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Manager Project

40-15 Broadway, Astoria, NYC, NY, 11103
August 28, 2012

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N.Y. USA 11103



Objective: To obtain a challenging career as Surveyor Party Chief with utilization of obtained executive and professional expertise.

Professional Excellence Summary:

• Ambitious, self-motivated and decisive management personnel.

• Have excellent analytical as well as technical consultation features.

• Have ability in taking up new theories as well as responsibilities.

• Have over 12 years of experience and in depth knowledge in surveying and mining operations.


• Civil Engineer Diploma at City College of New York University USA, completed 24 credits of graduate & undergraduate Civil Engineering courses (FORTRAN programming, concrete design 1, steel structure, strength of materials, finite elements, concrete design 2, computerized structure and geodetic survey.)


• Graduation project was IRON ORES OPENPIT MINE DESIGN at southwest of Egypt.

Experienced Computer Programming Skills:

• GPS LEICA and TRIMBLE {RTK&STATIC}, Scanning and Digital Level.

• Robotic Total Station, Leica, Trimble, Topcon, Data Collection (Allegro, Topcon).

• 2D, 3D AutoCAD 2010, Carlson & Allegro surveying software. Microsoft Excel and word perfect

• U. S. A. citizen - English & Arabic Languages



Nov. 2011 to July 2012 Chief Surveyor – Consultant

A-As built locations were for some parts of Deegan Expressway, then office work by CAD

-To determine the property lines for many lots around the expressway.

B- GAS LINE extended from Westchester to power station at JFK airport NYC where my duties were:

- produce reports and survey data

-Ensure integrity and accuracy of survey (pipe line) data

-Managing survey personnel, working with all kinds of coordinates, drawing files, contouring and existing

Survey, research and easement plats.

-Field work for large GPS control networks


2 -MJ ENGINEERING and LAND SURVEYING (MJELS.COM) Albany, Clifton Park, New York


These following jobs I had started with establishing:

A-1st class order high accuracy HORIZONTAL CONTROLS, Error closure 1:50,000(with LEICA total station 1mm)

B-VERTICAL CONTROLS level loops ran with max. 3mm error closure with DIGITAL LEVEL.

C- All controls tied with the states coordination system by GPS LEICA static and RTK.

D-Parts of the projects scanned by 3D modelization RIEGAL 3D scanner to prepare CAD files

E- Full investigation for drainage and sewer systems to generate coordinated detail maps (right of way, base line, drainage, sewage, contours and many utilities information).

They were:

*NYC Major Deegan Expway DOT: The contract with the Dept. of Transportation is for 4 years started April 2009:

*Replacing and widening 9 bridges over DEEGAN EXPWAY from Triborough bridge to the Beginning of 87 EXPWAY, including

the service roads from ROW

*NYC K0SCIUSZKO Bridge DOT: The contract with the Dept. of Transportation is for 2 years started July 2009:

Replacing, widening and adding new ramps. The bridge is over Brooklyn Queens expway is very heavy traffic 24hrs, some of the work had done the night.

*KEW GARDENS EXCHANGE: The contract started with DOT May 2007 for 4yrs to widening and changing the ramps and Locations For the intersection of GRAND CENTAL PARKWAY, VAN WYCK

*GRAND CENTRAL PARKWAY: The contract started March 2006 for 3yrs front of Lag. Airport for 2 miles were changing the drainage system and build a NOISE wall by the ROW line.

*Hydrographic Survey was for WILLOW LAKE between Kew Gardens and Flushing.

*87 Thruway Harriman Toll Plaza Improving: The contract started Sep. 2006 for 2yrs for widening the ramps around the plaza and adding more lanes.

*Bronx River Parkway exit 6: Full topographic survey for 1.2 mile before the exit and passing the exit, and to the local Streets around.

*Westchester County: Full topo for the purposes of widening and redesigning the traffic patterns were:

Pookapsi (main St. 2.5miles), Bedford Town (center rd.), Mountkisco (Lexington ave), Pleasantville (Pleasantville rd.),West Nyack (River rd., Brenner rd.)

*NYC Dept. of Design & Construction: The contract started March 2008 was for: 85 school to improve the traffic and the safety around.

