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Development Software Engineer Project .Net Developer

West Palm Beach, FL, 33411
August 29, 2012

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Aleksandr M. Shvedov

Tel. 561-***-****(h), 305-***-****(c) 2513 Livingston Lane

E-mail: West Palm Beach, Florida 33411


Software Engineer with twenty years of design and implementation experience, including a full product life cycle experience hardware/algorithms – design – development – implementation – maintenance

Platform (Windows, flavors of UNIX, Linux) and language (Assemblers, C, C++, scripting languages, .NET family etc.) agnostic

Proven performance as a dedicated team player able to quickly come up to speed on tasks

Able to effectively and efficiently manage a variety of concurrent tasks

Creative, self motivating, strong organizational skills

Able to quickly acquire new technical skills and deliver under stress

Ability to lead and teach, extensive experience with both corporate technology teams and college and high school students (applied mathematics, computer science)


Technologies: C, C++ (including managed C MFC, .NET (including v. 4.0), C#, F#, VB, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, LINQ, Entity Framework, Subsonic, NHibernate, MVVM, XAML, WPF, Silverlight, RIA Services, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Ajax, Visual Basic, VBScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, HTML, XML/XSLT, CSS, T-SQL, UML, WMI, COM/DCOM, ATL, Qt and Qt widgets, DirectX, shell scripting etc.

O/S: *NIX (AIX, Linux) and Windows NT families.

Software: W32 API, COM, DCOM, GDI+, CGI, IIS6 and 7, TFS, Subversion SVN, Active Directory and ADFS, Apache, DB2, Domino/Notes, MS Speech API, Visual Studio (all existing versions including VS 2012), Visual Studio ALM platform, NUnit, MS Expression Blend, VoIP, MS Word, Adobe PageMaker/FrameMaker, Livelink, Tivoli etc.

Networking: Web Services, SOAP, TCP/UDP/IPv4 and v6, WinSock, WCF, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, MIME, SSL, H.323, SIP etc.

Expertise: Software Engineering Life Cycle (C/C++/C# - based projects – design, implementation, testing, documenting, maintenance, installation, versioning, Agile development), Application Software Development, Embedded Software Development, System Software Development (DOS, WinNT/2K, Linux, AIX), Real-time Performance-Oriented Multithreaded Applications.

On-line certification at results in ‘00: C - 94% percentile of 109,535 people tested; C++ - 93% of 69,823 people tested, test results in ’10: C#/.NET – 95% percentile, C/C++ - 93% percentile.

On-line certification on in ’11: .NET - percentile ranking 90 with global average 64, ASP.NET - percentile ranking 90 with global average 74.

Publications: C/C++ Users Journal, Nov 2001 (vol. 19 No. 11), pp.94-96, winner of Dr. Dobbs’ Journal Contest [Dr. Dobbs Journal, #337 (June 2002), p. 82]


Principal Software Developer, Majuda Corporation 12/09 - present


Hands-on architecture, design, coding, debugging and testing of several development and project management (a team of 3 developers), tutoring and implementation of a 3-tier SOA-based computer telephony application, both back end and Silverlight-based front end plus several windows services and desktop applications.

Technologies:.NET 3.5 and 4, Telerik controls, WCF services (with and without Silverlight), WPF, XAML, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Domain Data (WCF) Services, Entity Model, ASP.NET MVC 3, Silverlight v.3 and 4, MS Expression Blend, C/C++, Qt, Qt widgets, Windows Forms applications, SQL server 2005 and 2008, all versions of Visual Studio including 2012, Visual Studio ALM platform, NUnit, Subversion version control system (installation, maintenance, support), Team Foundation Server, BugTracker.NET bug reporting system (installation, maintenance, support), Agile and test-driven development methodologies.

CTO, Aleksandra Technologies, 09/09 – 12/09


Financial market price calculation project (portable C++ for Windows and Linux in Qt, Eclipse, Visual Studio and Qt proprietary development environments), including algorithm development and their software implementation.

Complex real-time event processing (CEP). Technologies: extended SQL, C/C++ in Windows environment. The essence of the project relates to real-time processing of information about location and actions of an operator of a maintenance vehicle (construction-related services.) The project was implemented as two components: C++ - based processing module and C# - based GUI module.

Client-server time synchronization project. The essence of the project was in time synchronization in a distributed computer system without standard time server present. Technologies: network interfaces (UDP/TCP), C/C++ in Windows and Linux environments.

Consultant - LightHouse Partners, 01/08 – 08/09

Several financial markets data retrieval (ETL) and data visualization projects, including algorithm development. Technologies:

Microsoft C/C++, C#, VB.NET and F# for NET 2.0 - 3.0 - 3.5, remote data retrieval, data mining, RSS client and server, Silverlight, XAML, WCF, WPF, WF, ASP.NET, LINQ, Subsonic, Ajax, Java (including conversion to .NET), Amazon AWS, EC2, Windows 2008 Server, MS SQL 2005 and 2008 servers, Excel, Access, data visualization, data verification, Web Services, Infragistics and Telerik web controls, Visual Studio ’98, 2005 and 2008, SubversionSVN (server, client, TortoiseSVN and Visual Studio plug-in AnkhSVN), Bugzilla, PC-Lint, FxCop, ReSharper, Web Client Software Factory (WCSF), Microsoft ASP.MVC, jQuery, LAMP/WAMP development (Apache, web services, WordPress, PHP, Perl, Python, C/C++ for Windows and Linux, Mono) and maintenance, MediaWiki (installation, configuration and maintenance), VMWare workstation and servers, Virtual PC 2007, Virtual Server 2005, Bloomberg API.

