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Engineer Electrical

Solon, Ohio, 44139, United States
September 10, 2010

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***** ********* ***** ▪ Solon, Ohio 44139 ▪ (619) ***-**** ▪


A lead electrical or electronic engineering position with a company where my twenty-three years of innovative design and prototyping experience can help the company achieve strategic technology objectives.


· Twenty-three years of successful performance as an electrical engineering consultant, senior design engineer, and design and development engineer, project manager.

· Highly developed skills in mathematics, simulation, and prototype development and testing to meet the most stringent military or medical specifications.

· Project managed and was lead analog engineer for a Doppler ultrasound medical instrument with responsibilities from concept through manufacturing under ISO9000 and FDA supervision, and system to component levels.

· Possesses a strong mathematical background that enables quick comprehension to design and develop virtually any needed analog or digital circuit or system.

· Conceived, designed and developed a new portable ultrasound imaging system with a new multi-element transducer that includes analog high-voltage pulsing circuitry to modulate frequency signals on the order of 10 MHz, and that are directed to a specific transducer element by sequencing digital circuitry.

· Expertise with project management, analog research and development, digital design, high-voltage, board design and high-frequency layout, signal processing, electromagnetics, acoustics, simulation, applied mathematics, and testing.

· Extensive experience using software such as OrCAD, Layout, PSpice, Mathematica, Matlab, MathCAD, LabView, and SwitcherCAD, and programming languages including FORTRAN, Visual Basic, and C.

· Analytical problem solver with laser focused critical thinking skills, clear and effective goal setting and attainment skills, and excellent research, design, and development skills.

· Published author of technical articles relating to laser beam propagation and scattering, and holds a pending patent on an optical ultrasound transducer.

· Consummate team player with excellent interpersonal skills.

· Exhibits effective verbal and written communication skills and an open door policy for new ideas.


Electrical Engineer, ZIN Technologies, Cleveland, Ohio 05/09 – 5/10

Provide mathematical modeling support for signal processing aspects relating to the G.729 speech CODEC and speech recognition to be used in the next spacesuit for Moon and Mars exploration. Design and simulate electronics such as frequency-to-voltage conversion, temperature monitoring, and voltage/current monitoring circuitry for an inverter supply to be used in the second stage of the next Ares rocket. Presently involved in the system level design of the Communication/Navigation system for the Moon/Mars spacesuit. All hardware requirements include designing to Space Grade Level 1 and the specification of radiation-hardened parts.

Electrical Engineering Consultant, Atlanta, Georgia; Cleveland, Ohio; San Diego, California; 01/05 – 05/08

Provided engineering consulting services that overcame a variety of specific obstacles that impeded the research and design phase of projects. Highlights include projects with Geodetics, Area Detector Systems Corporation, Metrionix, Ambient Controls, Illumina, Cummins-Allison, Think-A-Move, Saint-Gobain, and Wang Electro-Opto Corporation.

▪ Patented and initiated research and development at USC of a new optical ultrasound transducer.

▪ Developed methods to design, test, and fabricate the picosecond analog front-end electronics for gamma ray sensors composed of scintillation materials, off-the-shelf discrete photodiodes, matrix photodiodes, or PMTs, and preamplifiers including pulse-shaping circuitry that included extensive use of laboratory test instrumentation.

▪ Managed the design, development, and assembly of a test fixture used to test sensitive magnetic sensors with major concerns for eliminating EMI by proper layout and shielding using Altium’s capture, simulation and layout.

▪ Designed, assembled, and tested a prototype high-current charge balance circuit that maintains equal voltages on unequal ultra capacitors in series while under charge. Used SwitcherCAD simulation software.

▪ Employed PSpice and Mathematica to design, simulate, and mathematically document a prototype of several comparator sub-circuits using hysteresis to detect under-over power supply voltages.

▪ Completed an expansive literature search that located known solutions to audio feedback problems and implemented a prototype all-pass filter using PSpice in order to introduce a phase-shift sufficient to eliminate the conditions that effect the Barkhausen criteria.

▪ Utilized Matlab to develop and apply a software realization of a DSP transformation to compensate for the distortion in the bone-conducted voice in order to obtain the natural speaking voice.

▪ Designed a hardware analog filter prototype using Mathematica for audio pre-emphasis through the application of real-time software and speech recognition software.

▪ Designed a flexible DSP testing system composed of Matlab, real-time transfer function software (WaveWarp), and a speech recognition program in order to model the desired transmitting and receiving earphone.

▪ Evaluated and made recommendations on the feasibility of a materials oriented sensor company to enter into the electronics realm.

▪ Introduced methods to rapidly produce in-house low-noise, high-speed surface mount prototype circuit boards.

▪ Designed and fabricated an optically isolated analog DC-to-RF switching circuit board used to isolate interference from the RF antenna while controlling the ground or float states of a number of beam-steering pins.

Electrical Engineer IV , SAIC, Gulfport, Mississippi 11/03 – 12/04

Evaluated the feasibility of analog and digital projects and supported existing analog and digital products for SAIC, a leading provider of scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services and solutions.

▪ Developed a mathematical algorithm that models critical components of systems designed to acquire acoustical data through hydrophonic sensors that store the data and transmit it via Ethernet, wireless, and optical links.

▪ Extensively used Mathematica, Matlab, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, and Excel for writing algorithms to model subsystems that were then applied to produce hardware prototypes in the laboratory.

▪ Located noise errors by writing a probabilistic algorithm to model a faulty system.

