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Integration Specialist. MB/MQ/SOA Certified

Pune, Maharashtra, 412014, India
15.5 lks
November 25, 2010

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Professional Profile

IT Experience: *Y *M+ Designation: Integration Architect/ Designer/ Team Lead

• 7Y 9M+ years of IT experience in architecture, analysis, design, development, performance tuning customizations and implementation of software.

• Strong WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere MQ skills and have designed several technical solutions in these technologies.

• End-to-End experience with IBM Websphere Business Integration suite of products including Websphere Message Broker, Websphere Transformation Extender, Websphere MQ,DataPower,WPS, Websphere Adapters.

• More than 4 years of experience in direct interaction with end customer for requirement analysis, effort estimation and execution.

• Experience working and coordinating with globally distributed team and multi-vendor projects

• Handled multiple roles – Solution Architect, Solution Designer, Team Lead, Developer, WMQ Administrator

• Executed software projects for banking, Insurance, Telecommunication and Infrastructure Industry

• He is experienced Message Broker trainer.


• IBM Certified Solution Developer-WebSphere MQ v5.3

• IBM Certified Solution Developer-WebSphere WMB v6.0

• IBM Certified SOA Associate

• IBM Certified Solution Designer

Awards and Achievements

• Best face of the year Award in G4 Software technologies.

• Highest performance rating in IBM for the year 2009.

• Performance appreciation award for excellent work in Barclays project, IBM

• Client appreciation ‘Thanks Award’ for excellent work in SIC project, IBM

Technical Trainings Attended

• IT Architecture mobilization course. (5 Days,IBM)

• Advanced course with IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender 8.2 (5 Days,IBM)

• IBM WebSphere Process Server 6.0.2 (5 Days,IBM)

• SOA Governance and WSRR (1 Day,IBM)

Technical Skills

Platforms Windows XP Professional, Unix, AIX, Solaris, AS 400

Languages Core Java, XML,HTML


IBM Message Broker (WBI MB) 5.0,6.0,6.1,

IBM WebSphere MQ (5.3,6.0,7.0),

WID 6.1,WTX 8.2,WPS 6.0,Data Power

Databases Oracle 9i, IBM DB2, SQL Server

Tools MB toolkit.

Version Control Tool CVS, Clear Case

Adapters WBI JDBC Adapter, JCA JDBC Adapter

Recent Accomplishments

Role in MetLife engagement:

I worked as Integration Architect in MetLife’s core team of architects. I was responsible for integration architecture of the project. During tenure I was deployed on two different projects, MetLife e-Servicing and Middle Market

Project Name: MetLife e-Servicing

Customer: MetlIfe,US,NY Duration: (April 2010 to Till Date) Team Size: 10

MetLife e-Servicing was a IBM managed project. The scope of this project was to provide valuation service via service oriented architecture for MetLife Europe Retirement and saving product. This design replaced former semi-automated model of workflow and provides single stop solution, faster response to the user.

Data Power was used as the gateway for the to access the service layer offered by Message Broker. Data Power was configured with AAA policy. ORIGO messaging standards were used for communication between service layer and User/back end. WS-Security (Digital certificates) was implemented to access the service layer.


I was playing multiple roles in this project and was responsible for Architecture of the solution, project delivery, on-shore co-ordination and Team Lead. I was acting project lead and was responsible for interacting with the downstream stake holders for interface requirements and project timelines.


• Responsible for E-Service requirement analysis, solution design and implementation.

• Responsible delivery and quality of design deliverable like middleware architecture document, solution outline document, interface specification document.

• Interact with downstream system stake holders to understand the interfacing requirements.

• Coordinate and communicate tasks with developers and ensure timely delivery of the artifacts.

• Responsible for providing the project status to customer.


Message Broker v6.1, WebSphere MQ 7.0, Data Power XI50, Oracle 10g, AIX,

Project Name: Middle Market, MetLife, US,NY

Customer: MetlIfe,US,NY Duration: (April 2010 to Till Date) Team Size: 40

The goal of Single Session Purchase (SSP) initiative is to enable Middle Market customers (issue ages 18 – 40) to make decisions about their life insurance needs and make a term life insurance purchase online in a single session. Business drives for the initiative is to remove purchase barriers, make customer feel good about their purchase, improve time-to-market – shortens the conversion cycle, provide competitive advantage, improve quality

Middle Market project provides a middle-ware platform for Single Session Purchase. ACORD messaging format is used for the communication with under writing system, CAS. Data power is used as security layer between front end the middleware.


