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Software Sales

Hyderabad, AP, India
August 19, 2012

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M. Dileep Kumar,

H.N.O: *-*-*133/4/C, Flat No.G-2

Suchitra residency, New Nallakunta

Hyderabad-500044, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Phone: 91-040-********

Mobile: 939-***-****(Reliance)




To seek a Analytical chemist position in your organization. I am a committed and hard working individual who enjoys a challenge. In addition to strong communication skills, I am able to work effectively. I can also demonstrate advanced problem-solving skills and thrive under pressure. My drive and ambition ensure in a team I am a valuable addition to any company."

"An ambitious and hard working individual, my significant tenures at highly respected companies are testament to my commitment and ability. I handle multiple tasks on a daily basis competently, working well under the pressure. Frequent acknowledgment of my contribution from senior management illustrates still further my potential value to your company."


1) Perkin Elmer India Pvt Ltd.

Name of the organization: Perkin Elmer India Private Limited, Hyderabad.

Designation: Application specialist.

Year: November, 2010 to till.

Area of work: Mass spectrometry and Chromatography (GC/MS, LC/MS, HPLC and GC-HS)

Nature of work:

At customer place:

• Visiting customer places and giving seminars and practical demos.

• Giving training to the customers on operation, analysis, method development and trouble shooting.

• Visiting customers for presales discussion.

• Giving application support to the customer in presales and post sales.

• Developing applications at customer place as desired by the customer.

• Visiting different types of customers like Industries, Institutes and Colleges to give training programmes.

Nature of work at lab:

• Developing applications in diversified fields at lab (Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Environmental, Food, and Agriculture, Clinical etc).

• Developing methods at lab according to the customer request.

• Conducting class room seminars and practical demos at lab to the sales people and customers.

• Giving training programmes to the college students at class room and lab.

• Sample analysis, Documentation, Preparing validation reports, SOP, s and STP, s.

• Calibration, Maintenance and trouble shooting the instruments. Recording data, maintaining records and log books.

• Handling the following instruments :

Perkin Elmer GC HS-MS CLARUS 500 MS and 600 C MS with Turbo mass software.

Perkin Elmer Gas Chromatography (480, 580 and 680 models) with Total chrom and empower software.

Turbo matrix Head space sampler with Turbo matrix software.

Flexar SQ 300 LC/MS (Perkin Elmer) with SQ 300 MS and Chromera software.

Flexar HPLC with Photodiode array detector, RI detector, Fluorescence detector and Chromera software.

2) Matrix Laboratories Limited.

Name of the organization: Matrix Laboratories Limited (A Subsidiary of Mylan Corporation INC), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Designation: Assistant Manager.

Year: January, 2006 to November, 2010

Nature of work:

• Analytical method development and validation of impurities, genotoxic impurities and residual solvents in API by GC, GC-MS, LC-MS, LC-MS/MS (Triple quadrupole MS) and HPLC.

• Identification of known and unknown impurities and intermediates in API by GC-MS, LCMSD/Ion trap and LCMS/MS(Triple quadrupole MS)

• Impurity profiling.

• Method development, validation and quantification of anions by capillary electrophoresis.

• Identification of impurities, residual solvents and degradents in API by GC-MS.

• Supporting R&D as well as plant to solve the critical issues.

• Reaction monitoring and other assays.

• Stability studies and degradation studies

• Routine sample analysis.

• Calibration, Maintenance and trouble shooting the instruments. Recording data, maintaining records and log books as per GLP.

• Documentation, Data Interpretation, Preparing validation reports, SOP, s and STP, s.

• Handled the following instruments :

Perkin Elmer GC HS-MS CLARUS 500 MS with Turbo mass software.

Agilent EI/CI MSD with Triple Axis Detector System(GC-MS)

Agilent 1100 Series LCMSD/Ion trap LC-MS with autosampler and Agilent chemstation software and Agilent HPLC.

Triple quadrupole LCMS/MS API 3000 of Applied biosystems.

Agilent GC (7890, 6890 and 5890) with Chemstation software.

HPLC, GC and other equipments.

Agilent 1100 Series with auto sampler and Agilent chemstation software.

Waters HPLC with Photodiode array detector, ELSD detector and Empower software.

3) The Energy and Resources Institute.

Name of the company: The Energy and Resources Institute.Formarly known as Tata Energy Research Institute.

Designation: Research Assistant.

