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Quality Assurance Manager

Nashua, NH, 03062
135/hour corp to corp
August 12, 2012

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Ramesh H. Vaswani

* ******** ****, ****** ** ****2 Tel: 603-***-****, Cell: 603-***-****

IT Innovator – Enterprise Architect - Leadership – Entrepreneurial Strategist

Talented Entrepreneurial Principal Enterprise Architect with a proven ability to successfully innovate state of the art and patented software solutions. Expert aligning business and technology goals and initiatives while delivering a directed goal of excellence and proficiency. Hands on lead of enterprise wide implementations delivered under tight deadlines. Additional expertise project management, business development, business process management, ground zero startup, building from concept through execution, best practices on effective outsource strategies. Excellent problem solver and engineering process lead. Multiple software patent recipient. Co-Founder technical strategist private startups. Corporate president consulting company.

Private Investments/Founder

Personal Debt Diet, Co-Founder COO/Chief Architect (Early stage startup - Current) (Social Networking)

Ground Zero concept created to establish a social network and software dedicated to helping people manage their debt. By establishing a “diet” concept, the user experience is much like a debt intervention. Educating and helping establish goals and objects for the user to reach, which assisting with reinforcing the “life style” changes required to repair and maintain your credit portfolio. Web, Mobile and Rich Client Applications.

Fx Port Technolgies, Co-Founder COO/Chief Architect (Start up 3 years - Current) (Fx Derivatives)

Fx Port is an early stage start up whose focus is to deliver state of the art PAAS/SAAS derivative trading set of applications for the common merchant exposed to the foreign exchange markets.

Professional Experience

Convexity Capital Management LP Boston, MA (Buy Side Hedge Fund / Quant)

Enterprise Solutions Architect (October 2005 to present) - Specifically recruited to lead, architect, design and develop the OTC derivative’s software product designed specifically for the Domestic and Foreign Exchange (Fx) - Fixed Asset Income (OTC) Derivative’s desk at Convexity Capital. The workbench interfaces with and controls the flow to all internal Convexity systems as well as the external fund administrator and accounting systems. Developed to enhance and maintain custom and exotic OTC derivatives including automation of fixings, calculations and cash flow management and is the key management tool of the Fund Accounting and Derivatives organization. Currently working on the Dodd-Frank compliance initiatives. This position requires working closely with the business to provide customize unique solutions for their complex trading strategies. Over 100k lines of code written with approximately 10k tests. Responsibilities include all QA and production efforts for the platform. Risk control and mitigation including system driven portfolio manager approvals, and triangulation reconciliation between Convexity system, counter parties and 3rd party books and records preventing out of bounds trading, reconciliation of funds and the appropriate funds to collateralize

with the counter party, and the ability to settle multiple deliverable and non-deliverable currencies.

Make sure that that initial margins and maintenance margins allocated to trades are reconciled daily

and adjusted appropriately.

Technical Detail

• Solutions architect for entire back office platform delivery of OTC derivative trade flow and cash flow processing.

• Large scale custom multiple vertical server solution for Asset, Inventory, Position, Cross Reference, Entity, and Transaction control.

• Horizontal Client based solutions tying together Financial Object Model domain space.

• Thin client, Rich Client (Swing), EJB, Message Beans, Spring, Hibernate, Microsoft Business Intelligence, Sybase, HTML, and XML.

Thomson Financial/Omgeo Boston, MA (Large Scale Financial Messaging Infrastructure)

Enterprise Solutions Architect (October 2004 – October 2005)

Specifically hired to lead, architect, design and develop the largest component of the CTM upgrade. Intercept near pair query exceptions from the CTM messaging workflow to allow for human interaction and correction. Central to this development was interfacing with Omgeo’s proprietary messaging system creating asynchronous and synchronous multithreaded user interface response mechanisms along with custom Swing controls. Worked closely with CTM users and business analysts to ensure strict adherence to the advertised project requirements and quality metrics. Responsibilities included all QA efforts for the Near Pair Query upgrade.

Technical Detail

• Java/J2EE Thin client, and rich client interfaces Swing using Java plugin based architecture.

• CTM proprietary messaging architecture, heavy EJB, Message Beans and Entity Beans, HTML, XML, and Java Script

Liberty Mutual Insurance Weston, MA (Commercial Property Insurance, Financial and Reporting Division)

Enterprise Solutions Architect (October 2002 to October 2004)

Specifically hired to lead, organize, architect, design and develop the Liberty Mutual underwriter’s workbench project. A multi-million dollar multi-year project to deliver a comprehensive thin client based workflow system that managed all aspects of policy pricing, creation, manipulation, service, and production. Simultaneously lead existing software infrastructure of ten disjointed systems schedule to be replaced by the new running underwriter’s workbench system. Technical lead for ten development, business and QA teams in the delivery of the first two versions of the product. The project followed an adapted integrated business and IT development model. Lead successful delivery of the first 2 versions of the product. This delivery was the largest software development effort for this division and was extremely well received. Established and managed the entire business process roadmap, policy and procedures for the overall team of business analysts, underwriters, and developers.

