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6 Years Exp In SOA BPEL11G, Adf, Java/J2EE With Valid H1b Visa

Hyderabad, AP, 500082, India
August 21, 2012

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* ***** ** ********** ******** Implementation and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) experience that includes Analysis, Design and Development of Oracle SOA and J2EE Applications and having valid H1B visa. Expertise in building Integration Fusion Middle Ware Technologies Oracle SOA suite (BPEL), Webservices, Orchestration, B2B Integration, client-server, and web based architecture. Participated in software development life cycle including requirements definition, prototyping, development, deployment, testing and maintenance.

• Working on Oracle SOA Suit BPEL 11g, Web Services & ADF Framework.

• Working on WebLogic Application server, Oracle 11g database and JDeveloper IDE.

• Knowledge in building the applications using Apache ANT.

• Familiar with popular technologies on N-Tier architecture with application system development using Java/J2EEE, JSP, Servlets, JSF, MyFaces, Rich faces, A4J, Hibernate, JDBC, Spring Framework.

• Worked on MVC patterns in web architecture.

• Quick at learning and applying new technologies to the assignments.

• Having good analytical and programming skills

Visa Details

• Visa Type: Valid H1B

• Country: United States of America

Technical Skills

• SOA Suit: Oracle BPEL 11g.

• SOA Web Services: Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Axis2, Active MQ.

• Web Development Framework: Oracle ADF, JSF, MyFaces, Tomahawk, Struts, Tiles, RichFaces, A4J.

• Java Technologies: Core Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, Javassist.

• IoC Container: Spring Framework.

• IDEs: Jdeveloper, Eclipse, Exadel Studio, Oracle Workshop for WebLogic.

• RDBMS: Oracle 11g, Mysql, MsSql.

• ORM Technologies: Hibernate3.

• Application Servers & Web Servers: Weblogic 11g, Jboss5.x, Tomcat.

• Configuration Management: VSS, SVN, ADE.

• Operating Systems: Windows Xp / 2007, Linux.

Work Experience

• Working as a “Senior Consultant” in Hitachi Consulting (Formerly – Sierra Atlantic) @ Hyderabad from July 2010 to till date.

• Worked as a “Software Engineer” in SOA SOFTWARE Pvt Ltd, @ Hyderabad from Jan 2009 to July 2010.

• Worked as a “Programmer Analyst” in V2 Solutions Pvt Ltd, @ Mumbai from Sep 2006 to Jan 2009.

Educational Qualifications

• Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc.IT), 2005 from Madras University.

• Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A), 2003 from Nagarjuna University.

Professional Certifications

• Sun Certified Programmer (SCJP) for Java 2 Platform 1.5.

Project 1: Consolidated Graphics (DOO Implementation)

Senior Consultant Aug 2011 – Till date

CGX is one of North America's leading general commercial efficiency printing companies. CGX delivers end-to-end print production and management solutions that are based on the needs of the customers to improve their results. CGX desire to implement Oracle EBS as their unique fulfillment system across the organizations and to integrate all the facilities with Oracle EBS by means of Oracle DOO product.

In phase-1 Pilot based project, Oracle R12 EBS system is being implemented as the back end fulfillment system between 2 of the CGX facilities (MPC and DDI) and their common outsizedly contributed customer ‘Tiny Prints’.

In phase-2 of the project, CGX decided to implement Oracle DOO product to integrate between ‘Tiny prints’ customer and the R12 EBS Fulfillment system.

Scope is ‘Future State Process Narrative CGX_DOO Implementation’ which includes the customizations, sequential flow of Consolidated Processer and also transformation of the Create Order Flow in DOO which creates Print Order using DOO and EBS systems. DOO handles the fulfillment order lines in the order will be transformed to EBS and consume the relevant Order lines. EBS Order Management system will provide the priority details about the orderliness, by using this information. Entrance and Exit Criteria will be entered / produced as a result of the Requisition the print orders

Entrance Criteria:

1. It Print the Items needed for purchase, Customer searched, designed and ordered Items in Tiny Prints website.

2. Tiny Prints creates the order in XML format and pass it to CGX_DC as input by SOA composite’s WSDL service.

Exit Criteria:

3. Customer gets the acknowledgement back with the Create Order status and errors.


• Implementation an upstream and downstream connectors for DOO & EBS using soa suit to creating an order process.

• Working on Mediator, File, FTP, Apps and Database Adapters to implement the SOA Applications.

