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Tigard, OR, 97223
September 15, 2008

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To pursue a career that can utilize my potential and knowledge for completing projects on time and within budget and which ensures professional and personal growth.

Experience Summary


 Around 8 years of experience in Legacy Applications.

 A PMI Certified Project management Professional (PMP).

 Excellent knowledge of IBM mainframe technologies such as COBOL, CICS, DB2, Visual Age Generator (VAGen), JCL, VSAM, IDMS and mainframe tools like ChangeMan, File-AID, Xpeditor, Endevor, CA-Intertest, SPUFI, QMF, SDF etc.

 Worked on the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) projects comprising of requirement capture, analysis, estimation, designing, coding, testing, rollout and support.

 Possesses good domain knowledge of Telecom, Insurance, Welfare Services, Healthcare and Educational Measurement Services.

 Strong experience in following SEI-CMM level 5 standards during Batch and Online application development, testing & maintenance.

 Worked in Onsite / Offshore Model projects for around 4 years.

 Excellent analytical, self-motivating and hardworking attitude.

Leadership Skills


 Worked on large-scale Mission Critical Projects in Matrix environment.

 Strong integration experience in Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Controlling and Closing process groups.

 Performed Project Schedule management activities such as Estimation, Rolling Wave Planning, creating WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), determine Critical Path activities using CPM network diagram, develop Schedule, schedule compression using Crashing & Fast tracking, Resource leveling, Tracking using Gantt Charts / milestone chart.

 Performed Quality Management activities such as Quality Assurance (QA) using checklist, Quality Control (QC) activities comprising of defect prevention activities like inspection, walkthroughs, reviews, using Pareto’s 80/20 principle, Root Cause Analysis with the help of Ishikawa / Fishbone Diagrams on the project.

 Performed HR management activities such as acquire resource, provide training, providing feedback, conflict management, performing appraisal, creating Issue log.

 Performed communication management activities like Status/ Progress reporting, Performance reporting using Earned value (EVM), Variance analysis & Forecasting.

 Performed Risk management activities such as maintain Risk register, Brainstorming, SWOT analysis, qualitative Risk Analysis, Expected Monetary Value (EMV) Analysis, Risk response planning, Risk Mitigation, Contingency planning and Reserve Analysis.

 Excellent Interpersonal skills like communication, problem solving, decision making, negotiation, presentation and leadership skills.

Technical Skills


Languages: COBOL II, JCL, SAS, CSP, Overlay, Eztrieve, AFP, REXX, SQL, Html.

Database: DB2, VSAM, IDMS, MS Access.

DB/DC System: CICS, IMS, middleware, MQ Series.

Tools & Utilities: TSO/ISPF, SPUFI, QMF, ENDEVOR, CHANGEMAN, SDF, File-AID, File-Manager, Xpediter, CA-Intertest, Easytrive, Xmods, DML/O, OLQ, Panvalet, Infoman, Abend-AID, Zeke and FTP.

Hardware: IBM Mainframe (IBM ES/9000 & IBM 3090, IBM 3270).

Operating System: MVS/ESA, os/390, z/OS, Unix, MS-Dos, Windows 98/2K/XP/NT/Vista.

UML Designing Tools: MS Visio 2000

Others: MS Project, MS Office, Visual Age Generator (VAGen) & CRAMER tool.

Education Details


First Class Bachelor of Engineering from V.J.T.I. (Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute), Mumbai University, INDIA during 1999-2000.

Work Profile


Client Project Duration

Kaiser Permanente Inc, USA Medicare Common Membership April’07 - Till Date

State of New Hampshire (Department of Health & Human services – DHHS), USA New Heights July’05 - April’07

Pearson Educational Measurement Inc, USA MCA Grade 10 & 11 Nov’04 – July’05

British Telecom Plc, UK Customer Services Systems Feb’01 – Nov’04

Project Experience


Client : Kaiser Permanente, OR, USA. April '07 – Till Date

Project : Medicare Common Membership.

Role : Sr. Programmer Analyst / Lead.

