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Engineer Electrical

Melbourne, Florida, 32935, United States
March 23, 2012

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Dynamic, results-driven Engineering Manager centered on electronic systems & products (hardware and firmware), and communications. Offering a full range of proven management skills to build/grow the organization and produce results.


* Department & Engineering Mgmt

* Project Engineering/Management

* Technical Leadership

- Note: Electronic Design Background

* Market, Business, & Customer Related Skills

(Refer to the "Skills" section for more information.)


System Architecture, low power electronic Hardware Design (digital, analog, power), Embedded Systems and Firmware Development, PLDs (FPGAs/CPLDs using VHDL), communications (wired/RF) and networks.


International Battery - Director of Engineering

Jabil Circuit - Energy Sector Lead, Systems Architect

Faro Technologies - Project Lead, Lead Engineer

Harris Corporation - Integrated Process Team Lead, Project Engineer, Lead/Sr. Electronics Design Engineer

Sensus Metering Sys. - Sr. Electronic Design Engineer

Haliburton - Electrical Engineeer

Motorola - Product Electrical Engineer


Achieved significant success and growth through strategic planning and roadmap development, strategic design initiatives, team development, project planning, technical leadership, and tactical execution of projects.

Directed sector responsible for $120M of new business revenue, & $150M of revenue potential.

Developed and directed a Taiwan engineering design group; directed collaboration with US engineering.

Received 2 Engineering Awards, and 3 Leadership & Project Management Recognitions.

o Highly efficient time and resource management. For example: 36.6% schedule improvement (36-wk); 73.4% cost reduction ($685k); 16% yield improvement; etc.

o Directed/created innovative system architectures; Best choice of technologies, performance, & cost.

***** EXPERIENCE *****

INTERNATIONAL BATTERY, INC., Allentown, PA 2011 to 2011

* Privately Held Start-Up


Director of Engineering - Tasked with organizing a department within Engineering Operations. Responsible for all aspects of electronics systems & products (hardware and firmware) and communications, including large-scale Battery Management Systems (BMS), throughout engineering operations. Report directly to the COO.

Performed SWOT analysis relative to the market segment, existing products, and the department. Identified gaps and developed a strategy to correct deficiencies while expanding products and capabilities.

Project Management: Review existing projects: Accelerated completion of several critical, overdue projects. Implemented project management: developed a Project Management Plan (PMP) and a project schedule template, required design documentation (eg – PRD, Specification, & Test) and design reviews, established milestones and oversight, and eliminated unapproved design changes: Improved ECR/ECN and ISO processes and compliance.

Organizational Improvements: Performed skillset/manpower gap analysis. Restructured multi-site engineering. Identified and developed System, HW, FW, Layout, and Test/Support leaders: Established functional groups and delegated authority. Hired, coached, counseled, and reviewed personnel.

Product Design/Build/Test: Collaboratively reviewed existing products and architectures: Led to robust FW and board designs, and architectural changes for robust systems. Stressed quality build: Directed development of functional testing and 100% CM implementation. Directed more thorough system-level testing. Emphasized thorough failure analysis and design feedback. Established vendor relationships and incorporated SCM during conceptual design for cost reduction. Collaboratively developed next-generation architecture for reliable, maintainable, large, scalable systems. Engaged Business Development, Applications Engineering, and customers.

Plant, Equipment &Tools (CapEx): Reconciled multi-site engineering design tool incompatibility, allowing design transfers and collaborative design. Built and established an electronics lab near design & manufacturing.

JABIL CIRCUIT, INC., St. Petersburg, FL 2009 to 2011

Jabil Design Services


Energy Sector Lead and Systems Architect - Reported directly to the Director of Engineering/System Architecture. Managed and directed Design Engineering efforts within the Energy Sector to drive product and market growth opportunities: Guided and collaborated with Business Development to achieve growth.

• Initiated the Energy Sector (AMR/AMI, Smart Grid technologies, Smart Energy, and Traditional Energy).

o Defined the sector framework. Developed the roadmap & strategic plan from the ground up.

o Performed market segment research and cost/benefit/risk analysis of projects.

o Identified areas of sector growth, then supported the business case as such.

o Investigated new & emerging architectures, technologies and standards.

• Collaborated with Business Units and Business Development.

o Presented to C-level customers. Represented Jabil in all Energy Sector technical discussions.

o Supported new/existing customers, provided technical direction, developed relationships, and generated/supported business opportunities.

o Participated in SOW and CRD/PRD development and DSA discussions.

• Defined/directed sector R&D activities.

o Prioritized tasks in accordance with strategic objectives.

o Managed multidisciplinary & international design resources for multiple projects.

o Provided sector and project oversight. Directed project managers and team leaders.

o Developed/analyzed system architectures. Evaluated technologies and trends.

o Directed development of 3 platform designs based on SE 2.0 and ZigBee SEP:

2 ZigBee module variants & 1 SE In-Home Display

• Contributed to $120M realized new business revenue with $133M potential new business, and $17M potential margin enhancement (BOM reduction) through the strategic use of Design Services.

The Energy Sector encompasses AMR/AMI, Smart Grid technologies, Smart Energy, and Traditional Energy. Areas include: metering, communications, networks & applications, technologies & standards, and emerging technologies.

FARO TECHNOLOGIES, Lake Mary, FL 2008 to 2009


Project Lead / Lead Engineer – Reported to the VP of Engineering. Designed, developed & supported electronic systems used in portable computerized 3D metrology devices. Planned & managed a 1-year project to implement 100% functional verification & ESS testing on all electronic boards. Responsible for project and personnel management, and technical leadership: Managed and coordinated the efforts of 4 engineers. Interacted with multiple departments and companies. Organized and cross-referenced design features. Developed a comprehensive yet streamlined test approach.