• Developing the ADF Business components & SDO's for Process Narrative CGX_DOO Implementation.

• Implemented scheduler to invoke AutoOrder Reconciliation Process.

• Working on Fault handling framework and sensor logging.

• Involved in integration multiple Composites for End-to-End flow.

• Involving in Workbench Component, which provides a user interface for tracking the sales order and fulfillment supervisors to monitor and manage the flow of orders through the system.

Technologies: Java 1.6, SOA Web services, Oracle SOA Suite BPEL 11g, ADF-BC Framework, Jdeveloper 11g, Weblogic 11g, SVN.

Project 2: Distributed Order Orchestration (DOO)

Consultant Aug 2010 – July 2011

Distributed Order Orchestration (DOO) is a product that helps orchestrate and fulfill orders across multiple backend systems including ERP, workforce management, and legacy and partner systems. It is designed to enhance the order management solution with line-level process determination Global supply visibility, Rules based sourcing, resource scheduling, Fulfillment management.

A strategy for improving operational efficiency and boosting customer satisfaction, distributed order orchestration (DOO) addresses critical production challenges like how to change processes to reflect new business conditions and how to eliminate error-prone manual responses when exceptions arise.

DOO can efficiently move orders from booking to fulfillment and replenishment without human intervention. It strives for automated "zero touch" responses, and its ammunition includes reusable, metadata-driven process components and analytics for insights into order lifecycle performance.

DOO Components including interactions/ Business Process flows that are Order Capture, Decomposition, Orchestration, Distributed Inventory, Workbench, Field services.


• Implementation on Process Order Composite for FTL module using soa suit.

• Developing the ADF Business components & SDO's for Fulfillment Task Layer.

• Involved in the configuration of the FTL module for End-to-End flow.

• Involving in Workbench Component, which provides a user interface for order fulfillment & supervisors to monitor and manage the flow of orders through the system.

• Designing prototype using ADF GUI Components before finalizing it for development.

• Implementing the ADF BC Patterns: Front Controller, Entity Object, Value Object, Application Module, and Utilities.

• Delivering the task flows in timelines.

Technologies: Java 1.6, SOA Web services, Oracle SOA Suite BPEL 11g, Oracle ADF Framework, ADFFaces, Jdeveloper 11g, Weblogic 11g, ADE.

Project 3: Service Manager™

Software Engineer Jan 2009 – July 2010

Service Manager™ is the industry’s leading Service-Oriented Architecture management, security product and suite of components that work together to deliver the business value of Web services. It follows the SOA Infrastructure Reference Model delivering comprehensive standards-based security, routing, mediation, monitoring, Management and Security for XML and Web services.

Management Server uses the Management Point a Web service designed by Digital Evolution to manage other Web services to provide monitoring and security features to even the simplest of Web services. It enables the organization to map the benefits of loosely coupled, Service-Oriented Architecture by serving as a crucial system component that overcomes the inherent security and management challenges that prevent organizations from realizing the enormous potential benefits of SOA.

Service Manager is deployed together with Policy Manager providing SOA Management, compliance metrics, run-time policy enforcement, and manages Active Contracts between consumers and providers.

It has 6 Modules/Subsystems those are Registry Manager, Management Server, Policy Manager, Alert Manager, Repository Manager and Management Console.

It provides some of the following features. Superior Web Service Management & Reporting

Enhanced UDDI 3.0 compliant service registry that provides additional flexibility and improved Security and integration Capabilities.

Enterprise Security and integration framework to facilitate service authentication, authorization and federated trust relationships.

The ability to transfer and manage Web Service invocations across multiple transports.

Alerting of users and manages the service failures or breached Service Level Agreements.

Reporting console for the graphical display of service performance and availability statistics.


• 6 months of hands-on experience in BPEL 11g to implement SOA Composites for Repository Manager.

• Working on Security Capabilities on WS-Security, Service Manager Security and others.

• Developing Policy Enforcement & Implementation for Policy Manager

• Working on Agent and Delegate development.

• Implemented JAX-RPC / JAX-WS WebLogic Web Services and Client / Server side handlers.

• Implementation of business logic and business objects for client and workbench GUI using JSF.

• Designed web service interface implementation in Java using Apache Axis2.

• Developed client modules for the SOA integration.

• Developed Web Services for Integrating with the Enterprise Information System Tier

• Experience in Weblogic server domain configuration and cluster environment.

