SQL Server developer/admin, developing and maintaining gigabytes of data. Also participated in database design meetings with Database Administrators assisting in schema changes and optimizations to SQL Server database.

Relevant Technical Skills

• .Net Framework 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.5

• WCF • nUnit framework

• SSIS • Visual Basic 6.0/ActiveX


• C#/ Visual Basic .Net • SOAP/WSDL/Web Services • Active Server Pages (ASP)

• ASP.Net • VSS/PVCS/Source Gear/TFS/SVN/Git • XML, XSL, BizTalk

• ADO.Net • Windows NT/2000/2003/Vista • IIS 4.0/5.0/6.0

• SharePoint Portal Server • Microsoft SQL Server 6.5,7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008 • HTML, DHTML

• Visual Studio .Net 2003/2005/2008

• Management Studio/SQL profiler • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)

• Crystal reports • Visual Studio .Net

• Codesmith and nettiers

• JavaScript, VBScript, AJAX

Professional Experience

May 2010- Senior Applications Engineer: Electronic Arts, Austin, TX

To date

Currently working on a native C project. I set up various standards within the SDLC as EA is a gaming industry and there was no cycle of development per se. I set up Perforce and I have fixed a few bugs with the existing codebase which is all in native C and btree.

June 2009- Senior Software Engineer: Demand Media Inc, Austin, TX

April 2010

 Worked on setting up the QADev environment – Though this was not a development task, this was one of the best tasks that I have ever accomplished. Demand Media has one of the most complex system with .Net technologies, MVC, PHP and classic ASP.NET all coexisting. In addition to this, we also have MSMQ, Distributed Transactions, WCF services and windows services. I helped in setting up the QADev environment from scratch without any documentation to refer to.

DM has 4 disparate systems all talking to each other. Starting from simple things like host file entries to some complex tasks like analyzing the code and setting up MSMQ and making MSDTC work and setting up all the 12 Windows services, IIS settings (App Pools, IP restrictions etc), I helped in setting up the whole environment which helped me learn a lot of things including the Business flow. This was my first task and from then on, I almost knew the answers to most of the questions that people asked as I understood the Business as well as the technology framework without having a clue of neither one when I started.

• Worked on the Bulk Upload of titles project. The front end for this process was just a MVC page that was used to upload excel spreadsheet filled with pre-structured Titles data. The back-end Scheduled tasks project, that was a console application that I developed, was used to parse the spreadsheet and load the data. This made use of command pattern and used Aspect-oriented programming.

• Worked on our main web site: . This solution had MVC, web forms co-existing. Most of the pages that I worked on made JQuery AJAX calls to controllers and the front end made extensive use of JQuery. I have extensive experience with the Command pattern as the controllers were designed using commands, to get the flow.

• Clients like make use of the article feeds Demand Media sends them for publishing it on their web site. Wrote an application that parses the XML feed from the database and formats it in the client specified format. Again, made use of extensive OOO architecture within the Business project.

• Find Assignments page was running slow. I optimized it by creating CTEs and analyzing around 12 stored procedures and completely rewrote the procedures.

• We had various ways of URL redirection and masking. Helicon ISAPI, MVC and some in the Basepage. Removed the redirects from the Basepage and consolidated it in Helicon which is a regex based tool.

• Worked on at least 12-15 new reports using SSRS. I was the admin for the SSRS site and helped troubleshoot and also optimized performance of various business critical reports.

• had titles that users can write on our site in a Mysql database. Wrote a SSIS package to remote connect to their database and pull MySql data over to our end and de-dupe it against out main Titles database.

• Worked on various other optimization/code reduction projects.

Nov 2008- Senior Software Engineer: Newgistics Inc, Austin, TX (Short term contract)

April 2009

 Worked on Intellistation – a ASP.NET 3.5 (C#), web based application that our employees and Postal workers use for the purpose of recording shipment samples. This application is a typical ASP.NET web based application talking to NGSCore library for business rules and SQL Server 2005 as a back end and NGSApps library for custom Sitemap Management, roles and security features. This application made extensive use of AJAX control tool kit and AJAX server side controls to get rich UI effect. NGSCore made rich use of the Domain model and TDD approach. It was not completely Agile but we tried to get there.

