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Senior Manager, Financial Services

Kansas City, Missouri, 64124, United States
March 29, 2011

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*** ***** *******, ****** ****, Missouri 64124




Versatile, detail-oriented, and results-focused professional, offering exceptional expertise in general and operations management; equipped with in-depth ability to develop effective business plans and strategies.

Demonstrate dynamic leadership and collaboration skills in directing organizations to achieve common goals and objectives. Employ out-of-the-box techniques to ensure smooth business operations and accomplish company targets.

Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite, Visual Basic, COBOL, WordPress, SharePoint, and HTML.


- Strategic Planning and Execution

- Documentation and Analysis

- Performance Management

- Business Development

- Change Management

- Staff Training and Development


- Played an integral role in creating a controls function to aid the Recovery Group of Citi Cards in conducting assessment on established process and procedures, project implementation, and re-engineering efforts.

- Led and directed Citi Cards Recovery functions in facilitating specific card products through seven system conversions comprised of recovery operation analysis, individual businesses’ reports, internal financial control, and client communications.

- Successfully obtained $17M of annual savings in salary and benefits to the Citi Card’s divisions by consolidating business sites and operations, which brought broad impact for 2300 employees, and by complying with all legal obligations of the company.

- Boosted production metrics by 30% through executing various process improvements to the Skip Trace National Team of Citi Card, returning $15M collection to the Net Credit Loss (NCL).

- Took part in the achievement of $7M in net savings for the Recovery function of Citi Cards by instituting process improvement exercise to the Probate Department.



Senior Manager-Business Controls and Recovery 2009–Present

- Assume primary responsibility in administering controls function within recovery operations, including implementation of FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) to expedite the evaluation process.

- Provide expert oversight to asset sales process and analysis, from startup to completion, in order to streamline and align multiple facets of Phase 1 of the project; coordinate all valuable information in re-engineering the process with Phase 2 to improve data warehouse process.

- Manage more than 100 business level documentation and control assessments for the acceleration of ad-hoc visual basic process on bankruptcy and asset sales.

- Ensure accurate status of asset sales, from systems perspective to risk mitigation, by carrying out a 3-year system and coding audit on sold accounts.

- Built and developed controls team responsible for leveraging systems processes through employing new methods and systematic approach.

- Lead and direct five exempt officers to provide the company with a productive workforce.

Project Manager-Recovery 2006–2009

- Led the development of framework for any conversion effort in order to accumulate portfolio performance data for specific card product to be used in analyzing and addressing any gains/ losses that might occur during the conversion phase.

- Led work group to SharePoint based website as their main channel of all project communications, allowing the company to effectively interface and negotiate with company stakeholders and increase efficiency.

- Initiated automated bankruptcy notification process for the product, and conveyed automation details and performance to all business levels.

- Project managed one of the largest credit card system conversions of the Sears portfolio.

Project Analyst-Human Resources 2004–2006

- Spearheaded site consolidation efforts in optimizing collections and customer service operations throughout the United States that reduced workforce while maintaining smooth business operations.

- Provided assistance to senior business leaders in determining significant MIS requirements for the development of various projects/initiatives.

- Coordinated with senior leaders of cross-functional teams in executing HR reviews to develop and implement business practices for consolidation activities.

- Played a lead role in designing and executing web application to replace Excel tracking tool in site consolidation efforts.

Manager-Bankruptcy Unit 2003–2004

- Designed and developed a program to update bankruptcy notifications utilizing various programming tools, such as Visual Basic, SQL, and COBOL programming with the FDR system, 5 green screen systems, and 1 GUI.

- Evaluated bankruptcy of customer accounts and executed programs to facilitate the recovery and collections in order to increase dollar collection internally.

- Administered and drove the centralization of the Sears Bankruptcy operations to Kansas City that led to significant reduction in workforce and operations expense worth $5M; earned the Service Quality Award from Citigroup.

MIS Analyst/Manager-Probate Unit 2002–2003

- Acted as lead for both MIS and Probate departments until staffing of a qualified candidate for the position would be identified within Probate role.

- Facilitated probate process on FDR system by producing a process and audit documentation.

- Generated $10M savings in recovery unit through establishment and application of process improvement phase in the Probate Department.

- Boosted and developed the “Champion versus Challenger” study by developing and regulating the code used in evaluating agency performance of vendor management group on a monthly basis.

Unit Manager-Skip Trace Division 2000–2002

- Established the six action items identified through a Process Improvement initiative within the Skip Trace world, which allowed multi-changes of training, process flow, and external vendors analysis to guarantee cost-effective and business performance.

- Automated Skip Trace environment by adapting and employing customer segmentation strategy, in coordination with external vendor.

- Supervised 35 employees in major industry changes as a result of GLB legislation.

Management Associate 1997–2000

- Singlehandedly oversaw credit card operations which include various business segments.

- Organized and headed the entire Probate Department conversion to Jacksonville, Florida subsequent to acquisition, which involved ensuring all technology needs were met, creating training documents, and serving as subject matter expert (SME) for six months.

- Ensured accurate “headcount” of reporting to respective site presidents across the United States by designing and implementing a tracking report in Human Resources rotation.


MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA), Webster University, Kansas, MO | 2002

BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Missouri Western State College, Saint Joseph, MO | 1998

ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE IN MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM, Missouri Western State College, Saint Joseph, MO | 1998

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