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United States
January 27, 2010

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Mr. Peter P. Hsiao

*** **** ********* ****, ***., #3

Amherst, New York 14228

(716) ***-****


Metallurgical Lab

Metallographic microscope sample preparation and checking,

SEM, EDS, X-Ray Diffraction, XRF,

Fracture inspection,


Magnetic and electric property testing,

Non-destructive testing,

Mechanical properties testing,

Metal Processes

Steels, Ferric Alloys, Copper alloys, Aluminum alloys, Resistance Alloys, Precious Metals and Alloys,Metal processes - Melting, casting, rolling, wire drawing, heat treatments, Medical Wire and Ribbon,

Wire Coating - Gold plating, Insulation Coating, Bondcoat Coating,

Quality Assurance

Have involved in QS9000 and ISO9001:2000, SPC, Involved in many quality issues.

Foreign Language

Fluent in Chinese

Computer Skill

MS Office


BS in Metal Physics

University of Science and Technology Beijing (Beijing Institute of Iron and Steel Technology), Beijing China

Mechanical Engineering

State University of New York at Buffalo

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Professional Experience

Processes of Metals and Alloys, Quality issues

Process and Product Development

Process Engineer, Metallurgist, Brush Engineered Materials

Williams Advanced Materials (2008-2009) Buffalo, New York.

Duties: Process and procedure for the wire, rod and sheet products, solve the quality problems caused by improper process and modify them, develop some new product and set their procedure, and search some technical information upon request.

Achievements: Correct few mistakes in some processes. Also I finished a project and set a complete procedure for a precious alloy wire. Details are confidential.

Product Development, Quality and Process Control, Metallurgist

Quality and Process Engineer

Sigmund Cohn Corporation (2006-2008) Mount Vernon, New York.

Duties: New product and alloy development (mainly medical wire and ribbons), setup, review and modify precious metal and alloy procedures, quality issues; SEM with EDS. As daily job, I receive and review almost all quality issue and samples, check and test by microscope, tensile tester, and SEM-EDS, find root causes and give proper suggestions.

Achievements: Found out root causes by using series of lab equipments, improve many production processes, develop and modify some new alloys for meeting customers’¯ requirements. Details are confidential.

Quality Control, Product Development

Quality Manager, Technology Facilitator

Molecu Technology Ltd., (2005-2006) Hong Kong SAR

Duties: Managing of the Quality Control, product development, contact the customers in China on above issues.

Achievements: Setup the QC department and some production facilities, start make near hundred samples and products. Continue some new product projects.

Product development, Gold plating, Metallurgy, Enameled Wire

Engineer, Technologist

Molecu Wire Corporation (1998-2005) Somerset, New Jersey.

Duties: Quality Control, Product development, Production and testing methods and procedures, such as SEM, TMA, XRF, mechanical and metallographic testing.

Achievements: A highly successful and verifiable track record in development of new insulation and bond coat materials, and put them into big scale production.

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Professional Experience

Physical Metallurgy

Engineer, Technologist

Shanghai Steel and Iron Works No.3 (1966-1979) Shanghai, China


Automatic ultrasonic testing

Metallographic testing

X-ray diffraction

Electronic microscopy

Magnetic-electric properties

Testing equipments

Related alloy steel quality issues

Achievements: Developed several new testing methods, analyzed problems and anticipated people’¯s needs. Also, I, as a team member, involved some new alloy steels projects such as shipbuilding low alloy steels, magnetic alloys, stateliness steels and others. My duty wasgive production suggestions based on quality and final testing result issues.

Non-Professional Experience


I worked in a number of different companies that were unrelated to the metallurgical field.

Publications and Professional Meetings

Pingsheng Xiao (Peter Hsiao) “°The Automatic Recording of T.T.T. Curves of Certain Alloy”¡±---a report made at 4th Annual Meeting of the Metallurgical Physics Testing Conference in July 1977 at Anshan, ChinaThe Conference Annual Book,

Pingsheng Xiao (Peter Hsiao), Yanming Yu: “°Sensitivity of Magnetometry by Ballistic Method---a Theoretical and Practical investigatio”¡±---a report made at the 5th Annual Meeting of the Metallurgical Physics Testing Conference in July 1979 at Taiyuan, chi.

The Conference Annual Book.

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