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Anncy Resume

Waltham, MA, 02451
September 08, 2008

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To obtain a challenging position with an organization that has an emphasis on service and where enthusiastic client relations and support would be needed.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

Bachelor of Science

Biology, May 1995 (completed within 3 years)

GPA: 3.4/4.0

St. George's University School of Medicine, Grenada, West Indies

August 1995 - December 1997 (withdrew)


2/2007- Present

Zoom Information Inc, Waltham, MA

Project Manager - Business Development

* Manage all aspects of Business Development Partner Relationships

* Assist will all technical, product and user issues for all aspect of sales cycle as well as for existing partners

* Monitor manage and address technical issues with use of API and Data Feeds accessed via FTP

* Mange relationships with third part vendors, for development services as well as revenue share deals

* Work as Product manager for various Sales and API related products and functionality

* Work as Product Owner within the Agile and Scrum development environment

* Deliver market and product requirements with prioritized features and corresponding justification

* Define new product functionality and technical specifications through customer feedback and market needs

* Managing the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities

* Participate in design reviews and product strategy sessions for new product development

* Made recommendations resulting in improvement of product functionality during product development phase

* Collaborate with marketing on product specifications, competitive analysis, and marketing communications

* Test and evaluate competitive products reporting findings and recommendations to marketing and upper management

* Provide ongoing market analysis and technical expertise for product development and new product planning

* Interface directly with Quality Assurance, Development and Marketing to coordinate product launch activities

10/2005 - 2/2007

Statewide Emergency Telecommunications Board (SETB), Taunton, MA

Executive Office of Public Safety (EOPS) for State of Massachusetts

Contract Trainer

* Train 9-1-1 Dispatchers, Telecommunicators, Police Chiefs, Officers, State Troopers and Firemen on Enhanced 9-1-1 Equipment and Software in 2 day Class (8 hours per day), 4 hour module training, or 4 hour Refresher training.

* Certified APCO Instructor for Public Safety Telecommunicator Course

* Teach 55 hour APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator Course

* All courses contained sections such as, basic History of MA State 911, New Technology (VoIP and Telematics) MAARS Equipment and/or VESTA Software, Teletypewriter (TTY), Language Interpretation, Call Handling Procedures, Mapping Programs, etc, as well as administer a Written and Practical Test

* Created Student Manuals, Instructor Manuals and Job Aids for 2 -day E-911 Equipment and 4 hour module trainings

* Coordinate printing of thousands of copies of Student Manuals and Job Aids created

* Provided Instructor with printed Instructor Manuals as well and PowerPoint Presentation with detailed notes to aid in classroom delivery

* Developed detailed instructions for each trainer at each of the 6 training sites

* Mentor to all part-time trainers, who contact me as needed with any training or classroom related issues or questions

* Provide ongoing support to Police Chiefs, Supervisors, Telecommunicators and 911 Dispatchers via phone, e-mail and in person at Police and Fire Stations throughout the state

* Liaison between the Systems Analysts (Verizon and State) and Police Stations and Public Safety Answering Points in the organization and implementation of software changes, providing documentation, training and support as needed.

* Conducting Testing of newly hired Telecommunicators and Dispatchers at Boston Police and Boston Fire

* Provided with new topics in the morning and taught 2 hour class on the same new topic in the afternoon using materials and presentations created myself.

* Troubleshoot technical issues, either related to equipment or software being used

* Researched Badge printing vendors then Designed new ID Badges for the SETB to increase security

3/2002 - Present


Graphic Designer and Web Developer

* Graphic Design and Web Development on a contract or per project basis

* Develop and maintain websites using HTML, Lotus Notes and Cold Fusion

* Design marketing materials - menus, brochures, flyers, labels, logos

* Develop PowerPoint presentations involving a video demonstration on "how to" use specific machinist tools and posting PowerPoint on company website along with video

* Develop PowerPoint presentations to demonstrate the functionality of software programs and equipment.