I was working as consulting architect / message broker expert for this project and also had additional responsibility of defect management. I was working closely with the MetLife team of architects. It was a multivendor project and the teams were distributed at different geographical locations. I had to interact with the teams for the input.


• Requirement analysis and solution design of new services. Producing design deliverables middleware architecture document, solution outline document and interface specification document

• Review the existing service design and suggest the best practices in EAI. Review the project design documentation

• Review the Message Broker implementation, common components and suggest the best practices in the message broker

• Test Manager: Responsible for defect management and promoting the project build in test phases.

• I was also responsible for defect triage and coordinating with PWC offshore to get the defects fixed.


Message Broker v6.1, WebSphere Portal, WebSphere MQ 7.0, Data Power, Oracle 10g, AIX

Project Name: Routing and Integration Services

Customer: , Barclays Bank, Pune Duration: (Sept 2009 to April 2010) Team Size: 20

Client is one of the large banks in UK and engaged in business of providing solution for cash management and trade, online banking, risk management, deposits and liquidity – all having a global coverage.

Barclays bank, UK wants to tap into more business through modernization of IT through new internet banking / cash management solution through white-labeled solution, and a new payment processing system through solution. Routing and Integration service (RIS) provides enterprise wide service bus to manage challenges around integration of applications of the program.

RIS implementation is targeted to give solution to some of the challenges in client existing system, like poorly integrated systems, duplication of functionality. Multiple workflow systems


I worked as a Integration Architect/ Team lead and primarily responsible for requirement analysis and Technical Design Delivery of the project from IBM India. I was involved in management activities – including estimation, staff selection for project, scope clarification with client etc. I was also involved in team lead and build activities.


• Responsible for overall architecture for GPU program, which involves around 10 services and 24 interfaces.

• Responsible for designing complex services in the module and producing the design artifacts

• Interact with lead architect from client and coordinate the decisions with the design team

• I was involved in project effort estimate for various programs in the account, project planning and resource leveling, assessing new candidates for the project.

• Responsible for providing the status to the project management, identify and raise risks and issues with management, process improvement for better delivery quality


Message Broker v6.1, WebSphere MQ 7.0, WTX 8.2, Oracle 10g, AIX

Project Name: Standard Insurance Integration (Portland, OR, US)

Customer: Standard Insurance Corporation, Portland,OR,US

Duration: (March 2009 to Sept 2009) Team Size: 15

Standard insurance is into insurance business and scope of this project is to implement software process that will help Standard insurance to grow their business


I worked in capacity of Solution Designer/Team Lead and primary responsibility requirement analysis and solution design. I was also involved in team lead activities.


• I was responsible for requirement analysis and design of Release-1 and Release-2 of the project

• Coordinate and communicate tasks with developers and ensure timely delivery

• To work with enterprise architect to define overall architecture of the project.


Message Broker v6.0, WebSphere MQ 6.0, Data Stage, WCC, FileNet, Oracle, AIX

Project Name: Vodafone Essar Enterprise Application Integration, Vodafone Essar

India Ltd (Pune) Duration: (MAY 2008 to March 2009) Team Size: 15

Vodafone is India’s second largest telecom giant and has signed a Strategic Outsourcing deal with IBM. As part of the deal, Integration Team is responsible for Enterprise wide EAI and B2B Integration Solutioning and Implementation from scratch. This includes, Requirements Gathering, Conceptual Design, Detailed Design, Development, Testing and Deployment.


I was designated as Integration Architect/MB Designer in the project. He was member of the solution architect team and was involved in design/delivery of multiple programs in the account. He had additional responsibility of team lead.


• Worked with solution architect team to define the scope of the message broker in the architectural solution

• I was responsible for providing end to end solution for UPSS-CRM Integration module and BSCS Data synchronization module.

• He was responsible for designing and development of common services module in message broker. Common services include message auditing, error Logging.

• Establish Quality Procedure for the team and continuously monitor and audit to ensure team meets quality goals.

• He Worked as Message Broker specialist in B2B Integration Solution program of the project.


Message Broker v6.0,JCA JDBC Adapter, WebSphere MQ 6.0, WID 6.1,Oracle 10g,AIX

Project Name: Macmahon Integration, IBM Australia (Adelaide)

Duration: (FEB 2008 to May 2008) Team Size: 5

The project was developed for the Australian client, Macmahon Holdings. Macmahon Holdings is infrastructure based company and is involved in mining and construction business. IBM Integration team was responsible for developing a Enterprise wide Integration solution for Macmahon from scratch. IBM Integration team responsibilities include requirement gathering, conceptual design, and proof of concepts, detailed design, development, testing and deployment.


