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Project Power Plant

Downey, California, 90242, United States
$4,000 more or less
October 22, 2016

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Jose Ricardo Palma


Last Update: June 2012


Address : ***** ******* ******, ******, ** 90242, USA

Home ph : Home Ph: 562-***-**** Cellph: 213-***-****

E-mail add. :


Date of Birth : December 19, 1951 Weight/Height: 175lbs/5'-4"

Country of Birth : Philippines Language sp: English, Filipino

Civil Status : Married Drivers License: CA DLF1724728

Residency : Legal Permanent Resident-US (since April 10, 2010)


College Degree : Bachelor of Science in Geology

Institute : University of the Philippines

Location : Diliman, Manila, Philippines

Other courses : Reservoir Engineering Course (partial completion) 1988

Location : Philippine National Oil Co.- Energy Development Corp.

Leyte Geothermal Production Field

Tongonan, Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines

Technical courses - see “Training”

Area of expertise : Geothermal Geology:

Wellsite Geology (>22 years- mud LOGGING/core logging)

Surface Geological Exploration (3 yrs)

Geochemical Exploration (2 yrs)

*>25 years experience in all stages of geothermal development.

(exploration-development-production & reservoir management)

Field Exposure :

Salton Sea Geothermal Production Field, CA USA

Hazen Geothermal Field, Churchill, NV USA

Tungsten Geothermal Prospect, NV USA

Orita Geothermal Prospect, Brawley, CA USA

Ngawha Geothermal Field, Northland, New Zealand.

Hiduishi Geothermal Prospect, Kyushu, Japan

Leyte Geothermal Production Field, Philippines

Bacon Geothermal Production Field, Philippines.


Jun 2010-*June 2012: Horizon Well Logging, Inc.

(2 years) Address : 711 St. Andrews Way, Lompoc, CA 93436, USA

Phone : +1-805-***-****

Business: Well geological logging & instrumentation services

for oil/gas and geothermal well drilling operations.

Salton Sea Geothermal Project (mudlogging)

Calipatria, CA, USA: Dec 2011-Feb 2012

Hazen Geothermal Project (mudlogging)

Hazen-Fernley, NV, USA; Sep-Nov, 2011

Tungsten Geothermal Prospect (corelogging)

Fallon, Churchill, NV, USA; May 2011-Sep, 2011

Orita Geothermal Prospect (mudlogging)

Brawley, CA USA; June 2010-April, 2011

Position: Mud logger / core logger (regular)

Duties : Responsible for collection and geological logging or

description of drilled cuttings and corehole samples

particularly the primary and alteration mineralogy;

instrumentation services at rigsite for real-time data

gathering on drilling parameters as well as flowline

temperatures & formation gas samples among others.

Output : Logged > 40,000 total footage of drilled cuttings and

corehole samples from 10 production & exploration

wells in various geothermal fields in California and

Nevada. The well geological and drilling data are

important tools utilized to attain the best possible

outcome of drilling and crucial in the geoscientists’

evaluation of the well and the resource potential for

geothermal production.

*Note: "Temporarily Laid off/lack of work" since March 2012

Apr 2008-Mar 2010 : Energy Development Corporation

(2 years*) Address : Tongonan Geothermal Production Field,

Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines. Ph: +63-535******-**

Bacon Geothermal Production Field,

Sorsogon, Philippines. Ph +63 28936001

Business: Exploration, development and production of geothermal

energy resources.

Position: Mud logger (Contract, per well)

Duties : Collection and geological logging of drilled cuttings

and core samples; monitoring of drilling parameters

and formation gases; instrumentation services.

Output : Logged over 16,000 total meterage of drilled cutting

samples from seven 2,500-3,000m deep exploration

and production wells in Tongonan Field Philippines-

the world’s second biggest geothermal producing

field after the “Geysers”. The completed wells

provided steam supply with >50MWe of additional

power generation for the geothermal project.

Reason for

Leaving : Immigration to the USA

Aug 2007-Dec 2007 : Sinclair Knights Merz (SKM) Consulting.

(6 months) Address : #5 Tweed St. New Market, Auckland, New Zealand.