• Successfully reduced system costs from $685k to $182k (73.4% cost reduction).

HARRIS CORPORATION – Melbourne, FL 2004 to 2008

Government Communications Systems Division, Dept. of ASIC & Aerospace Engineering


Project Engineer – Managed several projects of the FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) program. Designed and deployed sites. Defined, deployed and managed work processes for site upgrades and outages. Managed and drove an accelerated task to completion ahead of schedule, meeting FAA Measure of Effectiveness.

• Earned a substantial FAA Award Fee as well as having increased customer confidence.

• Received Harris’ EXCELLENCE AWARD citing outstanding results and increased value to Harris.

• Received Harris’ NEXT LEVEL AWARD citing outstanding project management.

Integrated Process Team Leader – Lead 9-member IPT (Integrated Process Team) over a Satellite Communications Equipment Rack. Responsible for organization, schedule, manpower, process definition, and technical issue resolution.

• Delivered Communications Equipment Rack 7-1/2 weeks ahead of schedule (25% improvement).

• Achieved an overall schedule improvement of 36.6% (from 36 to 23 weeks).

• Received Harris’ NEXT LEVEL AWARD citing outstanding leadership and results.

Lead/Sr. Electronic Design Engineer – Designed and developed FPGA-based electronic systems: Board-level design and VHDL were central. Responsible for schedule and technical issues. Generated specifications, schedules, and test plans. Performed design and development, simulation, and verification. Ensured prototyping and test.

• Major redesign of a production fire control system, combining I/O & control logic into 1 FPGA.

• Corrected major board-level EMI, signal integrity & Ethernet cross-talk issues.

• Planned and led 3 Nuclear Qualification designs & tests including 10 components, 3 board designs, and 4 component VHDL designs.

• Received Harris’ NEXT LEVEL AWARD citing major technical and schedule accomplishments.



Sr. Electronic Design Engineer – Experience includes: registers, encoders, reading devices, transponders, system hardware and Embedded Firmware development, Telecommunications (networking and protocol) for AMR/AMI systems, and verification/validation. Board-level (power/analog/digital), Communications, and low-power embedded system design were central. Performed design verification and failure analysis as needed. Reviewed patents and performed patent infringement analysis. Also worked with FPGAs and LabView.

• Developed the first bidirectional programmer across multiple interfaces: later included in hand-held reader

• Identified device specification range deficiencies and developed a design verification platform to validate internal and 3rd party interoperability of registers and reading devices to the full specification range

• Helped to co-develop fixed-base transponder AMR/AMI communications: establish communication requirements, validated electrical & protocol performance over IPv4, and provide guidance to NexusData

HALIBURTON, INC. - Houston, TX 1998 to 1999


Electrical Engineer – Responsible for 5 products. Designed electronic circuits to improve tool performance and reliability of high-end tools used in oil drilling. Analyze field failures and support production as needed.

• Designed 2, 3 & 4-stage 60-dB gain Butterworth band-pass filters to 200oC.

• Designed Class B Manchester communications circuit; improved loading & noise rejection characteristics.

MOTOROLA, INC. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1996 to 1998


Product Electrical Engineer - Product Owner of the Radio Products Group’s Astro, Cosmo & Kramer Digital portable radios; Managed and solved design & production issues. Analyzed and resolved Quality Audit issues. Conducted experiments & modified electronic circuits as needed. Directed factory technicians.

• Increased first-pass RF Board yields by 14% and radio yields by 16% (from 70%’s to 90%’s).

• Responsible for $163,000 direct cost reduction in 1997 with additional impact on other product lines.




Electrician – Troubleshoot, repair, and perform corrective/preventive maintenance on shipboard electrical systems and equipment.


MBA – Florida Institute of Technology (in progress) - GPA 4.0/4.0

Business Development Certificate (2012)

MSEE - University of Pittsburgh (2006) - GPA 3.97/4.0

SoC Design Certificate (System-on-Chip Design)

BSEE - University of Pittsburgh (1995)

CS major - Carnegie Mellon University (Transfer - 1993)

National Honor Societies: Eta Kappa Nu (EE), Tau Beta Pi (Engineering), & Phi Theta Kappa (2-yr College)

***** SKILLS *****


Department & Engineering Mgmt

• Strategy/Roadmap Development

• Skillset/Manpower Gap Analysis

• Team Building, Staffing & Eval.

• Capital Planning/Budgeting

• Design, Build, Test & Support

• Organize Groups/Functions

• Design/Test Outsourcing

• CM Selection & Management

• Tools, Processes, ISO, etc.

• Ex: SCM in Early Design

Project Engineering/Management


• Assess Costs, Risks & Resources

• Aggressive Scheduling/Execution

Technical Leadership

Note: Electronic Design Background

• Lead/Direct Multidiscipline R&D

• System Architecture & Trade-offs

• Emerging Technologies & Trends

• Design for Cost, BOM Evaluation

• Failure Analysis

Market, Business, & Customer

• Market/Segment Research

• SWOT Analysis

• Competitors & Advantages

• Forecasts & ROI Analysis

• Upper Mgmt Presentation

• C-level Customer Presentation

• DSA Negotiation Involvement

• Vendor Price Negotiation

EE Background:

System Architecture, low power electronic Hardware Design (digital, analog, power), Embedded Systems and Firmware Development, PLDs (FPGAs/CPLDs using VHDL), communications (wired/RF) and networks.



“Multi-Tasking Hardware Design: Eliminating Overhead in a Multi-Tasking Micro-Controller”, R. Saraka, B. Wiwel, J. Maina, and Dr. R. Hoare, 15th IASTED International Conference on PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING AND SYSTEMS (PDCS 2003), Marina del Rey, CA, November 3, 2003.

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