Project Details: –

Kaiser Permanente is one of the leading non-profit organizations providing Medicare and Medical benefits to various clients and corporate throughout USA. The Common Membership is a Mission-Critical system used in the five regions outside of California (ROC) including Georgia, Ohio, Colorado, Northwest, and Hawaii. It allows each Region to keep records of eligible people’s health plan services and benefits. Membership also bills for premiums, records payments and shares information with other applications.


 Requirements gathering & analysis.

 Provide estimates for the resource allocation, planning and scheduling.

 Prepare technical component specification and Process flowcharts.

 Code online VAGen and batch programs.

 Participate in QA review and walkthrough of programs and artifacts.

 Prepared Unit / Integration test plan, test data.

 Execute the Unit, Integration and regression test cases.

 Prepare the Status report, exit criteria checklists and maintain configuration register.

 Participate in weekly status meeting with client and manager.

 Liaison with SME & System Architects and other team to resolve any outstanding issues.

 Maintain Risk register, Issue log and technical Publication’s User documentation.

 Write Ad-hoc queries (SPUFIs) for solving production problems and for reporting purpose.

Environment: COBOL, CICS, DB2 8.2.1, VAGen 4.0, ITF (Interactive test facility), JCL,

PROC, VSAM, TSO/ISPF, MVS, ChangeMan, Xpediter, SPUFI, QMF, File Manager, File-AID,

FTP, Abend-AID, MS Project, MS Office, MS Visio 2000 and IBM 3270.

Client : DHHS - State of New Hampshire, USA. July '05 – April’07

Project : New HEIGHTS- SFU/ EDBC and CN.

Role : Senior Programmer/Analyst.

Project Details: –

New HEIGHTS (New Hampshire Empowering Individuals to Get Help Transitioning to Self-sufficiency) is a computer system that automates the Federal requirement of New Hampshire State’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). SFU (Standard Filling Unit) builds the assistance program like Financial Assistance, Child Care, Foster Care, Emergency Assistance, Medical Assistance, TANF, Food Stamp, Medicaid, Refugee Assistance, Adoption Subsidy, disability assistance. EDBC (Eligibility Determination & Benefit Calculation) subsystem determines if the person is eligible for the programs of public assistance & calculates the level of benefits. CN (Client Notices) generate notice and letters for the client at different change events.


 Requirement capture.

 Analysis of the user’s requirement and provide estimates.

 Create technical and functional specification & build BLDs (business logic diagrams).

 Code new programs / Modify an existing programs as per the requirement.

 Perform walk-through and peer reviews of the artifacts.

 Prepare Unit / Integration test plan and carry out Unit, Integration & regression testing.

 Participate in weekly status meeting with client and manager.

 Writing Ad-hoc SPUFIs for solving production problems and for reporting purpose.

 Measure project performance using Schedule (SPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI).

 Prepare Risk register, do qualitative risk analysis and prepare risk response plan.

 Coordinate with Font Desk Representative to resolve any issues related to the system.

 Provide post-implementation implementation, warranty and production support.

Environment: COBOL, CICS, DB2 7.1, JCL, PROC, VSAM, MQ Series, TSO/ISPF, MVS,

Power Builder 8.0, CA-Endevor, CA-Intertest, SPUFI, File Manager, Abend-AID & MS Visio

2000, IBM 3090.

Client : Pearson Educational Measurement, IA, USA. Nov. '04 – July '05

Project : MCA Grade 10 & 11.

Role : Programmer / Analyst.

Project Details: –

Pearson Education is world's leading SEI CMM-4 education company in US. Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) project carries out enrollment, packaging, distribution, processing, scoring, aggregation & reporting for students in grade 10 and 11. The enrollment system creates a master file for the entire district as well as schools. Packaging and distribution system creates and sends the test materials necessary to tests the students. The processing system scans and edits the answer materials received from the district and school for correction process. Scoring & aggregation is used to score the student based on the answers. The final score is then used to produce various reports and labels at school, district and state level.