Technologies: Java 6, JSF,, Oracle SOA Suite BPEL 11g, Javassist, Spring Framework, Apache Axis & CXF, Fuse, JDBC, WebLogic Server, JBoss 5x, Oracle Workshop for WebLogic, MsSql, Oracle DB, Ant.

Project 4: PVT Solar

Programmer Analyst Aug 2008 – Jan 2009

PVT Solar has been using TRNSYS, a system developed and managed by TESS for simulation of the solution it provides. TRNSYS has a 25 year history, in this industry, and has been coded in FORTRAN.

TESS provides support, and extensible components for use.It is used to send some inputs to TRNSYS (It works as interface), it will execute the inputs which is send by PVT Solar, after execution it will generate the output files to PVT Solar.There are 3 modules in PVT Solar.

1) Administration

• Allows creation and management of users.

• Ability to alter project and simulation run details on behalf of the user

• Ability to re-prioritze the queue for TRNSYS runs

• Ability to manage control data (such as building files)

• Web application should allow user management. This includes creation of new users, updation of users including disabling users.

• System should be able to send updates and mail to users.

• System should be able to populate a queue for TRNSYS processing. This may be implemented as a priority queue.

2) Client

• Allows the client to key in project and simulation run details.

• Displays reports and statistics

3) TRNSYS interface

• Runs in queue processing mode

• Simulation requests as handled on first-come-first-served basis

• Triggers TRNSYS on inputs provide, and manages outputs received.


• As a Developer in our team, working on different modules of the project.

• Developing dynamic and doing page validations using JSF.

• Understanding the system requirement specification.

• Involved in technical investigations for process improvements

• Integrating the code and check in the code into the SVN Repository.

• Implemented object/relational persistence (Hibernate) for the domain model.

Technologies: Java 5, JSF, Rich Faces, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Struts Tiles, MySql and Tomcat.

Project 5: Relevant Insights (Relevant Mind Inc)

Programmer Analyst Feb 2007 – July 2008

Aim of RelevantMind (B2B) is by linking products with partner vendors who sell these products. Sometimes consumers may not decide which products to buy and where to buy. At the time RelevantMind gives precious suggestions by bringing community to the product research process, makes passionate user group conversation and interaction the best and most accessible source of product information available.

The system shall link products and stores selling these products in Alpha Release. Using RelevantMind, Consumers can browse or join conversations, tag to suggest products.

There are 4 modules for Beta release. Product Search, Generic search, Search Engine (Website Crawling) and Admin Module.

Relevant Insights: Relevant Insights reports mines the vast sea of user forum activity & extracts the most relevant conversations for generating the reports (or) charts about your brands, products & services, Conversation, Attribute Association, Frequency Report, Influencer Analysis and Competitors Insights. It helps you determine how this data can be integrated into your marketing and social media initiatives.

RelevantMind will work closely with your marketing department & brand stakeholders to design reporting that produces the most valuable decision making tools


• Designing and Development of user interface using JSF

• Involved in developing the Product Search, Admin Module and Relevant Insights.

• Understanding the system requirement specification.

• Involved in technical investigations for process improvements

• Code Integration and bug fixing.

• Done validations using JSF.

• Maintaining project related documents.

Technologies: Java 5, JSF, Myfaces, Tomahawk, Hibernate, Tiles, A4J, Nutch, MySql and Tomcat.

Project 6: ArcMentor Server (Navin Communications Inc)

Programmer Analyst Oct 2006 – Jan 2007

Arc Mentor can control and archiving of Instant Messaging (IM) in a business organization. It works together with enterprise platform in a seamless way, providing transparent, secure archiving of all instant message, privacy data, secure intellectual property and conference traffic. The content is stored securely on the server side where only authorized individuals are able to access the stored content.

This project has 6 Modules Administration, Audit Messaging, Knowledge Management, Reports, and Advanced.

1. Integrated support for all public and Corporate IM systems, SUN ONE Java, Jabber and more.

2. RECORDS all IM conversations for ALL employees, Keywords trapping and Email alerting, receives real time notifications

3. Displays Graphical reports on different IM usage on various criteria like Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis

4. Captures Files being transferred between IM Users

5. Backup and Retrieval of IM Conversation to provide proof of communications and to audit conversations

IMStatus will use to see the status for all the messengers & charts.


• Creating UI in Jsp for client view using Struts Frame work.

• Involved on Administration, Knowledge management Modules.

• Implementation the business login for Action classes, Action form, DAO and DTO.

• Understanding functional requirements.

Technologies: Struts, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Jboss and Oracle.

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