* Design company ID badges and business cards

* Design and print various designing and creating customized wedding invitations, birth announcements, baptism invitations, Christmas Cards etc

7/2002 - 10/2005

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, Waltham MA

New England INDEX/ Massachusetts Network of Information Providers (MNIP)

University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Waltham, MA

Chief Information Specialist/Project Coordinator for Training

* Train State Departments, non-profit organizations and Human Service Agencies on use of software and Lotus Notes Databases developed by NE INDEX as well as Web Interface to database

* Demonstrate Software at MRC (Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission) and DMR (Department of Mental Retardation) Conferences

* Monitor use of databases and provide ongoing support via the phone or internet

* Grant permissions to access the database to appropriate users and create usernames

* Coordinate training for Developmental Disabilities Programs

* Coordinate details of Federal Grants to assure the project goals are obtained within specified timeframe

* Organize training for online courses relating to Developmental Disabilities

* Create, distribute and organize materials for student applications to courses and enrollment

* Train over the phone and provided support to students on use of online learning software, LearningSpace 5.0, Intralearn, as well as any other systems issues

* Manage various grants and projects using Microsoft Project

* Analyze student data from Courses to provide feedback to funders in Annual Reports and future related Grant proposals

* Provide information and referrals to consumers inquiring about disability specific resources

* Develop and use Lotus Notes software

5/2000 - 8/2001

Empress Technological Services, New York, NY

Trainer/Training Coordinator

* Train new employees on Proprietary Data Extraction Software

* Assist with retraining and continuing education when necessary

* Create a corporate website using HTML and FrontPage

1/1998 - 3/2001

Brassring Systems, Waltham, MA

Operations Support Manager 4/2000 - 3/2001

* Recruit, train and manage Operations Support staff

* Responsible for management of:

- All client issues related to resume processing and responding to these issues within 24 hours

- Activation and deactivation of all clients in all aspects of processing within Access database and Exchange

- Training for all existing department processes

- Implementation of training for new processes

- Documentation of all procedures

- Hiring of 1000+ at home Data Extractors to work from home using Citrix

- Quality Control and Continuing Education for all at home Data Extractors

* Analyzed needs of staff to determine necessary training and level

* Represent the Department on several cross functional teams to ensure synergy between all Departments

* Created specifications for and trained staff on use of CRM software Onyx

* Manage day to day challenges with production as they arise

* Monitor emails from all sources to 250+ email address to prevent spamming and ensure security

* Maintain website for Extractors using ColdFusion and FrontPage

* Trained in all aspects of Processing Manager's role to fill whenever necessary

Training Supervisor 2/2000 - 3/2000

* Conducted train the trainer sessions

* Organized Screening, Training and Hiring process for at home Data Extractors

* Developed Course and Course materials to train staff

* Developed training processes for all procedures and processes within the Department

* Trained existing employees on proprietary software and tools, developed in SQL and Visual Basic, that were individually developed for specific processes in production flow

Jr. Developer 8/1999 - 2/2000

* Wrote ColdFusion and SQL code to access and report on selected client information

Production Control Manager 4/1998 - 8/1999

* Researched all client issues with production process and provided feedback to customers within 24 hours of the issue being reported

* Responsible for the set up and maintenance of new clients in all the production databases and Access databases as well as all email addresses on Exchange and NTMail Servers

* Developed and implemented a Screening, Training and Hiring process for Data Extractors as well as course materials

* Trained new Data Extractors on company software in both a 1-on-1 and classroom setting

* Conducted train the trainer sessions

* Responsible for back up covering of all production processes

* Created daily reports reflecting turn around time of files processed

Data Extractor 1/1998 - 4/1998

* Extracted data and processed resumes

* Train new staff on manual extraction process

Software Experience

Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access, Project, Outlook, PowerPoint, FrontPage and Exchange, Lotus Notes, ColdFusion, HTML, Various Proprietary software (Riviera, Pompano, MyID, etc) and company /job specific software (SalesLogix, Bases, Onyx, MAARS, VESTA Pallas, VESTA Meridian, Salesforce)


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