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EHS Director

Arkadelphia, AR, 71923
85,000 +
August 15, 2012

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Joel D. Stiffler


Safety Engineer – EHS Consultant – Arkadelphia, Arkansas (November 2011 to date)

Conducting Audits & Inspections for Clients.

Performing Job Hazard Analysis for Clients & recommending ways to minimize risk factors for their employees and to reduce costs (Work Comp, lost productivity, insurance rates).

Reviewing OSHA citations & producing corrective action plans for Clients.

Designing / Updating training programs & training schedules for Clients based on Client’s job hazards & regulatory requirements.

Conducting training for Clients and instructing on-site staff on how to provide new-to-the-job & ongoing refresher training and how to document it properly for regulatory authorities.

Exide / GNB Industrial Batteries – Fort Smith Arkansas (September 2008 to November 2011)

EHS Manager – Industrial Division

Assumed EHS Manager Position with oversight for 320 employees.

Reduced lost time incident rate from 6.2 to 0 in February 2010, reduced recordable incident rate by 80%; implemented improved incident investigation & management systems to prevent minor injuries from becoming Recordable.

Recognized for best improvement in EHS statistics North American & Global groups by Exide Corporate with the “President’s Award for EHS Excellence in April 2011.

Improved training programs for critical disciplines including Lead & Cadmium Safety, Behavioral Safety, Hazardous Energy Control, Hazardous Communication, Mobile Equipment and Fall Control.

Hydro Aluminum – Monett Missouri (September 2005 to September 2008)

HSE Regional Manager – Central Division

October 2007 - Assumed Central Regional HSE Manager position with additional oversight for Monett – Remelt (Secondary aluminum smelter & casting plant).

HSE Manager – HAL Monett Extrusion & Cassville Fabrication, Monett & Cassville MO

Assumed HSE Manager position with oversight for 400 employees working in four plants in two cities in SW Missouri.

Reduced injury rates at all plants by 70%; implemented improved incident management systems to prevent minor injuries from becoming Recordable.

Cassville MO plant was recognized for its improvement in HSE by Corporate. Celebrated 1 yr without a Total Recordable Injury and two years without a Lost Time Incident.

Improved training programs for critical disciplines including Hazardous Energy Control, Hazardous Communication, Mobile Equipment and Fall Control.

Implemented Risk Assessment program to access & prioritize hazards for redress.

Wrote HSE protocols for Hazardous Energy Control, Work Permits, Contractor Safety & Electrical Safety that were transferred to other North American plants as “Best Practices”.

Alcoa (December 1993 to September 2005)

Environmental Engineer – Louisville Laminating Plant, Louisville KY

Served as Environmental Engineer for plant with additional Health & Safety compliance assistance assigned by the EHS Manager (2005).

Safety Engineer, Internal & External Auditor

Performed H&S and FBP Self-Assessments for Gum Springs Plant for the 2004 Primary Metals BU Critical 7 (Tag/Lock/Verify, Fall Control, Mobile Equipment, Confined Spaces, Electrical Safety, Ergonomics & Contractor Safety) & Sarbanes-Oxley Audits. All Protocols in that I was responsible for in H&S and FBP increased scores significantly (all items rose to 4 (Good) or 5 (Excellent) on a scale of 5) over previous assessments.

Performed EHS Self-Assessments, inspections, training and observations for Alcoa Critical 4 Safety Protocols & OSHA Compliance: Tag/Lock/Verify, Fall Control, Mobile Equipment and Confined Spaces for Hot Spring Continuous Rolling Plant. Prepared internal audit & gap analysis, in prior to Hot Spring Plant Integrated Audit May 2004 in which all EHS protocols that I was responsible were scored 4 or better.

Designed new written safety protocols, programs, standard operating procedures and training specifically to address needs from Self-Audit findings and to ensure OSHA compliance.

Performed 2003 Primary Metals Critical 7 Self-Assessments for Gum Springs Plant with internal audit & gap analysis, inspections and observations for Safety Protocols & OSHA Compliance: Tag/Lock/Verify, Fall Control, Electrical Safety (Low-Voltage), Contractor Safety Program, Ergonomics for November 2003 Corporate Audit, scoring 4 or better.