Aug 2008- Senior Software Engineer: Speak-Write LLC, Austin, TX

Oct 2008

 Worked on Speak Easy – a .NET 3.5 – C#, windows based application that our clients use for the purpose of recording dictation audio files. This application made extensive use of 3rd party audio components on the front end and XML web service calls (running under HTTPS) to authenticate, submit and record audio jobs. I made extensive use of entity objects to pass information back and forth from the web services layer to the presentation layer.

Nov 2007- Senior Software Engineer: TASB, Austin, TX


 Assigned as technical lead on the ASP.NET(3.0-C#), extranet based Board book project, allowing Texas School Boards the ability to setup meetings and work on meeting agendas. Worked closely with the clients in defining business user requirement and was responsible for delivering final design documentation detailing the technical implementation. Managed another developer throughout the duration of the project ensuring that all deliverables were successfully satisfied.

 Developed the “Asbestos Management System” which is an ASP.NET 3.0 (C#) based, extranet application providing the ability for Texas schools to record and submit the asbestos survey information. I made extensive use of AJAX in the presentation layer and the complex business rules were handled in the middle tier components built using C# and with web services talking to these interface objects.

 Designed and developed a major release to the windows based, SMART application written in C#. The new release ensured that all the claims submitted by the schools were submitted with compliance to NPI standards. All the complex business rules related to EDI parsing was handled within the middle tier and typed datasets were used for marshalling objects. These eventually made external web service calls to transmit the data.

 Introduced software standards and procedures to TASB as there were no proper standards prior. Modeled and designed templates for Functional Design and Detailed Design documents.

Mar 2006- Programmer Analyst -II: St. Jude Medical, Austin, TX

Nov 2007

 Maintained the SharePoint Portal. SJM is a billion dollar a quarter industry with offices spread across the US. Created and administered SharePoint solutions across SJM. Created and maintained sites & sub sites for various teams within SharePoint. Housed lot of ASP.NET applications within the portal for intranet users to use.

 Worked on a small project to handle SharePoint applications from within a c# application.

 Assigned as technical lead on Fellows application, an ASP.NET (2.0 - C#) based intranet tool that ran behind our SharePoint Portal, allowing the internal staff the ability to log, search, track and research doctors from their Fellowship days. SJM had information of Fellows, across the US. Worked closely with the client in defining business user requirement and was responsible for delivering final design documentation detailing the technical implementation. I made extensive use of Generics and AJAX in this project.

 Designed and Developed the Programmer Registration application. This application tracked the delivery of Programmers, a device used for the purpose of recording the Patient’s and the implanted device information. This made easy for St Jude to send out a recall notice if there was a defect in any of the heart-implant devices. Made extensive use of ASP.NET 2.0 features and Middle tier objects and SQL Server 2005.

 Converted the PRS application which was the central application of the business, from ASP.NET 1.1 to ASP.NET 2.0 (C#). Since it had a few 3rd party grids and in line SQL queries, there was a performance hit. After carefully studying and documenting the business rules and making changes, the application ran 10 times faster as all the logic was moved to stored procedures and it was revamped to make calls to Active Directory rather than a database of personnel data.

 Participated in various phases of the development life cycle including analysis, development of detail design documentation, peer reviews, and component, assembly and user acceptance testing on applications that was built by other developers.

Dec 2004- Consultant: Accenture via Dynamic Computing Services, Austin, TX

Feb 2006 Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnerships (TMHP)

 Designed and developed the Online Extranet based Claims application ( that allowed medical providers to file their claims Online. Worked closely with the state client in defining business user requirement and was responsible for all stages of the SDLC. Made extensive use of web services and ASP.NET (1.1-C#) features including AJAXPro. The form had around 75 controls including dropdowns and made use of extensive caching mechanisms to render the page quickly and efficiently.

