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3.5 Yrs of Experience in PL/SQL Developement with BFSI

mumbai, MH, 401105, India
November 04, 2009

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Vinod Ubale


• Over *.*+ Years of Experience in the field of Web Development and Implementation with Proficiency in Oracle PL/SQL that includes development, implementation & maintenance of application software in Internet/Intranet environments.

• Strong development experience with Oracle PL/SQL, Core Java, JSP

• Experience Query Optimization

• Created complex functions, stored procedures and packages, Triggers by using PL/SQL

• Worked as a part of team in 24x7 production environment and provided on-call and day-to-day support.

• Strong Domain knowledge of BFSI

• Excellent team player and coordinating abilities.


• B.E. in Information Technology from DBAMU (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University), P.E.S College of Engineering Aurangabad, completed in August 2005. First Class [65.21%].



Oracle 8i/9i/10g, SQL Server 2005, Access.

Tools & Languages

PL/SQL 8i/9i/10g,

Toad 9.0,




Oracle Enterprise Manager,

JDeveloper 10g,

SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader,


• Currently working with Infomatics Services (P) Ltd (July 2007 till Date).

• Ace Software Solutions (P) Ltd. (August 2006 to July 2007).


FMS – Facility Management System (CURRENT PROJECTS)

Client: Standard Chartered Bank, Mumbai.

Duration: Feb 2008 – Till Date

Software Developer

Description: FMS is Facility Management System designed for the CRES department of Standard Chartered Bank. Which handles the Facility related Properties like Guest Houses, Conference Rooms of Standard Chartered Bank.

Which is used to manage the transaction for these properties, and maintain there availability. All these facilities are available for the Bank Employees only. Employees can book there required facility, with there own login Id, and also see there status for the facility which was booked. It is easy for employees to instance booking of different facility all over the branches.

Role: In this project I am involving for the following:

• Design and Development,

• Implementation,

• Data Conversion,

• Integration

• Testing of Forms and reports.

• Coding

• Testing

• Maintenance and preparation of system/user documentation manual.

• Writing Complex Stored procedures, Triggers etc.

• Responsible for UAT at client side.

Environment: Oracle 9i,Apache Tomcat Server 5.0,JAVA, JSP.

PMS – PAR Management System

Client: Standard Chartered Bank, Mumbai.

Duration: July 2007 – Till Date.

Software Developer

Description: PMS is PAR Management System designed for the CRES department of Standard Chartered Bank (SCB). This handles different Properties, which are on leased or owned by Bank. PMS is a web-based application, which was used by the Property Management division of an organization to handle the transactions pertaining to the properties owned or leased by the organization. The PMS application is client server system, the data will be stored centrally in Oracle Server. PMS, can handle the transaction of properties owned or leashed by the Property Management division. It is generalized to handle multiple companies (subsidiaries) based in a region-wise, country-wise, city-wise & sub region-wise format. The current installation is for India region. Users of each metro will access the application using a web browser namely Internet Explorer 5.0 & above.

Role: In this project my work was as the Project Manager on Client (SCB) side, and working as the main entry point for the Customer and manages the Supplier’s services. Where I am responsible for following:

• Porting the Application.

• Data Conversion

• Development

• Maintenance

• Implementation

• Debugging and support

• Writing common Package/Procedure/Function used throughout the system.

• Writing SQL scripts to convert old data to new structures,

• Server side scripting, Database Tables/Package creation.

• Implementation and user training.

• Technical review of the System and platform suitability issues

• Setting up required environment for implementation

• Review the functionality of the System to suit their needs


Environment: Oracle 9i, Apache Tomcat Server 5.0, JAVA, JSP.

FRB – First Rand Bank

Client: First Rand Bank (Russia).

Duration: April 2007 – July 2007

Product Team Leader

Description: FRB is from Russia. In this project we provides the different solutions, to the bank like OFAC-STATION, AML-TAION, ENHANCER, ANALYZER, DESIGNER etc.and servers related to the product solutions. This project is developed for the enhancements of previous project. OFAC-STATION generally provides the front view for the OFAC server, which is running at the backend process for the SWIFT message processing. All message which are going over the SWIFT network can be handled at ofac station, which gives display of whole messages which are processed depending upon there status like Clean, Blocked, Suspect. If message processed successfully then it saved as cleaned message in clean queue.

If Blocked then save at the blocked queue. If Suspect then saved at the suspect queue. As per the status after processing the message it get saved in respective queues. User can see how many messages are processed successfully, also status of different message which are not successfully processed. User on the front end can see all these information.

Role: In this project my role was as a Technical Lead, where my responsibilities are as follows:

• Responsible to keep deliverables /objectives in line with the client expectations.

• Responsible for requirement change management, planning, monitoring and achieving milestones.

• Responsible for planning, monitoring, tracking and meeting milestones for enhancement work

• Technology management / help the team in problem solving in variety of technology, products.

• As well as I have done the documentation for user guides.

• Extensively worked on Oracle 9i.


Environment: Oracle 9i, JAVA, JSP, websphere MQ.

UBOC – Union Bank Of California

Client: Union Bank Of California

Duration: Jan 2007 – April 2007

Product Team Leader

Description: UBOC is the largest bank, which provides AML solution. AML (Anti Money Laundring ) is one of important product of ACE, which gives solutions to UBOC.

This is useful to track unwanted messages over the network. 'AML-STATION' is the product to implement .AML solutions. Along with this main product, project contains other product also, which are provided by ACE.

Role: My responsibility was to understand the requirements by project manger, group manager etc. and drafting in to software specifications. Project was designed for track all the transactions related to banking. I was involved in development for building screens, and database related queries for the different product, which required as per Client request. As per CRF (changes request form) given by client, Hot fix created for that particular product .Hot fix basically contains the changes for that particular CRF. This gets installed at the client side. I am involved in development of the hot fix and creating the Documents for the entire project.

Environment: Oracle 9i, CORE JAVA.

ADCB – Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Dubai

Client: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Dubai

Duration: Aug 2006 – Jan 2007

Software Developer

Description: ADCB is fastest growing bank from Dubai, basically which is in Straight Through Processing (STP) for SWIFT-based financial messaging ACE provides solution for this STP.

Architecture of System is as follows:

The whole application comprises of Three-Tier architecture.

• Client

• Middle-ware(Java Web Server on WinNT)

• Database(Oracle 9i)

Client can use Internet Explorer (4.0 or above) or Netscape Navigator (3.0 or above).Client sends data using HTML forms. Data validation and other manipulation are performed using JAVA Scripts. On web server we have java servelets. Servletes with Client and database.

Role: Analyze Business needs, application requirements and software requirements; accordingly write the procedures and functions on Oracle 9i.

Environment: Oracle 9i, CORE JAVA.


Name : Vinod Ubale

Date of Birth : 01-OCT-1982.

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : Indian

Permanent Address : A003, Varsha palace, kashi nagar, Bhayandar (E) Dist Thane

Passport Number : G3303799, Issued from Aurangabad.


Cell Phone no. : +919*********

Email :,


I consider myself familiar with Computer Engineering Aspects. I am also confident of my ability to work in a team.

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