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Engineer Supervisor

Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80915, United States
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February 22, 2012

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William Paterson

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Colorado Springs, CO 80915

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Cell Phone 719-***-****



• Twenty-five years of business/supervisory experience

• Quality Assurance/Quality Control/Supervisor in Environmental and Construction fields

• Site Health and Safety Officer

• Experience working with hazardous materials

• Supervisor and Cost Scheduler

• Knowledge of blue prints & most survey equipment

• Ability to operate both light and heavy equipment including: bulldozers, scrapers, road graders, front end loaders, back hoes, cranes, fork loaders, tractor trailers, compactor equipment, dump trucks, dozers, track loaders, excavator/pinchers, shears, cranes, and most hand equipment


Present Project Superintendent

OPTECH Environmental

Superintendent/H+S Officer over a 25+ man crew on an EPA Super Fund site.

Duties included the following: Tracked all costs to include labor, equipment, and all

Tasks involved in the site cleanup. Excavated material from marshes and ponds contaminated with PCB’S, on the Banks of Lake Ontario. This material was placed in containments to dewater and was sent off site to be disposed of. The Marshes were then backfilled with clean material and returned to its natural state so wild life could return. Installed 6000 feet of HDPE pipe throughout site to take contaminated water to a Water Treatment Plant. The water was treated and released to limits set by NYDEC.

5/08-03-11 Field Supervisor


Superintendent/General Foreman/Site Health and Safety Officer over a 25 man crew on a EPA Super Fund clean up site. Duties to include but not limited too the following: Laying out all areas identified of being contaminated by client. Excavated material from 2’ to 25 feet deep. Hauled material to a designated location to be capped at a later date. Installed a permanent Cap to an area of 9 acres to encapsulate the hazardous material that had been excavated. Back filled and compacted material to fill in all excavations so proper drainage was achieved. Installed 4000 feet of HDPE pipe across property before excavations started so old line could be abandon. Constructed a new water holding pond so old pond could be excavated since it had leaked for a very long time and was part of the contamination problem. Installed new storm drainage system to reclaim all water so water could be reclaimed and kept on site. Tracked all hours worked by crew and all materials excavated. Documented all activities preformed and kept Client informed on a daily basis. Latest projects are as follows: Removal of contaminated soils and sediments out of ponds that are 45-65 feet deep., Decontaminate a 77,000 S.F. building to make ready for Demo operations.

QA/QC Field Supervisor

6/04- 5/08 Shaw E&I

QA/QC/Field Supervisor/H&S Oversight on numerous projects to include: Lead and Arsenic

Removal at Eureka UT, PCB Remediation at Compressor Stations for” EPNG” and” CIG”

Duties to include but not limited to the following: Oversight over Sub Contractor to include

Documentation of EPA Regulation cleaning process, tracking and disposal of PCB Waste,

Cost scheduling of contractors time, and materials, project health and safety compliance, and Client Liaison. Also during this time frame I work as a QC manager after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans assisting FEMA with Travel Trailer installation and Leasing Home owners into the Trailers.

QA/QC Inspector/Supervisor

10/01-6/04 Shaw E&I/The IT Group

Foreman/QAQC Supervision on a bio-hazard (anthrax) terrorist response team. Sites included: Capital Hill (“Enduring Freedom”) and USPS Sorting Center in Hamilton, N.J.

Duties included, but not limited to the following: supervised crews with decontamination of mail, contaminated material, and the entire building. Most of this period, I was one of the supervisors of the QA/QC Department. Duties included the following: handling “classified” material, tracking all job tasks, enforcing all S.O.P.’s, site photographer, made up work plans & schedules for persons working under my supervision, tracking most all items coming on site or leaving site. I worked closely with USPS, Secret Service, FBI, and other emergency agencies, and all other tasks assigned to the QA/QC Department.

9/94-10/01 Foreman/Senior Heavy Equipment Operator

The IT Group, formally know as OHM Remediation

Operator of loaders, back hoe, compactor equipment, dump trucks, grader, fork lifts, dozers, track loaders, excavator/pinchers, survey equipment, and most hand equipment. Also was the foreman over the sight, shooting grade, & made sure sight was compliant with the blue prints.

Knowledge and enforcement of environmental and construction codes. At this time I was the Site Safety Officer.

5/96-9/96 Senior Heavy Equipment Operator

Pioneer Excavating

Operator of loaders, dozers, backhoes, and all equipment used in compaction. Used most of survey equipment to bring sites up to grade for other contractors to build on, and then returning to backfill to bring back to finish grade.

