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Oracle DBA

Houston, TX, 77057
November 30, 2009

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Houston TX-77057 Cell Phone:281- 919-7499



Hard-working and enthusiastic with extensive Oracle DBA experience including six years as a Core Oracle DBA at General Electric (GE). Experience included providing support to over 100 Development, Test and Production Databases including critical Production Financial Databases comprising of complex and challenging Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows environment in Oracle versions 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g. Extensive technical knowledge on Database Migrations, Installation, Upgrade, Reorg, Cloning, Patching, Unix and PERL Shell Scripting, RAC, Dataguard, RMAN, Performance Tuning, Proactive Database monitoring, Performing routine Health Checks, Automating scripts and DBA Tasks, Capacity Planning, Database Backup and Recovery.



Senior Oracle Core DBA -- 02/2008 – 04/2009

Responsible for providing DBA support for multiple large databases in production, development and test environments. Part of a 16-member DBA team managing 30 production databases and over a 100 development & test databases with databases sizes varying from 50 GB to 550 GB.

• Developed UNIX shell script as part of a LEAN Project to automate the process of Export-Import.

• Automated space estimation based on database growth.

• Worked on installing Grid Control, configuring email alerts etc.

• Configured ASM.

• Installed and upgraded databases to 11g.

• Configured ASM on 11g

• Developed UNIX Shell Scripts and SQL Scripts to perform database checks.

• Familiar with Internet Protocols like SMTP, TCP/IP, XML, Proxies, etc

• Implemented RAC on 9i Databases on Unix, Linux and Solaris environment.

• Implemented RAC on 10g Databases followed by configuring ASM on Unix,Linux and Solaris environment.

• Converted single instance Databases to RAC.

• Added nodes to existing cluster configuration.

• Upgraded cluster configuration.

• Experience proactively monitoring and maintaining databases.

• Designed and maintained database structures.

• Knowledge of database structures and theories, of current database technologies, and of data analysis techniques.

• Experience of managing multiple RDBMS on large systems, working in a team that delivers a high availability service.

• Worked on improvement and maintenance of the databases to include rollout and upgrades

• Analyzed data in ADDM by generating AWR reports.

• Good knowledge of Dataguard. Worked on configuring Logical and Physical Standby Databases.

• Involved in maintenance tasks like bouncing production databases, services through Veritas.

• Performed regular Database Administration activities which involved - Database Upgrades from 8i to 10g, Installation of Oracle Software, Cloning Databases, Database Reorg and Backup and Recovery.

• Fine tuned Memory, I/O and Database Objects.

• Provided technical leadership in all areas of technical writing. Have configured scripts in Perl, PL/SQL and Unix scripts to proactively handle Database alerts in areas of Tablespace usage, mount point usage, Database level auditing etc.

• Worked extensively on providing detail Database analysis in terms of sizing( Capacity Planning).

• Implemented Disaster-Recovery techniques

• Worked extensively on Autosys in configuring, deleting, preparing and editing JIL for jobs, moving jobs in Crontab to Autosys.

• Performed SQL tuning by using Explain Plan and Tkprof.

• Mentored in-house DBAs to assume higher levels of responsibility.

• Analyzed Database Performance based on Statspack and AWR report results


Senior Oracle Core DBA -- 09/2005 – 02/2008

Part of a 8-member DBA team providing DBA support for very large databases in both OLTP and Data warehouse. Managed 40 Production databases and development & test databases of varying sizes from 70 GB to 1.8 TB.

• Reclaimed over 30(GB) space in a Database Reorg in one of the most critical databases.

• Handled Disaster Recovery scenarios.

• Upgraded several databases – both release and version upgrades.

• Handled Database Installations (all versions upto 10g).

• Cloned databases with various strategies like Hot, Cold, Logical methods and RMAN.

• Involved in providing technical assistance to developers in all matters concerning performance application related issues.

• Resolving issues faced by Application team by analyzing PL/SQL code etc and giving resolution details and root cause analysis. (RCCA)

• Responsible for Online/Offline database backups and managing Database recovery with RMAN.

• Worked with Oracle Support during ORA-600 and ORA-7445 issues.

• Responsible for storage management - Managing Space, Tablespaces, Segments and Extents, Rollback Segments & Data Dictionary.

• Configured scripts in Crontab for Production Environment

• Alert monitoring and resolution.

• Design, Install, Tune and Monitor Oracle databases

• Extensively used Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM) and NetBackup

• Monitor and optimize the Performance of the database


Oracle Core DBA -- 03/2004 – 09/2005

Provided Oracle Core DBA support to GE Oil and Gas databases as part of 3-member team.

• Involved in creating Databases, Tables, Tablespaces, User logins, and Passwords as per SOP

• Involved in Schema refreshes.

• Applied quarterly CPU Patches.

• Resolved listener and tnsnames.ora issues.


Oracle Core DBA -- 08/2003 – 03/2004

Involved in providing Oracle Core DBA support for 6 GE Aviation production databases and 15 development & test databases as part of a 4-member DBA team.

• Responsible for storage management - Managing Space, Tablespaces, Segments and Extents, Rollback Segments & Data Dictionary.

• Configured scripts in Crontab for Production Environment

• Alert monitoring and resolution.

• Configured several jobs in Autosys


Visvesvaraya Technological University, MCE, India

Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics


• (2006) - Oracle 9i Certified Associate

• (2008) - Oracle 10g Certified Associate

• (2005-06) – Awarded Best Employee of the Year for GE, India

• (2007) – Awarded Best Mentor of the year for GE Plastics

• Worked on a project to streamline all our backups to log to one single database (Central Repository). This project involved trouble shooting backup related issues and working on centralizing all our backups. This was one of the most efficient LEAN Projects in GE.

• Innovated automated space estimation based on Database growth which served as proactive measure personally appreciated by client.

• Worked to recover 12 production databases over 3 continuous days during a Disaster Recovery in Cincinnati.

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