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Development Engineer

16 Linwood Ave, North Rading, Massachusetts, 01864, United States
March 20, 2011

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Looking for challenging opportunity in product development, technical marketing


Highly accomplished senior-level engineer with extensive experience in product development and commercialization, accompanied by a proven track record of creating and improving electronic materials. Selected accomplishments include:

Director, glass, organic and paste development for MEMS based fuel cell development for personnel power

Established glass melting facility to support and sustain manufacturing of high reliability vacuum seal based MEMS product

Established binder development and manufacturing facility to support needs of different inks based on platinum, gold, silver and glass and ceramics based ink for SOFC based power production

Developed glass for high reliability heater screen printable paste.

Developed conductor, resistor and dielectric inks for LTCC, thick film, MEMS, die-attach SOFC and other electronic product development

Developed paste which can produce controlled porosity and porosity distribution

Worked and qualified products in India, Europe, Taiwan, China, Korea, Mexico and other part of world

Conducted Technical seminar in Asia and Europe to boost Technological strength of company which helped to boost sales.

Laid down foundation for Nano powder based electronic adhesive development and manufacturing to meet challenging demands of electronic products

Developed and patented aluminum silicon carbide composite for heat management for flip chips, BGA, and various applications.

Helped to define requirement of polymer silver curable paste for passive components

Conceptualized and developed hot melt technology for solar application


Ph.D. in Ceramic Engineering • ALFRED UNIVERSITY – Alfred, NY

M.S. in Glass Engineering • ALFRED UNIVERSITY– Alfred, NY

B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering • KARNATAKA R. ENGINEERING COLLEGES – My sore, India


Lilliputian System – Wilmington, MA May 06 to Present

Director, Glass, organic vehicle and ink development and manufacturing

Developed sealing glass for fuel cell assembly based of MEMS technology. Actively involved and guided development of catalyst loading, high temperature non oxidizable heater paste, porous membrane and other pastes for the high temperature fuel cell applications.

Suggested/successfully implemented sealing glass development project to achieve high temperature vacuum stability for MEMS based fuel cell products.

Developed fritted platinum paste for the high temperature application under high reducing conditions.

Established facilities for glass melting, grinding, organic media and paste formulation facilities to support packaging, fab and electrochemistry groups

Sealing glass glaze temperature and ramp rate definition and estimation

Sealing process parameter definition for amorphous as well as crystalline frit based paste systems.

Modified existing product for new application and improved component quality.

Identify new market in the area of portable fuel cell market

LORD CORPORATION – Elverson, PA Jan 03 to Feb 2006

Senior Technical Specialist

Provide senior-level technical expertise for development and commercialization of electronic adhesives for active and passive systems for electronic industries. Developed adhesives systems which will be stable at elevated temperature and does not get poisoned with continuous use under reducing conditions and in presence of carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide and hydrogen gasses. Deliver effective presentations to customers and various societies, effectively conveying products benefits, strengths, and strategies. Work closely with potential customers to establish requirements for next generation products. Demonstrate expert knowledge of entire materials system and thorough understanding of thermal processing of ceramic, glass and metal interaction as well as paste formulation requirement and paste processing parameters. Identify glass for enhancements, implement modifications, and submit to customers for review. Serve as key team player in defining and measuring individual/group goals.

Defined method to calculate paste drying and firing profiles for paste qualification at customers sites and based on customer equipments

Developed concept to product of polymer copper paste for passive components which saved processing cost and improved quality of components and return improved product profit margin

Rapidly propelled product through qualification by resolving issues and product liabilities via product and/or process modification.

Stabilized jeopardized business of the company in Mexico, Korea to maintain profitability by timely resolution of manufacturing problem by analysis and suggestion of corrective actions and joint work atmosphere by developing personnel relation.

Qualified existing product for new application to improve business.

Replaced major competitor with existing product in India which improved customer quality and company profit margin

Introduced copper paste for capacitor and other electronic market in high frequency applications

Worked with development and Far East customers to identify the niche areas of product introduction which will meet sale and profitability goals

Introduce polymer pastes for resistor over glaze application to overcome RoHS and WEES issues

Worked with resin manufacturers to develop new products to meet thermal management, yield and residual stress requirements of company product end users

KEMET ELECTRONIC – Greenville, SC 2001 to 2003

Senior Engineer

Demonstrated strong understanding of interaction of different categories of materials like organic-glass-metal-ceramics for electronic adhesive businesses. Coordinated competitor’s capacitor analysis for materials used and quality analysis to optimize capacitor product to remain competitive. Managed team of 8 in copper and silver termination area and partnered with characterization lab professionals to achieve desired results. Interacted with engineers and staff to perform characterization, testing, and lab qualification. Prepared reports on new findings of competitor’s approach to product improvement; utilized knowledge to improve Kemet Capacitor’s product.