Technical Detail

• Chief Architect for overall product architecture, design and delivery

• Chief BPM architect for business process workflow

• Java/J2EE thin client based architecture using Struts, EJB, Java Script, HTML, XML, Ajax, IBM Message Beans (MQ Series), DB2 Enterprise, Informatica ETL processing, Web Sphere and WSAD.

• Agile RUP and Vertical functionality slicing

Stargus, Inc. Andover MA (Executive Staff Member Ground Zero to Acquisition) – Acquired by C-Cor

Director of Software Development/Vice President/Chief Software Architect (Nov 2000 to October 2002)

Directed all aspects of engineering business: software development, hardware development, field engineering, quality assurance, system engineering, documentation and human resources, in the delivery of a state of the art, patented network management solution. Managed all aspects of human and IT capital budgets and controls including: IT security, IT compliance, and vendor relationships. Represented technology and solutions to prospective investment community while raising funds from angel investors to Series C investors. Reported directly to the CEO and Board of Directors. Established entire organizational structure, compensation and stock plan. Established and managed the entire engineering corporate culture, roadmap, risk analysis, training, and gap analysis for all employees of the company.

Technical Detail

• Lead teams in the software architecture and development of the CableEdge platform and first customer shipment of Optimizer, approx a 330k line code base.

• Assessed software technologies and made tradeoff with component leaders as to best choices.

• Personally architected, designed and developed CableEdge Administrator (Remote, Multi-platform System Management product). Allows for remote control of all Stargus systems including remotely upgrading all software and services, restarting all software and services, and managing users, groups, and system status. Uses Java, JINI, Swing, SSH and Weblogic Security Model – 60K+ lines of code.

Novera Software, Burlington, MA (Business Intelligent Application Servers) – Acquired by Mercator Software

Manager, Principal Enterprise Architect (July 1998 to October 2000)

Specifically hired to lead and enhance Novera’s product line. Lead the creation of a world class state of the art product designs for Novera’s premier product, the jBusiness suite. Novera was acquired in Sept of 1999 by Mercator Software. Lead the newly integrated development teams; worked closely with marketing and business analysts for product creation and business strategy. Reported directly to Mercator’s executive staff while leading large scale engineering team including: software engineering, build/release engineer, documentation and QA in the delivery of next generation products for Mercator Software. Acquired in Sept of 1999, the Novera team was challenged with integrating the existing core Mercator technology with the Novera web enabling technologies. Mercator sells the integrated product set in the B2B (Business to Business), A2A (Application to Application) and C2B (Consumer to Business) market places

Technical Detail

• Create and lead world class state of the art user interface designs for Novera’s premier product, the Business Object Constructor part of the jBusiness suite. The Business Object Constructor is a relational to object mapping and code generation tool with a 250k line JFC/Swing user interface. Lead developer for Novera’s Java/Swing framework.

• Led development of the Mercator Web Integrator the first of the "next generation" Mercator product set for executing Mercator Maps via the Web.

• Managed team of 11 in architecting, designing, developing, and implementing a two-part server-independent web-enabling solution including a pre-packaged Mercator Map Manager Enterprise JavaBean (EJB), and the Web Map Wizard tool.

• The Mercator Map EJB allows developers to write Java clients that remotely create, manipulate and execute Mercator map objects within an EJB Server provider's environment. The pre-packaged EJB is designed to deploy on any EJB 1.0 and EJB 1.1 complaint server. The EJB solution is targeted for IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, and Netscape iPlanet EJB Servers.

• The Web Map Wizard is a JFC/Swing application that allows developers to generate servlets that invoke maps by posting to a web server. The wizard configures and generates a servlet 2.0 complaint servlet that when invoked via an HTTP/HTTP(S) GET or POST, will execute a Mercator map in a WebServer/Servlet Engine. This solution allows additional HTTP HEAD data to be passed and returned along with the input and output streams. The servlet solution was targeted for Apache/JServ, IIS4.0/JRun, IIS5.0/JRun, iPlanet, and WebSphere.

TestMaster, Nashua, NH (Executive Staff Member Ground Zero Startup to Acquisition)

Executive Manager, Founder Co-Inventor/Chief Technology Officer (July 1990 to July 1998)

• Teradyne, Inc – Software System Test Division Nashua NH. (TestMaster’s Acquiring Company)

• TestMaster, Nashua NH (Ground Zero Startup, Spin out from Digital Equipment Corporation)

• Digital Equipment Corporation, System Engineering Nashua NH – (Spun out to private ownership TestMaster)

Directed all engineering efforts including software development, product management, quality assurance, documentation, human resources, marketing and customer support for a ground zero company concept. Negotiated with Digital’s M&A division for corporate terms and conditions for spin out, created compensation programs, stock option grants, and negotiated all employment terms for founding members. Directed all daily engineering deliverables. Negotiated terms for corporate sale to Teradyne, Inc. Managed all outsource work with teams in India. Managed the integration of TestMaster’s technology solutions into the running business model of Teradyne’s newly formed testing business unit. Directly reported to Teradyne’s Board of Directors chaired by Alex D’Arbeloff. Directed all development efforts in the creation of newly integrated product lines and extensions to the patented technologies acquired from MRT. Mission critical support lead.