▪ Developed hardware prototypes of low-frequency sonic transducers through algorithm development.

▪ Decreased development time and cost for projects through modeling algorithms of concepts.

Electrical Engineering Consultant, St. Petersburg, Florida 11/01 – 10/03

Conducted R&D on acoustical and electromagnetics applications. Proved the validity of a theoretical ultrasound-imaging concept based on a typical linear ultrasonic sensor via algorithm development and mathematical modeling.

▪ Initiated the prototype design of an analog and digital system based on the results of research. Wrote and published papers pertaining to the mathematical foundations of acoustic and electromagnetic wave propagation.

▪ Designed a low-cost analog and digital ultrasound imaging prototype system with minimal EMI concerns.

▪ Contributed two innovative articles based on my dissertation to IEEE Antennas & Propagation Journal.

Technical Staff Member, TyCom Ltd., Eatontown, New Jersey 01/01 – 10/01

Tested the transmission and error rates of soft-level decoding vs. hard-level decoding for high-speed optical data transmission. Managed the design and fabrication of an in-house high RF frequency de-multiplexer board including concept, design, layout, fabrication, and testing. Used OrCAD, PSpice, and microstrip computer simulations.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Villanova University and University of Pennsylvania 1/98 – 12/00

▪ Wrote a versatile FORTRAN program at Villanova University for an application of the FDTD algorithm to cylindrical space in order to analyze general cylindrical multi-layered microwave patch antennas.

▪ Designed and developed a Visual BASIC algorithm for the University of Pennsylvania that converted ultrasound images to a matrix-equivalent and processed the matrix using innovative statistical methods in order to extract critical imaging information.

Senior Design Engineer, Avtron Manufacturing, Cleveland, Ohio 05/94 – 08/95

Project managed the design and development of a multi-purpose, highly stable current and voltage amplifier in order to replace a commonly purchased amplifier. Coordinated all circuit board design efforts from concept through fabrication and testing including the supervision of several technicians.


▪ Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 9/92 – 05/94 and 8/95 – 5/99. Teaching assistantship 9/92 – 6/93.

▪ Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) with a concentration in Communications Theory, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, 1988. Teaching assistantship 9/87 – 12/88.

▪ Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Fenn College of Engineering, Cleveland State University, 1980. Member of Tau Beta Pi and was awarded the IEEE national prize for the “Talking Voltmeter.”

▪ Member of the International Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 1992 – 2008.


32573 Jefferson Drive ▪ Solon, Ohio 44139 ▪ (619) ***-**** ▪



Design Engineer , MedaSonics, Mountain View, California 04/89 – 09/92

Project managed and developed next generation portable Doppler-Ultrasound blood flow detection units under FDA regulatory and ISO9000 rules. Performed all phases of circuit board design and fabrication for MedaSonics, a specialist in Doppler ultrasound technology.

▪ Improved the RF ultrasonic sensor operation by increasing the signal-to-noise ratio 20% through amplification near the crystal, and modification of the layout, shielding, and ground plane structure of the RF demodulating circuitry.

▪ Chaired meetings attended by representatives of the Marketing, Design Engineering, and Manufacturing Departments to mediate concerns among the different departments during the project.

▪ Increased the efficiency of engineering approximately 25% by managing the sustaining engineering of all released products.

▪ Introduced the use of PSpice, OrCAD, and other mathematical design tools prior to prototyping.

Design and Development Engineer , Raytheon Company, Wayland, Massachusetts 02/85 – 08/87

Managed, designed, and developed a sophisticated solid-state high voltage pulse subsystem that is widely used in today’s radar industry, and which resulted in a savings of over $8.3M per year for the company. Used SPICE on the company VAX computer, and the first version of PSpice on the newly introduced PC.

Manufacturing Engineer , Picker International, Highland Heights, Ohio 09/81 – 12/84

Maintained the x-ray imaging manufacturing floor and the subsystem-testing department. Initiated a revision in the purchasing procedures for manufacturing that resulted in savings of $1M per year.


▪ United States Patent Application Number 11873323, “Optical Ultrasound Device”, filed Oct. 16, 2007. Device and methodology for the generation and detection of acoustical signals, and the conversion of the detected acoustical signals into optical signals.

▪ “Applications of the Magnitude Lock Loop,” Int’l Journal of Electronics, London, 1990, Vol. 68, No. 2, 241-246.

▪ "Discrimination Between Cancers and Benign Breast Lesions by Ultrasound Disparity Mapping," Proc. SPIE Vol. 3982, p. 172-179, Medical Imaging 2000: Ultrasonic Imaging and Signal Processing, April 2000. (Primary Author: Bernard D. Steinberg)

▪ “Accurate Closed Form Approximation for the Hankel Function of the Second Kind,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Letters, Vol. 48, No. 10, October 2000.

▪ “Scattering of a Gaussian Beam by a Large Perfectly Conducting Cylinder, Physical Optics and Exact Solutions,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol. 52, No. 3, March 2004.

▪ “On the Remarkable Accuracy of the Quasi-Static TEM Approximation for Distributed Network Models,” Electromagnetics, Vol. 24, No. 7, October 2004. (Primary Author: Arthur David Snider)

▪ “Uniform Asymptotic Expansion of the Associated Legendre Function,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol. 55, No. 6, June 2007.

▪ “Approximate Expansion of a Narrow Gaussian Beam in Spherical Vector Wave Functions,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol. 55, No. 11, Part 2, Nov 2007.

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