9/94-1/96 Heavy Equipment Operator

OHM Remediation, formally known as Rust

Duties were the same as above with the exception of working on a water treatment plant to include: installing infiltration galleries, putting in underground piping to and from the plant, placing vaults, installing pumps in wells, handling of contaminated water and soils, compacted most all types of soils up to 95%, completed the 40 hour OSHA safety course, and landscaped most all the land to its natural state. Most of this time frame, I worked on US owned Islands such as Midway Island, Wake Island,and Guam. On these Islands, all UST’s were excavated and cleaned and disposed of.

2/94-9/94 Road Superintendent

Town Of Palmer Lake, Colorado

Planned and maintained all roads, installed culverts, road signs, inspected all contractor’s work. Enforced all health and safety laws. Approved zoning of all new roads or bridges. Planned a snow removal plan and carried it out. Planned and wrote the roads budget proposal. Planned and maintained the water system for the town, maintained the water reservoirs, and was the Assistant to the Water Foreman. Also maintained the town’s vehicle program. Enforced city codes.

1989-1994 Civil Engineer

Norad Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO

Heavy Equipment Operator and Mining Engineer. Duties included: Inspection of Rock bolts that stabilize the inside structure of the Caves where NORAD subsides, snow removal, landscaping, building and maintaining roads, all phases of asphalt, rough & finish concrete, drilling, coring, and splitting of rock and concrete, fence repair, carpentry, welding. Operation of most equipment including cranes, dozers, loaders, graders, back hoes, and tractors. Planning of job orders, supervising, and inspection of contractors work.

1988-1989 Supervisor

United States Army

Stationed at Ft Ord, California. I supervised a H.E. Section for a B.N. All my duties were the same as description below from 1982, with the addition of working with explosives such as T.N.T., C-4, and Ammonia-Nitrate. I also went to school for hazardous materials and was the B.N. N.C.O. for Hazardous Materials

1987-1988 Plant Operator

Calmet of Colorado

Operation of a filter press. The handling of controlled chemicals, the melting and pouring of precious metals. Maintenance, which included gas and arc welding. Working on electrical and air pumps. The maintenance on most equipment in a precious metal processing plant.

1982-1986 United States Army, highest rank held was SGT (E-5P)

After basic and advanced training at Ft. Leonard Wood, as an equipment operator, I was assigned to 52nd Engineer BN Ft. Carson, Colorado. I was then transferred to the 317th Engineer BN in Frankfort, Germany. Duties included: construction and maintenance functions in building roads, bridges, and landscaping. I operated both light and heavy equipment in the U.S. Construction Industry. Trained & supervised other operators. QA/QC of civilian contractors and their Safety Officer.


• Graduate of Joseph City High, AZ

• Northland Pioneer College, ‘Psychology, Emergency Medical Technician School’

• Heavy Equipment School, ‘360 hrs, U.S. Army, Ft Leonard, MO’

• Defensive Driving School, ‘40 hrs, Ft Carson, CO’

• Hazardous Materials, ‘120 hrs, State of California’

• Colorado Mining Safety School, ‘40 hrs’

• Air Force Management School, ‘Peterson Air Force, Colorado’

• OSHA Safety Courses, ‘40 hrs Rust/OHM/The IT Group’

• OSHA Hazmat Certification, ‘40 hrs, OHM/The IT Group’

• OSHA Competent Person/Excavating & Trenching, ‘8 hrs, The IT Group’

• Level “B” Rescue Training , ‘Shaw E&I’

• OSHA Confined Space Entry, ‘Shaw E&I

• OSHA Confined Space Supervisor, Shaw E&I

• OSHA Safety Supervisor, ’10 hrs, OSHA/Shaw E&I

• First Aid, ‘American Red Cross’

• CPR, ‘American Red Cross’

• Defensive Driving, ‘Shaw E&I’

• JSA Supervisor Course, ‘Shaw E&I’

• Air Sampling, ‘Shaw E&I’

• Wipe Sampling, ‘Shaw E&I’

• Vacuum Sampling, ‘Shaw E&I’

• Decontamination of Artwork,’ U S Government’

• Top Secrete Clearance, ‘Department of Defense’

• 8 Hour Supervisor Hazwopper Course, National Environmental Trainers

• Emergency Medical Technician, ‘State of Arizona’

• Lead Awareness, ‘Shaw E&I’

• Asbestos Awareness, ‘Shaw E&I’

• Radioactive Training

• MSHA 8 Hour Refresher Stoller Corporation 2008

• Hazwoper, ‘8 hr refresher, Shaw E&I’ 1995-2008

• Hazwoper, ‘8 hr refresher, Supervisor 2008-2011

• Adolescent Counseling, ‘State of Colorado’

• Explosive Training ‘US ARMY’

REFERENCES: Available upon request

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