Ngawha Geothermal Field, Northland, New Zealand

Phone : +64 99138995

Business: Geothermal development consultancy

Position: Wellsite Geologist (contract)

Duties : Responsible for geological logging and analysis of

drilled cuttings; monitoring of drilling parameters;

provide geological commentary in support of

drilling; submit well geological evaluation/reports.

Output : Completed geological analysis of over 5,000 total

meterage of drilled cutting samples from three (3)

production & injection wells at Ngawha field. The

successful drilling outcome allowed an expansion

(20MWe) of the project with provision for effluent

disposal thru the successfully completed wells.

Jun 2002-Aug 2007: Philippine National Oil Company – Geothermal Division

(5 years) Address : Tongonan Geothermal Production Field,

Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines.

Phone : +63-535******

Business : Oil & Gas Energy and Geothermal Resource Development energy resources.

Position : Wellsite Geologist (Contract, per well)

Duties : Responsible for geological analysis of drilled

cuttings and core samples; monitoring of drilling

parameters correlated with encountered subsurface

geololgy i.e. hydrothermal alteration and vein

mineralogy; provide geological commentary in

support of drilling in order to achieve the best

possible drilling result; submission of well report.

Output : Analyzed over 18,000 total meterage of drilled

cutting samples from twelve 2,500m-3,000m deep

wells. The wells successfully supplied geothermal

steam to existing geothermal plants with additional

>30MWe of total electrical power generation.

*Part of a team of geoscientists and engineers on

special project that designed and directed the

drilling of a relief well. The deviated well had

successfully capped an uncontrolled (blown-out)

high-pressured geothermal production well.

Feb 1998-Dec 2003: MAC Builders Inc., Well Drilling Division.

(5 years) Address : Aviles St., Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines.

Phone : +63-532******

Business : General Construction & exploration drilling for

mineral deposits, groundwater and foundation studies.

Position : Geologic & Drilling Consultant (Part-time)

Duties : Responsible for the formulation/evaluation of the

designs and programs for various types of shallow

wells; evaluation and problem-solving of on-going

drilling project operations.

Output : Over 120 wells (geotechnical/mineral exploratory/

groundwater) with drilling problem-solving issues

were successfully completed essentially as per the

technical objectives, program cost and timelines.

Dec 1988-Apr 1989: PNOC-EDC/AREF (Japan) Geothermal Venture

(5 months) Address : Hiduishi Geothermal Project, Oguni, Kyushu, Japan

address : c/o PNOC-EDC (project partner)

Business : Exploration and development of geothermal energy


Position : Wellsite Geologist (contract, per well)

Duties : Responsible for on-site geological analysis of drilled

Cuttings & core samples; monitor drilling parameters

correlated with the encountered subsurface geology;

provide geological commentary in support of drilling;

submit well geological evaluation/report.

Output : analyzed over 4,000 meterage of drill cuttings and

core samples from two (2) 3000m-deep exploration

wells. These turned out to be discovery wells with

good temperature and permeability potential later

tested toa total power output of >20MWe and have

since been utilized for electrical power generation.

Jan 1980-*Jan 1998: Philippine National Oil Company- Geothermal Division

(18 years) Address : Tongonan Geothermal Project,

Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines.

Phone : +63-535******

Business : Exploration/development of oil & gas and geothermal

energy resources

Position : Project geologist - Wellsite geologist - Mud logger -

Exploration geologist-Geology Technician (Regular)

Duties : Project/Wellsite geologist (10 yrs): Evaluate

geothermal resources and well targets; prepare well

designs/programs and well geological prognosis in

collaboration with the drilling engineer, exploration

geologist and geophysicist. Log and analyze drilled

cuttings and corehole samples; provide geological

commentary in support of on-going drilling; submit

geological reports; personnel training.

Mud logger (4 years): Collect and log the drilled

cuttings and corehole samples; monitor & document

drilling parameters and gas samples during drilling..

Exploration geologist (3 years) : Conduct surface

geological investigation and mapping works which

include measurements of fault dip & strike and any

surface hydrothermal manifestations; identify and

formulate geological prognosis for targeted wells.