Year: August 2002 to December, 2004.

Nature of work: Identification and quantification of fermentation metabolites and degradation compounds by using HPLC, GC and GC-MS. Fermentation, microbiology and molecular biology work.

Fermentation metabolites: Succinic acid, Lactic acid and Bioethanol

Degradation compounds: Biodesulferisation samples, Pyrene and its metabolites, Aromatic and Aliphatic hydrocarbons from crude oil.

Worked on following projects.

1). Bio-Desulferisation (Dibenzothiophene and its intermediates).

2). Microbial bio-degradation of pyrene (Pyrene and its intermediates)

3). Microbial enhanced oil recovery (Paraffin degradation)

4). Bioremediation of contaminated soils (Aliphatic and Aromatic hydrocarbons)

6). Bio-ethanol production from fruit and vegetable waste. (Bio-ethanol)

7). Degradation of Endosulfan. (Endosulfan and its isomers intermediates)

8). Defuctionalisation of carbohydrates as industrial feedstock (Succinic acid and lactic acid).

Instruments Handled:

GC/MS and GC:

Perkin-Elmer Clarus 500 GC/MS with turbomass software with Quadruple mass analyzer having EI and CI sources.

Agilent Technologies Gas chromatograph (HP) 5890 and 6890 N series Autosampler with Chemstation S/W

Perkin Elmer with Auto system XL GC having Autosampler


Agilent Technologies 1100 series with Autosampler, UV Diode array and RI Detectors, Fraction collectors and Chemstation software S/W

UV-VIS spectrophotometers: Elico 159 SL, Unicam, Shimadzu and Hitachi.

New Brunswick scientific co fermentor.

4) Nagarjuna Agricultural Research and Development Institute.

Name of the organization: NARDI.

Designation: Lab Technician.

Year: 1999 to 2002

Nature of work:

• Pesticide residual analysis in different commodities like vegetables, crops, soils and water samples etc. using GC and HPLC (Chlorpyriphos, Propigonazole, Imidachloprid and Trycyclazole etc).

• Analysis of fermentation metabolites using HPLC. (Avermectin, Trichodermin and viridian).

• Analysis of total sugars by anthrone method by using UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

• Analysis of ammonical nitrogen by geldol method

• Fermentations and microbiology work.

5) Shantha Biotechniques Pvt. Ltd.

Name of the organization: Shantha Biotechniques Pvt. Ltd.

Designation: Lab Technician.

Year: 1997 to 1998

Nature of work:

• Microbiology work.

• Fermentations and down stream processing. Recombinent protein purifications.

Instruments Handled:


B Braun biotech international limited germany.

Protien purification equipments:

Pellican Ultra filtration unit.

Dyhno mull kd5 and column chromatography equipments..


• Ability to working hard independently as well as part of project teams.

• I have strong verbal communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills, and ability to work independently as well as part of project teams.

• Recording data, Report preparation, and presentation, Maintenance of records and GMP and GLP.

• Strong belief towards hard work.

• I have good computer skills for report preparation, presentation etc.

• MS-Office, Work, Excel, Power point, Coral software etc.


1). M.Sc in Chemistry from kuvempu university India.

2). Degree (B.S.c.B.Z.C) from government city college Hyderabad from Osmania university, Andhra pradesh India

Subject: Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology as main subjects.

3). Intermediate (B.P.C) from Government junior college Hyderabad from board of intermediate Andhra pradesh India

Subjects: Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry as main subjects.

4). 10th class from Government vidhyanagar high school Hyderabad from Board of secondary education Andhra pradesh India.

Subjects: Mathematics, Science, Social, Telugu, English and Hindi.


Name: M. Dileep Kumar

Father’s Name: M.Sudershan Rao

Sex: Male

Marital status: married

Nationality: Indian

Languages known: English, Telugu, Hindi and German.


Dr. G Jyothi

Vice President – ADL

Hetero Research Foundation



Dr. Suryanarayana M.V

Vice President – ADL

Matrix Laboratories Limited

Bollarum, Medak District-502323


M R Varaprasada Reddy

Department Pharmacology and Toxicology

301, University Boulivard

University of Texas Medical Branch

Galveston Texas-77550, USA

Phone: 001**********




Dr.Banwari lal (Director)

Microbial Biotechnology and Industrial Microbiology division

Tata Energy Research Institute,

India Habitat Centre,

Lodhi Road, New Delhi- 110 003

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