 Developed a new security model giving EDI admins (ASP.NET 1.1– C#) and the providers the ability to manage their accounts on the The new model introduced the first role-based security on allowing administrators to manage their account information, enroll additional provider accounts, create new users, manage permissions, and perform various other administrative tasks.

 Designed, Developed coded and tested an intranet ASP.NET based application named “TAMS” (VB.NET). This tool was used to maintain all the technology assets coming into the company.

 Participated in various phases of the development life cycle including analysis, development of detail design documentation, peer reviews, and component, assembly and user acceptance testing.

 Maintained and developed many backend support applications essential to

August 2001- Web Developer/BizTalk developer/ SQL developer/ Crystal developer: Builder Homesite Inc., Austin, TX

December 2004

 Designed and developed the XML parser application that made extensive use of XML technologies within the .NET framework 1.1 to parse 100 Megs and more of XML data from our suppliers like Whirlpool etc. I wrote 100-150 line stored procedures to increase the speed of parsing and storing XML data.

 Designed and developed the core pages of our product Was part of the design team at every stage though working on multiple projects concurrently. Implemented all the detail pages of this website (Home detail, apartment detail etc.) & designed complex classes to implement the Search functionality. This ASP.NET site was coded using C#.

 Worked on all modules of the variable content management extranet tool, for NCI, Inc to manage the variable content on their main website. This ASP.NET site was coded using C# on the Presentation layer and VB.NET on the process layer.

 Developed new release of commercial product utilizing .NET technologies, replacing ASP to COM architecture with ASPX pages coded in VB.NET with business and data components coded in C#.

 Designed architecture and developed eBay auction pre-approval application employing Microsoft .NET technologies, creating the first real-estate auction ever hosted on eBay. This was done using VB.NET

 Consolidated, a backend extranet tool for, into a single reusable code base that provided functionality for uploading and maintaining community and home listing data of all client builders.

 Worked on an extranet application using VB.NET & C# that allowed users to interface with, where new homes were auctioned for the first time on eBay.

 Was involved in creating maps, which mapped input files (both XML and .csv) received from the builders to the BHI schema, which was then processed to update the databases. Used VBScript to create functoids within BIZTALK Mapper. Was also involved in creating channels, ports and other features of BizTalk for each of our customers.

 Worked on various critical billing reports using Crystal reports.

 Expanded responsibilities to include application architecture, bug management, and all phases of the development lifecycle.

Oct 2000- Consultant: Dell Inc, Austin, TX

Aug 2001

 Developed the n-tier ASP based application This allowed the sales personnel to capture customer details like Orders/address information/quotes and notes. I made extensive use of DHTML.

 Worked on the Discounts & Coupons project. Dell introduced discounts for the first time on their web site I worked on the main .ASP pages and the SQL Server objects to implement this.

 Introduced the “Best Bet Feature” in Dell-Online search page ( which displays the best bets for the search query entered by the user using the relevance factor feature of Site Server.

 Worked on maintaining various other applications primarily using XML, COM, COM+ and MSMQ technologies.

 Participated in testing and created relative user and technical documentation.

Apr 1999- Programmer Analyst(Consultant): American Lung Association, Henderson, NV

Sept 2000

 Developed (classic ASP) and maintained an intranet website ( ) that connected all the ALA offices across the US.

 Designed & Developed a windows based Visual Basic 6.0 application titled “ALA Data Track” that allowed the ALA offices to conduct local charity events and for capturing all financial details, generating various reports, maintaining detailed information of the donor, participants, prospects etc.

 Gained valuable team skills through working in a collaborative development environment.

Nov 1992- Worked for various reputed Indian companies like Bharat Electronics Ltd, CMOS Soft etc.

Apr 1999


Bachelor of Engineering in Information Systems - 1992

 Bangalore University, India

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