Geological technician (<1 year): Responsible for

the collection, processing (thin-section prep, density

meas, etc.) and laboratory analysis of rock & water

samples under the direction of the project geologist.

Output : Analyzed over 70,000 total meterage of drilled

cuttings and corehole samples from thirty (30)

2000-3000m deep wells for geothermal production

potential using drilling and geological data such as

hydrothermal alteration and vein mineralogy. The

wells have since been successfully utilized either as

production or effluent injection wells.These provide

steady supply of steam, generating >100MWe total

power from Tongonan, Philippines - the world’s

second largest geothermal field after the Geysers.

Completed geological surveys and mapping work

on the geothermal prospects in Mindanao island,

Philippines. These served as the initial basis for

further exploration and development works which

led to the setting up of a 120MWe power plant.

Successfully trained over 40 technical personnel

(geologists/geochemists/engineers) in drilling-

related, well logging & geology operations.

Some of these trainees have later became

specialists in various fields in the geothermal

industry, local and abroad.

Reason for

Leaving : Resigned to engage in business and more rewarding

and challenging free-lance/contracting jobs, as above.

Feb 1978 - Jan 1980 Philippine Nuclear Research Institute

(2 years) Address : Diliman, Quezon City, Metro.Manila, Philippines.

Phone : +63 29296011

Business : Nuclear energy research/Radioisotope applications

Position : Nuclear Research Technician-Associate-1 (Regular)

Duties : Responsible for the collection, processing and

laboratory analysis of surface rock and water

samples under the direction of project geologist &

geochemist- an exploration project for Uranium

in Samar Island, Philippines, carried out under the

United Nations Development Program (UNDP).



Well Drilling Technology Course : PNOC-EDC, Philippines, 1989

Mud Engineering Lectures : PNOC-EDC, Philippines, 2004

Process Engineering Seminar : PNOC-EDC, Philippines, 1992

Directional Drilling (Petroleum Ind Svc) : PIS / PNOC-EDC, Philippines, 2007

Geothermal Reservoir Eng’g Course (UNDP) : UNDP/PNOC-EDC, Philippines, 1988

Shallow Tube Well Drilling Course : University of the Philippines, 1997

Groundwater Reservoir Engineering Course : University of the Philippines, 1997

Fluid Inclusion Analysis - laboratory : PNOC-EDC, Philippines, 1988

Thin-section Preparation/Analysis : PNOC-EDC, Philippines, 1989

Geothermal Fluid Collection & Disposal : PNOC-EDC, Philippines, 1986

Exploration for Epithermal Gold Deposit : PNOC-EDC, Philippines, 1984

First Geothermal Energy Course : PNOC-EDC, Philippines, 1982

Nuclear Safety Course : Philippine Atomic Energy, Phil., 1979

B. Management

Kepner Tregoe - Problem Solving/Decision-Making: PNOC-EDC, Philippines

Kepner Tregoe - Managing the Performance System: - do -

Kepner-Tregoe - Project Management Workshop : - do -

Management by Objective : - do -

Practice of Supervision : - do -

Inter-action Management Seminar : - do -

Effective Oral/written Communication Seminar : - do -

C. Computer

DP Fundamentals and DOS Commands : PNOC-EDC, Philippines

Introduction to Windows : - do -

Basic Lotus 1-2-3 : - do -

MS word, excel, powerpoint : - do -

D. Basic Electronics

Basic electrical servicing course (vocational) : Ormoc, Philippines


- *To be presented upon request


Manuel C. Paete

Resident Manager

Philippine National Oil Company -

Energy Development Corporation (Geothermal Division)

Tongonan Geothermal Production Field

Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines 6541

Ph.: +63-535****** to18


Relationship - former supervisor

Years known - >25 years

Peter R. Barnett

Manager - Geothermal

Sinclair Knight Merz Consulting (SKM)

25 Tweed St. New Market

Auckland, New Zealand

Ph. : +64 9913 8995


Relationship - former supervisor

Years known - >5 years

Jeffrey B. Hulen

Consulting Geologist

Orita Geothermal Project

P.O. Box 127

3267 East 3300 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84109, USA

Ph: 801-***-****


Relationship - former supervisor

Years known - <1 year

Jose Ricardo ”Ricky” .

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