Web-based Apple Macintosh and iPhone applications. Technologies:

• Xcode 3.1, iPhone SDK 2.1.

Consultant – LexisNexis, 03/07 – 11/07

LAMP/WAMP-based web services project (algorithm development and implementation). Technologies:

Server-side C/C++ for Linux and Windows, Web Services/SOAP for Windows and Linux, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, .NET (C#) v. 1.1 and v.2, ASP.NET (C#) v.1.1 and v.2, Ajax, secure communications, Apache/MySQL (LAMP/WAMP), TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, broadcasting, multicasting, STL, IPC, developing and maintaining APIs.

Consultant - Bank of America, 11/06 – 01/07

Loan Document Generation Project. Technologies:

C#, CAB (Composite UI Application Block), Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0, Web Services, MSSQL 2005, Crystal Reports, WordML, XML, XSLT, CSS, ClickOnce, PInvoke, IPC, MSBuild, Scrum environment.

Principal Software Engineer - Digital Interactive Streams, Inc., 08/05 – 11/06

Project management and implementation. Projects:

Internal ASP.NET 2.0 / C# based web sites (an interface to accounts receivable database and community web site);

Several kernel-mode Windows drivers (disk filter drivers, file system filter drivers, file system drivers);

Terminal emulation scripts;

Performance-oriented data streaming application for game streaming;

DirectX-based presentation application;

Technologies: software design, C/C++ for Windows, MFC, IPC, Win32 APIs, SNMP, C#, SQL Server 2000 in a multi-tier environment, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Driver Development Kit, kernel debugging, Subversion, Doxygen documentation etc.

Senior Software Developer - XPoint Technologies, 04/04 – 08/05

Project management and implementation. Projects:

Filesystem and storage filter drivers for Windows NT/2K/XP (development, debugging, testing; analysis and update of an obsolete existing code; documentation);

Storage-related Linux system software development (various versions of Linux port of Windows file system[s]);

Device drivers for Windows (development, testing, analysis, documentation), development and maintenance of the APIs;

Web development for the intranet web site (Java, C#, HTML, CSS, VB, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl);

CD-DVD archiving application (development, debugging, testing; modification of existing code; documentation);

Technologies: C/C++ for Windows and Linux; IPC, boost and STL/STLPort template libraries for C++; occasionally Java, C#/VB.Net and VBScript; Doxygen; Nero and GoldenHawk CD/DVD-creation SDKs, kernel-mode debuggers, Scrum environment, CVS version control system etc.

Consultant - Server Side Development - ISx Inc., 11/03 – 4/04


Sound filtering and format transformation;

Technologies: DSP, C++/AIX/Linux and C++/Win32, COM/DCOM, P/Invoke, IPC, STL, C#/.NET, Ruby, WMI, VB.NET, VBS, WSF;

Data mining, text search and normalization (algorithms and implementation);

Technologies: regular expressions, C++/AIX and C#/.NET, Oracle, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports;

Custom Servers and State Tables for IBM WebSphere;

Technologies: C/C++/AIX, TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, boost, STL/STLPort, ACE.

Consultant - Web Services & ASP.NET Development - Spherion, Inc., 06/03 - 10/03


Full lifecycle of a B2Bi SOAP-based gateway client application project, including development and maintenance of the API;

Technologies: XML, XML schemas, XML validation and parsing, .NET; SOAP messaging with and without Web Services; ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000 ver.8 and Oracle in a multi-tier environment, Transact-SQL, PL/SQL, DB design, including DB table creation, stored procedures, DTS batch processing, version/configuration management (version control), .NET Compact Framework;

Medical CD-based office backup information system (EDI);

Technologies: VBS, WSF, Nero SDK;

Terminal services file synchronization project;

Technologies: .NET, C++/C# interop, P/Invoke, Oracle, remote desktop protocol;

BitTorrent client;

Technologies: C++/Win32, Java, Python.

Free-lance programmer, 11/02 – 06/03


Conversion (porting/updating) of obsolete VB6-based investment portfolio management application to comprehensive technology.