He was working in capacity of Solution Designer/IT specialist and was involved design and implementation of the message broker services.


• Responsible for WebSphere Message Broker solution design and implementation

• Direct interaction with the end client for project requirement

• He played major role of helping the team to pick up message broker skills.

• He was major contributor in developing the message broker component. He designed and developed common services module, retry module, CHEOPS module

• Develop implementation and test plans, build software acceptance criteria, coordinate and work with clients to oversee the acceptance and dissemination process.


Message Broker v6.0, WBI JDBC Adapter, WebSphere MQ 6.0, SQL Server, Java 1.5_09,

Project Name: Adapter FrameWork, HSBC Software development(I) Pvt Ltd (Pune)

Duration: (Jan 2006 to Mar 2006) and (Mar 2007 to June 2007) Team Size: 4

The project was developed for the HSBC EAI team. The aim of the project was to create a java based solution that will facilitate the HSBC application to connect to the outer world applications through different protocols like HTTP and TCP.


He was working as Team Lead and Project coordinator


• Coordinate and communicate tasks with developers

• Communicate activities/progress to project managers, business development, business analysts and clients

• Own complex development modules in the project.


WebSphere MQ 5.3, Java 1.5_09,Log4j.

Project Name: Message Broker Packaging, HSBC Software development (I) Pvt Ltd (Pune)

Duration: Sept 2006 to Feb 2007 Team Size: 2

HSBC is worlds seconds largest bank. IT Enterprise Solution for HSBC is developed by regional groups in the HSBC. Message Broker Packaging was aimed to develop the services that the regional teams can use as is so that development effort can be reduced.


He was working as team lead / Message Broker expert in the project


• Interfacing with the regional parties for requirement gathering

• Designing common services

• Developing common services

• His additional responsibility include Project coordination


WBIMB v6.0,MQ v5.3,Java 1.5_09,Oracle 8i.

Project: Message Broker Performance testing, HSBC Software development(I) Pvt

Ltd (Pune)

Duration: Mar 2006 to Aug 2006 Team Size: 3

Aim of the project was to evaluate the performance of the message broker against the business specific performance requirements in HSBC.


He was working as the Message Broker expert in the project and was responsible for design, development and testing of the message flows


• Development of enhancements and change requests

• Code optimizations for improving performance.

• Communicate activities/progress to project managers, business development, business analysts and clients


WBIMB v6.0, MQ v5.3,DSTX 8.0,DB2.

Project: Unilever Integration, Unilever India (IBM project, Banglore)

Duration: Jan 2005 to Dec 2005 Team size: 5

Unilever business is spread in 17 countries in the Asia region. Java based framework was developed to facilitate the data (files) transfer between the applications from different geographic locations hosted on disparate operating systems .The framework was capable of data mapping and routing the request to the destinations as required.


He was working as WebSphere MQ consultant.


• Responsible for technical inputs to the team on WebSphere MQ

• Responsible for WebSphere MQ setup and design and MQ administration

• Developed the MQ client based application to integrate to other applications.

• Developing Message broker flows


WBIMB v6.0, MQ v5.3, Connect Direct, DB2, AS400, Solaris.

Project: Honda e-CRM, Deollite Consultancy (Mumbai)

Duration: Jan 2005 to Dec 2005 Team Size:30

Honda e-CRM project was developed for Honda(US),a leading motorcycle, car and electrical equipments company


He was deployed on the project as MQ architect /administrator.


• He was responsible for MQ architecture design for the project.

• He was responsible for MQ environment administration in Development, Integration development environment.

• He was responsible for guiding java development team to develop MQ client.

Environment: MQ v5.3, J2EE,DB2, AIX, Windows

Educational Background

Pankaj S Shahane has a done B.E (EXTC) from Amravati University.

Employment History

Sr No Employer Designation Duration

1 IBM India Pvt Ltd Solution Designer Aug 2007 To Till Date

2 HSBC Software development Pvt Ltd. Sr System Engineer 16 Jan to Aug 2007

3 G4 Technology, Mumbai Program Analyst Sept 2004 To 09 2006

4 Matrix Infotect, Pune Java Consultant Feb 2003 To Sept 2004

Personal Details

Nationality : Indian

Marital Status : Married

Passport number : B2262319

Date Of Birth : 19 Oct 1978

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