Supervised Alcoa Critical 7 Self-Assessment at Lake Charles Carbon Products Plant with

preparation and documentation for December 2003 Corporate Audit & OSHA Compliance for Alcoa Critical 7 H&S Protocols, scoring 4 “Good” & 3 “Fair”.

Developed specific training programs and resources to respond to specific deficiencies in Permit systems for Gum Springs, Lake Charles & Hot Spring Locations.

Safety Department - Internal & External Auditor- Alcoa Gum Springs Plant, Arkadelphia AR

• Performed internal audit, inspections and observations of Alcoa & OSHA compliance for Mobile Equipment, Confined Space, Tag/Lock/Verify, Fall Control, Low-Voltage & High-Voltage Electrical Safety, Contractor Safety Program, Ergonomics, Fire Safety and Fatality Prevention Program.

• Performed & documented Safety Program Self-Assessment. Identified program deficiencies. Developed recommendations and corrective action plans.

• Developed Action Plans to document current conditions and map progress towards goals.

• Developed specific training programs and resources to respond to all identified deficiencies in safety programs.

• Developed Safe Standard Operating Procedures and draft program updates.

• Documented compliance with Alcoa Engineering Standards, Audit Specifications, Federal and State Regulations.

• Assisted program managers in communicating program updates and changes with employees and contractors.

• Provided point-of-contact between program managers and employees. Provided organization skills to improve program access.

• Scheduled and conducted training for Safety Program and Fatality Prevention Program.

• Documented training and personnel who have received training.

• Organized and updated records and files to ensure OSHA, NFPA, EPA and DOL VPP Star compliance.

Environmental Laboratory Analyst - Alcoa Gum Springs Plant, Arkadelphia AR

• Gathered, processed, prepared and analyzed environmental and process samples for High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Ion and traditional wet chemical techniques.

• Obtained RCRA Hazardous Waste Worker, MACT certification, and direct working experience with Air, Water & Solid Waste regulations and requirements.

• Provided complete Quality Assurance for all analyses. Utilized QA/QC data for process improvement.

• Developed and implement Standard Operating Processes, Safe Handling Techniques and Planning.

• Documented Laboratory compliance and maintaining Operational compliance with Federal and State Regulatory permits.

• Provided preventative maintenance and repair to instrumentation and equipment.

• Designed experiments to determine optimum treatment for processing of hazardous waste.

• Developed Cost/Benefit Analyses for department. Reduction/Elimination of plant waste streams.

• Practice of Total Preventative & Production Systems. Member of task force to eliminate waste and reduce costs.

• Participated in redesign of plant SPL crushing system to improve throughput, eliminate bottlenecks and cut maintenance cost.

Henderson State University (6/89 to 12-93)

Laboratory Manager - Henderson State University, Arkadelphia AR

Maintained and controlled laboratory stocks and supplies. Distributed reagents and chemicals to student and research Labs. Implemented and maintained MSDS files and Right-to-Know programs and Chemical Safety programs at HSU.

Performed budget analysis and bid out major chemical, consumable and instrument purchases. Fabricated and repaired laboratory experimental apparatus and instrumentation.

Teaching Introductory Chemistry classes. Training and supervising Student Workers in the HSU Labs, including Environmental and Heath & Safety areas.


Physical Acoustics - University of Mississippi, Graduate School of Physics, Oxford, MS (08-87 to 06-89)

Admitted to the PhD program in Physical Acoustics.

Conducted classified research for the Naval Research Laboratories in conjunction with the National Center for Physical Acoustics.

Teaching Assistant - General Mechanics, School of Engineering; University Physics I, School of Physics.

Physics and Computer Science, Bachelors of Science - Henderson State University, Arkadelphia AR (09-82 to 08-87)

Senior Student assistant 1987; Henderson State University was selected by the Special Commission for Duplication in Higher Education as being best Physics Department in Arkansas over the U of A - Fayetteville and University of Central Arkansas.

President of the HSU Chapter of Society of Physics Students.

Worked extensively in the computer simulation of physical mechanics using Monte Carlo modeling mathematics, some of which was later turned into a textbook by faculty at HSU.

Assisted in the construction of Computer Controlled Foucault pendulum that won the 1986 Frank Oppenheimer Award from the San Francisco Exploratorium.

References • References will be provided upon request.

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