Senior Programmer - Interactive Intelligence Inc., 02/01 – 11/02

Computer telephony projects:

Win2k server-side applications (development and testing):

Reverse-engineering, testing, documenting and developing new versions of a COM/DCOM-based adaptor for Nuance and SpeechWorks speech recognition engines (deployment, testing, load-testing, tuning, including grammar / vocabulary / pronunciation editing);

Sound-acquiring (Dialogic telephony boards) and general purpose kernel-mode drivers for WinNT/2K, including audio drivers (NT DDK tools and technologies, testing, documentation);

Digital processing of sound/speech (compression, visualizing, filtering in time and frequency domains etc.) in various formats, MS codecs, WinMM architecture, MCI, DirectX (DirectSound+DirectDraw) and other streaming protocols;

Configuration, installation and test scripts (InstallShield/MsiVal2/Orca, VB, VB.NET, VBScript, WSF)

Web-based reporting (HTML, HTTP server and client, ASP, ASP.NET/C# technologies);

Testing scenarios and scripts (functionality testing, load-testing; ASP, ASP.Net, JavaScript, VBScript) for COM/DCOM objects and apps;

Win32 debugger;

Technologies: TCP/IP (sockets), VC++/MFC, COM, COM+, IPC, STL, Microsoft.NET, XML/SOAP, .NET Framework, VB.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, Java, XML/XSLT, JSSL, several speech recognition engines, including Nuance, SpeechWorks and ViaVoice, Terminal Services, pcAnywhere, VNC.

Senior Software Engineer - Cellit Technologies Inc., 7/00 – 1/01

Win2k server applications:

TCP/IP-based interprocess communication (IPC) package, including design and API development;

MSMQ-based interprocess messaging system, local/remote logger package, including design and API development;

VBScript/JavaScript/Perl hosting application;

Technologies: TCP/IP, SNMP, VC++/MFC, COM, COM+, MSMQ, Microsoft.NET, VBscript, JavaScript, Java.

Sr Software Developer - ParkStone, Inc., 2/00 - 7/00

WinNT/WinCE applications:

Voice recording and compression application, including algorithm adaptation and implementation;

Several database-to-database data format converting apps;

Technologies: VC++/Win32/MFC for WinNT and WinCE, Scrum environment.

Senior Software Developer - VoiceRite, Inc., 8/97 - 2/00

Communications and computer telephony application software development in C/C++ for WinNT/W2k (VC AIX (C, GNU C++) and OS/2 including:

RS/6000-based IMAP4 unified messaging client and server for AIX (IBM flavor of UNIX). Technologies: POP3, IMAP, TCP/IP, HTTP, CGI, JavaScript, sound conversion, multitasking, multithreading; (continued, pg 4)

Telephony and Lotus Notes gateways and mailers. Technologies: Notes API, SS7, WinNT, OS/2, AIX;

Thin HTTP clients (AIX, OS/2, WinNT) and thin HTTP server. Technologies: TCP/IP, HTTP, AIX, WinNT;

HTML and DHTML applications. Technologies: AIX, WinNT, OS/2; C/C++, Apache, PHP;

Performance oriented multithreaded TCP/IP client/server with optimized access to shared resources. Technologies: TCP/IP, performance-oriented multithreading under AIX;

Statistical package for multiprocess application profiling. Technologies: probability theory;

Digital speech and sound processing. Technologies: sound compression under AIX, WinNT; various TTS engines (AcuVoice/Fonix etc.);

DB2 SQL clients;

State tables and custom servers for DirectTalk / WebSphere computer telephony system;

Terminal emulation scripts for WebSphere mainframe;

Computer telephony device driver for AIX (modifications);

TokenRing device driver for Linux (modifications);

“Peak Performer” Company Award for year 1999.

Senior Advisor to Chairman - City Property Committee (St Petersburg, Russia), 9/91 – 8/97

Overseeing Committee's IS department. Planned, managed and implemented Committee’s documentware. Determined the strategy of IS development along with hands-on software development.

Laboratory Head - “Electronmash” Corp. (St Petersburg, Russia), 9/89 - 9/91

Project management and implementation. Projects:

Image acquisition and processing soft/hardware, including embedded version. As a group leader of 15 developers planned, developed, implemented and maintained a system consisting of a specialized hardware and an image-processing software package (algorithms and implementation)

Robotic computerized QA probe for CAM in microchip industry. A complex that included hardware and software for measurement and computation of electrical characteristics of chips. System software for probe positioning and test signals control, data acquisition, database management, graphical presentation layer.

Emulating environment for 80x86 (emulator, compiler, loader, debugger)

Part-time high school teacher (basics of computers)

Technologies: C, C++, DOS, drivers, hardware, GUI, databases, image compression, assembly programming, embedded software development

Senior Software Engineer - Television Institute (St Petersburg, Russia), 8/86 – 9/89

As an engineering manager, planned, developed, implemented and maintained a satellite-based early warning reconnaissance system. Technologies/responsibilities:

Algorithm development based on applied mathematics, pattern recognition, probability theory, statistics, mathematical models

Hardware-software interaction, embedded systems (full development cycle in close cooperation with hardware engineers), C, C++, Pascal, Assembler, multitasking

Working with several algorithm, software and hardware vendors, strategic planning of the system “from ground up”

Software project management along with engineering project management

Part-time assistant professor, mathematics chair, Leningrad Polytechnic University (courses: probability theory, statistics, functions of complex variables, various programming languages)


MSCS, Electro technical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Equivalent of MS in Mathematics, Leningrad State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia


US citizen

Excellent Verbal and Written English skills


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