 Requirement capture and analysis during meeting with client.

 Provide estimates for the new requirement and change requests.

 Create detail design documents and the pseudo-code algorithm for complex requirements.

 Writing new programs, Overlay and AFP as per the requirement.

 Carry out the review of programs design documents and other artifacts.

 Writing the Unit and System Test Plans and preparing the test data for testing.

 Carry out the Unit, Integration as well as System testing & verify scope against baseline.

 Participate in causal analysis, prepare defect summary reports & suggest the action plan.

 Discuss the progress of the project in daily status meeting with client.

 Prepare Performance reports like Status report and Progress report to send to PMO.

Environment: COBOL, DB2, JCL, VSAM, SAS, SMD (Systems Managed Data), Overlay,

AFP (Advanced Function Printing), TSO/ISPF & MVS, ChangeMan, Expeditor, SPUFI,

File-AID, Abend-AID, IBM 3090, os/390, 4000 printer.

Client : British Telecom Plc., UK. March '02 - Nov. '04

Project : CSS-RH/LT.

Role : Onsite Coordinator / Manager.

Project Details: –

British Telecom (BT) is the largest telecom service provider in UK service customers throughout the world. Customer Services System (CSS) is an integrated Operations Support System (OSS) of BT, which handles a variety of functions such as Order Processing, Billing, Repair handling and Network Management. CSS Repair Handling (RH) sub-system deals with the recording and follow-up of the faults reported by the customers. The Line Testing (LT) system allows the engineers to carry out the line testing to investigate the reported faults.

Responsibilities: (Milton Keynes, UK)

 Requirements capture and drafting the high level design.

 Evaluate the requirements and produce the ballpark estimates.

 Perform Impact analysis of the requirement and produce the estimates for resource allocation using Function Point Analysis (FPA) estimation technique.

 Create Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) and use Work Authorization System.

 Prepare Functional Specification, design specifications & Unit/System Test Plans.

 Apply lead and lags to the schedule activities.

 Review of programs and artifact of peers.

 Provide help to end-users in User Acceptance Testing.

 Maintain the configuration register, Risk register, Issue logs, quality Checklists and user documentations for the development.

 Carry out the Defect Prevention activities using Root cause analysis (RCA) / Fishbone diagram method and prepare the action plan.

 Provide 24 X 7 production support for live fault in the production environment.

 Coordinate with offshore team for the smooth delivery of work.

 Team mentoring and Coaching.

Environment: MS Project, COBOL, CICS, CA-IDMS, JCL, PROC, Dialog-Manager (BT middleware),

TSO/ISPF, MVS, SPUFI, QMF, Xpeditor, File-AID, Endevor, Abend-AID, Infoman, SDF, Xmods,

IBM 3090 –MVS/ESA, IBM-3278 - MVS/ESA.

Client : British-Telecom Plc., UK. Feb '01 - March '02

Project : CSS-NM.

Role : Team Member.

Project Details: –

Customer Services System (CSS) Network Management (NM) sub-system caters for the network management functionality. It records the build and usage of the PSTN Network, which consists of the Exchanges, Telephone numbers, Main Distribution Frames, various Nodes such as PCP, SCP and DP (Distribution point) and the Routing from the Exchange to the Customer premises.


 Write Design specifications and Code / modify Programs based on the requirement.

 Review of codes and artifacts developed by peers.

 Writing Unit and Integration test plans and prepare test data.

 Implementing the different phases of testing like White box testing - Unit testing, Black box testing - System testing and Regression testing.

 Participating in the Defect prevention activities using Causal Analysis.

 Attend the weekly status calls with onsite coordinator to get the proper specifications.

 Gather the sound application knowledge on various CSS networks subsystems.

Environment : COBOL, CICS, CA-IDMS, JCL, VSAM, BT middleware, TSO/ISPF, MVS, Infoman,

DML/O, OLQ, Xpeditor, File-AID, SDF, Xmods, IBM 3090 - MVS/ESA, IBM-3278 - MVS/ESA.

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