Re designing (traffic patterns, drainage, and sewer system) were for 48TH ave, Alameda ave, Cooper ave, Albert ave (Queens), Brenner rd., E108 st and Belt Pkway (2.5miles).

*NY STATE Park & Recreation: Fort Washington Park Rehab. 2006-2007

The park is 3 level (part is street level, 2nd level is lower about 75 ft. and 3rd level is across RR and Hudson R. Expway about 300 ft. distance and lower about 45ft). It was full topo, tied to state system and Scanning.

*FLOODING MITIGATION NY THRAU WAY 87: The project was to study many locations in the Highway H, V and to invert many structures in the locations to change some designs.

3- LANGAN Engineering & Environmental, Elmwood Park, New Jersey

July2004- June. 2005, Party Chief and Cad Operator

*Full topo were for residential, commercial and government buildings, drains and sewers investigation- Newark City, JETS Arena project and McGuire Air Force Base.


*Cross sections were for Road 17 N -8000f plus side streets, Rockland County, New York and New Street, Newark city, Rutgers university project.

*Title and Boundary survey were for Riverside square half-moon Bergen County and Newark Recreation center.

All these works done by Geodometer, Topcon Total Station, Leica GPS 500 (real time and static) and TERRAMODEL software

4-KUPPER ASSOCIATES, Consulting Engineers, Planners and Surveyors Piscataway, New Jersey

April 1997-May 2004, Party Chief and CAD Operator Newark International Airport

-Work consisted of as-built locations survey on all new construction:

*Terminals with bridge ports, light towers, elect, and comm., fiber optics Conduits, Water, sewer and drainage pipes, separation and filtration plants, Runway and Taxiway center, edge, approach lights, localizers, flashlights, fuel pipes and their accessories.

*Stakeout Runway and Taxiway extensions (foundation strengthening with gravels, asphalt and Reinforced concrete).Drainage and sewage systems study included detailed sketches with relevant information.

* More than 400 horizontal, vertical controls points sat elevation adjustments and ties to control points.

8Daily interact with contractors, project managers, and site supervisors. Supervision of employees, daily reports on work covered, and activity performed and man-hours worked

*Downloading and transferring of surveyed point’s to CAD files utilizing Notepad and Survey Link 7.2 programs, drafting of surveyed points implementing NY/NJ Port Authority’s CAD Drafting standards.

-All work recorded in TDS Hp_48, Ranger (Data Collectors), Topcon Total Station and Robotic. Then preparing layout drawings for survey *stakeout residential and commercial buildings, roads, water, and drainage lines.

*Draft boundary, topographic surveys and datum for roads, houses, wet lands sewage

*Construction work was for concrete Bridge over Rockaway Parkway Bay (3000ft).

*Office computations for some members of the bridge and many calculations were in the fields for roads, storm, water mains and all utilities.

*Lay out roads, storm, sanitary, water mains and all private utilities.

*Stake out Commercial building corners, utilities building corners, parking lots and roads of west Nyack mall located on west Threw way north of Tapanzee Bridge by Autodesk (DCA)

5-Massand, Consulting Engineers and Surveyors Queens, New York 3/1994 - 2/1995 Survey Analyst and Party Chief

*Topographic surveying were for Route 50 Bridge over Tuckahoe River located in Cape May and Atlantic Counties, New Jersey.

*Topo*Long Island Expressway improvements project were from exit 29 to 64(Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk).

graphic survey was for Tuckahoe Rd Yonkers, New York (4000FT).

*Office computations were for Route 50 Bridge contained calculations of: Elevation and hydrographic survey of the River (600fts west and east of the bridge).Base line of route 50 for 3 miles (calculated and drafted).Cross-sections and topo by AUTODESK and CAD

*Base line and control points sat for 10 train stations of the Metro North Hudson River Line.

*Base line, control points, and utilities were for Route 9A West Side Manhattan (6.3 ml).

*Jamaica Baseline 7 miles were locations of track, utilities and stations.

-I shared in designing and locating new tracks of Richmond Yard, Queens L.I.R.R. by Cogo program.


1-Jody J. Lounsbury, PLS, Section Manager - 3D Laser Scanning

Direct: 518-***-****

Cell: 518-***-****

2-Dr. EHAB MINA, MJELS vice President 201-***-**** (

3-JOE MALINOWSKI MJELS President 518-***-****(


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