Technical Detail

• Extensive knowledge of Graphical User Interface designs for multiple windowing environments including Motif/XT Intrinsics/Xlib using C, Windows NT using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft Foundation Classes & Visual C++ and Java/AWT using Java. Project responsibilities includes: project leader, lead contributor and mentor.

• Created A real-time micro-fiche like panning algorithms for Smooth, Snap, Automatic and Accelerated motion for viewing very large maps with no system delay. (Patent Granted)

• Created automatic placement and lookup Virtual Mapping System for graphic and text objects (Patent Granted)

• Created HyperText / Visual Programming interface for a standard Motif Text widget that allows the placement of hot-spotted text along with standard text to create live links to objects in the database.

• Created Hard copy printing facility converting X-Bitmap images to Encapsulated PostScript.

• Co-authored Vectored Drawing of On-Screen Text using X Display PostScript.

• Created MDI control mechanism for Motif. Full management of motion and geographical control.

• Co-authored Debuggers (Forward and Reverse execution) with standard debugging controls highlighted with graphical tracing mechanisms.

• Co-authored a real-time Stroke font mechanism used to display text along arbitrary curves for a clear connection between text and graphical data.

• Created Widget-Reparenting technique which allows widgets to be moved within an existing hierarchy

• Engineering consultant for TestMaster's customer support team. On site consulting with several major customers including (Teradyne, DEC, Boeing, Exxon, and TelLabs), during the proof of concept stage of sales. Trained both internal and external customers in the usage of TestMaster.

• Project Leader testing TestMaster with TestMaster.

• Customized event processing for compression and speed techniques for performance enhancements.


• Excellent Leadership/Executive Management Skills.

• Expert in Global Business Strategy

• Expert architecture and development skills/Hands on Leader

• Excellent communication skills.

• Excellent presentation skills; responsible for presentation of state of development to executive boards, board of directors, potential investors, and potential customers.

• Expert in patent process: 4 Granted, 1 Pending

• Expert process leader (SCRUM, Iterative, Spiral, Rational Unified Process, Rapid, Blitzkrieg, Extreme).

• Expertise in Fixed Income OTC Derivatives, Cash, Collateral, Bond, Repos, Equities.

• Expertise in End to End - Buy Side Financial trading platforms with an emphasis on Exotic OTC trade flow. High Speed/Low Latency – Market Access/ Complex Quantitative Content. Title-VII Dodd Frank process and control. EDUCATION

• MIT/Sloan School of Management:

ACE – pending

• Candidate Certified Financial Analyst:

Level 1 - pending

• Boston University School of Management: Global Executive MBA – June 2006

• Boston University College of Engineering:

BSCE – 1983-1986

• Bronx High School of Science

Ranked #1 High School in the United States - 1981


• Software As a Service (SAAS)

• Platform As a Service (PAAS)

• Multiple Unix and Windows-based platforms

• Event-Driven and Workflow Driven Platforms


• Founder/Core technologist TestMaster

• Founder/COO FxPort/Fx Maps

• Founder/CEO Personal Debt Diet

• Patent Granted "Method and Apparatus of Schematic Routing"

• Patent Granted "Method and Apparatus of Graphical Panning"

• Patent Granted “Method and Apparatus of Test Generation from Relational Tables”

• Patent Granted “Network Performance Monitoring”

• Patent Pending “Method and Apparatus of a 7” remote control and view of a cell phone display via Bluetooth”

• Digital Educational Services Employee Excellence Award for creative ideas.

• Digital’s U.S. Area Marketing Tiger award for technical support

• Award of Excellence for DECUS-89, Atlanta, GA.

• Founder & Chairperson Digital’s Software Engineering Forum

• Authoring a book on Managing Engineering Excellence in the building of complex software systems.


J2EE, EJB, Hibernate, Spring, JINI, JMS, JFC/Swing, WFC, MFC, Java 2, JQuery,Struts, JavaScript, .NET, C++, C, Xt Intrinsics, OSF/Motif, Pascal, HTML, CSS, FORTAN, Assembler, Ada, 4Test, Tcl, Tix, Tk GKS.


WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, IIS4.0/JRun, IIS/JRun, Apache/JServ, iPlanet, Apache TomCat


Oracle Enterprise, Oracle Standard (embedded), Solid DB (embedded), DB2 Enterprise, Sybase, Hypersonic, and MySQL


Expert in design for testability, test generation and test automation mission critical systems : HP Heart Monitors, ATT – Switch (4,5), Exxon – Reverse ATM, Tesseract – Overall System Test for Human Resource Management, Teradyne – Network Software, Boeing – Jet Engine Hydraulics

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