Applied dye penetration techniques to evaluate surface defects on copper termination Dot map (SEM) and evaluate inner defects in termination after plating.

Resolved yield and processing issue by developing new technology and convincing others of its value to improve yield.

Obtained patent disclosure to produce hermetic barrier, layer Dot map used to analyze crack and improve quality and yield from 40 to over 99%.

Advanced company from water based to organic based dielectric formulation to produce thin sheets and increase layer count for higher capacitance for same thickness of capacitor.

Developed compatible solvent and polymer for printing of electrode on dried ceramic sheets

Developed polymer end termination paste

FERRO CORPORATION – Vista, CA 1999 to 2000

Senior Scientist

Directly accountable for product development in Photovoltaic field, display and die-attaching adhesive for electronic materials business of Ferro Electronic Materials. Supervised 6 scientists. Instrumental in commercialization nationally and globally, developing and delivering technical presentations to new and existing customers. Coordinated with glass division to define glass chemistry for solar silver paste for high-fill factor. Interfaced with furnace and paste user to develop new furnace for solar-paste firing. Identified requirements and broke down to component level to develop paste.

Developed screen printable paste to develop coating to increase solar energy absorption.

New product developed by optimizing color to reflect solar energy from back side of the solar cell

Improved customer throughput by defining silver powder and flake requirements for rapid firing applications

Increased profitability by designing new process in aluminum paste and transferring part of manufacturing to aluminum powder and flake manufacturer.

Developed new co-firable silver and dielectric paste for display touches screen.

Produced new silver glass conductor paste for die-attaching adhesive.

Improved manufacturing yield by eliminating drying via development of hot-melt technology for screen-printing application.

Created titanium- and silica-based passivation system.

CANDESCENT TECHNOLOGY – San Jose, CA 1996 to 1999

Senior Scientist

Directed all aspects of sealing glass department as well as assumed responsibility for phosphor application. Oversaw activities of 10 scientists in phosphor and sealing glass research and development.

Boosted yield by developing laser-sealing glass using in-house modification of Ferro glass.

Developed fast-firing laser sealing glass frame manufacturing methodology.

Developed phosphor paste for screen-printing application, improving yield from 30% to 99% of grade 1 display screen.

JOHNSON MATTHEY – San Diego, CA 1987 to 1996

Senior Scientist

Charged with glass and paste development as well as coordinating precious metal research and development for electronic applications. Spearheaded start-up organization to produce control size and shape silica as well as borosilicate glass powder for low K dielectric paste for thick-film application.

Modified air jet mill to produce free-flowing glass powder.

Developed new glass grinding technology sol gel silica and borosilicate glass for low K dielectric low temperature die-attaching silver glass paste.

Created polymer silver paste for hermetic application.

Designed and implemented glass melting in induction furnace to obtain higher yield of microwave glass-drying technique.



Modified surface glass successfully meeting all strength and durability requirements. Managed

4-member team, engaging in sol gel-based product development.

Increased productivity and profitability by creating new method and process for conception, development, and implementation.

Developed sol gel technique to produce powder, coating, and commercialized microwave processing of glass and composite.


1. “Characterization of Copper Termination Paste”, EMAP, Nov. 2003.

2. “Growth of Diamond on Gold and Aluminum Substrate for Heat Management”, Journal of Material Research, 1994.

3. “Sintering Effect of Silver Filled Lead Telluride Glass”, American Ceramic Society, 1987.


1. Filed patent for glass which is has ability of continuous use up to 1000C under extreme environmental conditions

2. Patent disclosure for thin platinum coating which is stable under extreme atmospheric conditions as well as compatible with high temperature glasses for use in fuel cell and other electronic applications

3. discloser for chemically de-agglomeration of agglomerated metal, ceramic and glass Nano powders

4. Patent disclosure for glass which is stable in hydrogen atmosphere at high temperature to develop thick film adhesives and sealing glasses for high temperature fuel cell applications

5. Hermetic Barrier Layer Development (Patent disclosure: 7/01)

6. Seal Material Frit Frame for Flat Panel Display (Patent: 9/00)

7. Metal Ceramic Composite Lid (Patent: 7/96)

8. Sealing Glass Composition (Patent: 8/94)

9. Silver Glass Die Attach Paste (Patent: 8/93)

10. Sealing Glass Composition (Patent: 5/91)

11. Sealing Glass Composition and Electrically Conductive Formulation Containing Same (Patent: 11/91)

12. Low Temperature Gold Conductor Paste (

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