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Medical High School

Los Angeles, CA, 90069
August 10, 2012

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Alan Puyuelo Email

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Los Angeles, CA 90039

Home Phone 323-***-****

Cell Phone 323-***-****

Objective To obtain a challenging, and rewarding position that challenges my skills to the fullest.

Work Experience

1998- 1999 Columbia Hospital Assistant Miami Florida


Shipping and Receiving/Environmental Service/Kitchen Helper

2002 Martin Luther King Medical Center Los Angeles CA

Central Sterile Tech (Volunteer)

Post Decontamination of Surgical Instrument, Post Operative Instrument Processing, Arranging Instrument Trays in the following menu

2002-2004 Huntington Hospital Pasadena CA Central Sterile Tech

I was assigned to the following position

Was the front where I answer phone interacting with various floors for medical pumps to be drop off and transporting a clean crash cart to nursing floor after a medical code to switch out the clean crash cart for a dirty one

Decontamination I was cleaning various instrument some was hand drills and regular instrument

And scope for none invasive surgery and setting up dirty trays to be put on the cart for it to be loaded in the instrument washer and also washing dirty crash cart

In the assembly area doing various trays and also loaner for hip transplant cases and other type of

Trays putting plates inside of people and also running Bowie dick test and attest to

Setting up case cart for the next day cases getting the trays needed and also picking medical

Supplies for the individual cases

2004- 2011 Children’s Hospital Los Angeles CA

Central Sterile Tech

I was assigned to various positions

I was in decontamination where I cleaned various trays and scopes form various sizes and putting dirty loaner trays in the instrument washer and also regular dirty instruments in the decontamination area

I was in assembly area wrapting various synthes trays as will as loaner trays from vendor for speciality surgerys as will. And hand drills to

I operated the steam sterilizing regular trays genius container and will as synthes, and wrapted loaners trays running attest as will for any and all implant trays

I operated the sterade for low temp sterilization trays as will as wrapting the trays and scopes as will

I unloaded the sterile trays after sterilization process was completed and ater the trays cooling down I

would transfer the trays into a enclosed cart as will. To be transported to or to be distributed throught out the different services for surgery

I was cleaning also the GI scope by manual cleaning as will as doing the wit leak test and processing the GI scope and ent scope connecting theys scopes into the costume ultrasonic machine .

I was using the asculap zebra instrument tracking soft ware

2007- 2008 Intercom Security Company Los Angeles CA Security Officer at various locations

I was assigned to the following positions

Was as a security guard being posted to different areas of the hospital as will as answering different medical codes and giving direction to patients and visitors to

Education 2010 Graduate LA College International Associate Graphic Design

2002 Temple Community Hospital, Los Angeles Six week clinical Internship

2002 Graduate Glendale Career College Los Angeles Central Sterile

1999-2001 Abe Freeman Occupational College Body Shop Assistance

1998 Graduate South Miami Senior High School, Miami Florida General Studies Diploma

Medical Skills -Sterilization and Disinfection Instrumentation -Medical Terminology for the central Sterile Tech. Preparation of vehicles to be patient -General Knowledge of Endoscopies and Midas Rex Legend -Operating the steam Auto clave -Excel and power point, drawing


Competent in the knowledge of surgical instrumentation, as well as day-to-operation of Central Sterile Department.

Works well with others, displays professionalism and competency in cognitive & psychomotor.

CRCST ID 115960 JULY 31,2013

CPR ID 5/24/2011

ACLS ID 5/23/2011

* References available upon request

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